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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Let The Adventure Begin!

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

26 October 2005




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In the last month I overcame a 10-day bout with malaria, and other health issues, the latest a cold my nose is just recovering from, shedding its skin. One issue remains, and friends told me it's potentially serious. Serious enough that I have a doctor's appointment in Paris on Friday. Please pray for my complete healing, and that I won't get distracted by worry or fear.


The last month has not only been full of health challenges, but it has also been the Muslim month of fasting, meaning that the whole country is bowing down to Satan in unity, empowering him and his hordes of demons. It's also been an extremely busy month, preparing Cliff's visit and the crusade in Bamako, while continuing our daily activities. At times I felt like it's all too much, but then I would just praise God for all the opposition and trials, because the enemy is simply scared of all God will do in November, trying to keep it from happening.

And while all this was going on, I would also go to town once or more a week concerning our church recognition with the government, going from place to place, talking with all kinds of officials, and having interesting experiences (see blog). The good news is that we should have our papers before the end of November.

Yes, I'm tired, yes I feel "beat up", taking punches from all side. Yet I choose to say with Paul, I'm "hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed." (2 Cor 4:8-9)

God is in control, and He is getting ready to do some huge things in this country of Mali.


CAM is partnering with another church (that has crusade experience) to organize the crusade with Dr. Cliff Pash, and all in all we're five local churches in the area working together. Preparing a crusade is a huge task, and an interesting one in a Muslim country. Ads for the crusade will pass on national television as well as local radio stations, posters will be put up everywhere and invitations handed out. The theme is "Encounter with the Living God", and it will be broadcast on the local Christian radio station. Events like this are rare in Mali, and we will certainly see many people come – to meet the living God and be changed forever.


After the crusade and conference, Cliff and the team (they are 4), me and Emmanuel will take our rental car and drive to Timbuktu – a two-day trip into more and more remote territory, approaching the Sahara desert. In Timbuktu there are three small local churches that struggle with survival. Timbuktu is a Muslim stronghold in all of West Africa, and the Christians have not been able to break through. When the pastor heard of Cliff's coming, he sent a "Macedonian Call" to come minister, since few ministers ever go there. It's a place where you have to cautious, and yet the pastor even proposed for Cliff to preach outdoors. Please pray for wisdom as plans are being finalized as to what exactly the team will do.


From Timbuktu we're going to Koutiala, where Cliff will teach at the local YWAM discipleship school.


We arrive back in Bamako on Nov 27, just in time for our one-year anniversary service. We're honored to have Cliff with us for that special occasion that we will celebrate with a baptism and banquet.


Tomorrow night (Thursday) I'm leaving for Paris, right after Bible School. I'm arriving in Paris early morning on Friday, and Cliff & his wife a few hours later. Cliff has the honor and joy of preaching at our sister-church in Paris on Sunday and Monday night. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends there again, and I'm praying that I will get some rest, physically and spiritually, refueling for the busy month ahead. I need it desperately.

On Nov 2 (Wed) Cliff and I will board the plane to return to Bamako, while his wife Julie returns to the US.

I'm somewhat excited to see CAM continue operating even though I'm leaving for 6 days – there will still be a movie night, still be a service, and still be children's ministry. I feel like a proud Mom looking to see how her kids are doing on their own.


* Paul got his glasses – praise God! He also witnessed to fanatical Muslims the other day. They had heard he interpreted for us, and they wanted to hire him, offering him a lot of money. I'm proud of Paul that he turned it down, while he doesn't even have money to take a bus or pay for his school uniform.

* Marie, our new church member, who came from another church, is moving into the house tomorrow. She will keep my cat company while I'm traveling. Please pray she will find a job (she's a university graduate) as well as a place to live.

* Continue praying for Simeon's inner healing. It's been challenging, but there is hope.

* Pray that Seybou's son Hama will be healed from partial paralysis from birth while Cliff's with us. The cute little boy who now smiles when he sees me (instead of crying for fear), cannot walk but drags himself across the ground with his good hand.

* Brahima, the street kid, had a serious wound but we prayed for him and treated him medically. When I asked today who of the kids had a testimony of what God had done last week, I was grieved when he said he didn't.

* I visited my old High School and was nostalgic meeting my ex-students and ex-colleagues. It was a great opportunity to invite them to the crusade that is taking place not too far from the school. Please pray many students and teachers will come and be transformed.


I'm going to try to keep you as much updated on all that's happening as I can, especially through my blog.

I covet your prayers that make "all the difference in the world".

All for my KING,