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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


PRAYER ALERT - Intense Warfare

Dr. Cliff Pash

13 October 2005




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The big crusade and conference in Bamako, and the ministry trips to Timbuktu and Koutiala in November are approaching, and the warefare is intensifying. I sollicit your prayers for the upcoming weeks! Let me update you on all that has happened:

* BREAKING NEWS - I just got the phone call that we won't get the big open field the crusade was supposed to take place on. This is Africa, and everything gets done in the last second (like requesting the use of the field). Now we're trying to get another field a little further away, that will also be smaller than the first. PLEASE PRAY that we will get the perfect location and quickly! Posters and invitations also still need to be printed.

* Yesterday I was informed that the team that's coming is reduced from 6 to 4 - for very good reasons, of course.

* We still don't have a car to use for the month of Nov. We've been working on this for weeks. Some things are in the making - PLEASE PRAY for favor and that they make their decision soon!

* MY VISA - I went in on Monday, and was supposed to pick up my visa today. Last night I found out that there were complications. So I went in today, bringing another paper. I should now get my visa in a few days. My old visa runs out on Tuesday. PLEASE PRAY it comes through without further complications!

* I've just come through a 10-day fight against malaria. Praise God I'm healed!

* We were not accepted at the Malian Association of Churches because they want us to have the government recognition first. That means, it won't be until September 2006 that we'll become a member.

* Our papers were deposited with the government a few weeks ago, and I'm in the process of going there every week or so to follow up, give money, go from place to place....

* There are other challenges, good and bad, with people - Simeon who's "acting up" again and has chosen to stay away from all of us for the time being; Sekouba who was gone two nights, but is back and sleeping on the property every night, learning to read and write, and Sekouba's friend Brahima has given his life to the Lord (both are street kids). We have a new faithful team member, Marie, and Paul, the Albino, is growing rapidly in his faith. He went through his own trial when through a government mistake he was rejected by the public High School. I paid his tuition to go to a private High School, and it meant a lot to him. I also paid for him to go to an eye doctor to get a prescription for glasses, but we don't have the money right now to get him the glasses.

* That finally leads me to the point of finances. We've had a lot of expenses, partly to prepare for the coming team and ministry trips, partly for needed one-time purchases, and I'm praying for God to send the promised provisions so we can take of all that has to be taken care of.

* If you want to stay updated more frequently, and learn the details of everything, I invite you to go read my BLOG and post your comments on them. Click here to read it: www.healing2thenations.blogspot.com

In HIS service,