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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Taking The Glorious Presence Of God To Mali

Dr. Cliff Pash

17 October 2005




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Mailing address

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
Centre Apostolique Malien
BPE 1654
Bamako, Mali
West Africa




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As many of you have been aware, Advancing The Kingdom has been planning a special month beginning this November to bring the Gospel to the nation of Mali, located in West Africa. We will be ministering in outdoor crusades in the capital city of Bamako and in the ancient city of Timbuktu. We have planned an additional trip to Koutiala where we will be conducting a DTS class for the local YWAM base. We will be gone for the entire month of November.

The projected cost for the entire trip is estimated to be $15,000, with half of that for the expenses of our city wide crusade in Bamako. A breakdown of these projected expenses have been given to me by the local coordinator (Abel), the pastor of the Assemblies of God church and is available upon request.

My local contact in Bamako is a full time missionary to Mali, Dr. Claudia Wintoch, who has invited me to this Islamic land. Claudia and I went to school together in Kansas City and have attended conferences together. She is a missionary sent from Christ Triumphant Church in Lees Summit as well as being a part of the HIM network of churches organized by Che Ahn. You may remember Pastor Ahn, as he organzied The Call - Kansas City, held at Bartle Hall a couple of years ago, as well as the The Call-New York and in several other cities throughout our country.

For this current trip, I have raised $10,000. That leaves me with $5,000 to raise before the 27th of October, the date which Julie and I depart the United States to speak in a church in Paris, France before continuing on to Mali. (Julie will return to our home in Lawrence).

Mali is considered to be 90% Islamic, which is mixed with many of the ancestral African religions of the tribal peoples. Islam was spread through much of the region by the tribes living near Timbuktu. My belief is that this trip is God's timing to bring the power and the Glorious Presence of our God into this land.

Much of the existing church is defeated, seeing virtually no converts after years of work there. The existing church is often divided along doctrinal lines. The church is having very little effect on the day to day lives of the people. Mali is one of the 5 poorest nations on the planet and the earth seems to be dying under their feet. Even the rain is not absorbed by the land, creating desert conditions out of a land that was once the breadbasket of West Africa.

I am of the firm belief that God has been calling those touched the deepest by the current Revival to go to the Muslims. I have seen God answer virtually every prayer that I have prayed relating to Muslims while in East Africa. The possiblity must be discussed that God loves the Muslim and the current world tensions can only be lessened by the people of God carrying His Glorious Presence into these lands where tensions are arising. (just today I was invited to Pakistan to do a conference and to Turkey).

I am inviting you to partner with Advancing The Kingdom and myself for this Crusade and Conference to be held in Bamako and Timbuktu, Mali. For those of you who know, this price for a trip such as this is very low. We are believing God that the people will see mighty miracles of physical healing, deliverance and salvation. We are believing for 1000's of initial salvations and a revival of the peoples of the Church - the bride of Christ in that land.

Team members include Brad Mayhew (Lawrence, KS), Randy Krueger (Appleton, WI) and Alex Achuti (Bungoma, Kenya).

Considering the urgency of the moment, would you consider sending Advancing The Kingdom a donation this week to help cover the costs of this mission trip -- for the expenses of the Crusade and Conference? We need to cover the $5,000 shortfall, preferably before we depart for Mali.

As you may know, Advancing The Kingdom Ministries, Inc. Is a Kansas not-for-profit which receives donations under the deductibility provisons of the US Internal Revnue Service Code sec 501(c)(3). We would ask to send monies to the address listed below.

May God richly bless you and keep you, cause his face to shine upon you and be gracious towards you. May He lift up His countenance upon you and put deep within you His perfect Shalom - peace.

Cliff Pash
Advancing The Kingdom
P.O. Box 3321
Lawrence, KS 66046