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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


The Sons Of Revival

Dr. Cliff Pash

7 October 2005




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I've been battling malaria (I believe) for more than a week now, unable to overcome it. Please pray for my healing. Pray also for favor as I'm going in to have my visa renewed (even though I'm not teaching any more).


I have never before forwarded an email from someone else, but Cliff's words resonated in my spirit. In a few weeks Cliff is coming to Mali for a month, with a team of 5 other people, and I'm very excited about all God will do. Cliff himself is one of those people he points out – a son of revival who has much to give, yet is held back by the unnecessary obstacles.

The Sons Of Revival
Dr. Cliff Pash
Sep 17, 2005
"Of all the sons she bore, there was none to guide her; of all the sons she reared, there was none to take her by the hand. ....Your sons have fainted; and lie at the head of every street...They are filled with the wrath of the Lord and the rebuke of your God." (Is 51:18-20)

Of the entire religious system and the religious culture, there was none. Of the revival that is clearly spoken of in many places in the book of Isaiah, it was not understood, it did not change anything and it did not raise up a "son" whom the people would follow.

In some ways, the same could be said of the time of Jesus as he walked on the earth. The revival He brought did not accomplish its principle goal. The deliverance of the people would come through their bringing the knowledge of the Lord to the entire Roman empire. The people of God rejected this purpose, although they loved the Presence of God that Jesus brought, they loved the healings, they loved the deliverances (well not the ones that happened in church, but...) They loved His teaching, but in the end, only Seventy went.

The Religious system has, as its Number One Purpose, that is must ensure its survival, its continuance. Therefore, nothing can be risked that might jeopardize the institutional continuance of itself.


Might it also be said "Of all the sons (these revivals) bore, there was none to guide her, of all the sons (these revivals) reared, there was none to take her by the hand"????

The plans and purposes of God are "that every tribe and tongue would come to know Him as the Lord and there is no other", that through the blessings of the Lord that "His ways would be made known on the earth, His salvation to the nations", that by our becoming a blessing, all the nations of the earth would be blessed through us.

Something of God is to be given to the world to fulfill His purposes. Salvation was to come to the Ninevites (book of Jonah) but they only repented.

Salvation was to come to the Romans, but the People of God would not become carriers of that salvation for them.

The Presence and Power and Glory of God was to be taken to the Muslims, but nobody would go. Instead we send bombs and economic sanctions as if that will change anything in the long run.

Finally, when some do go, most often they go by themselves, as individuals -- seldom as part of a community -- for the church is very focused upon its survival, its growth, it continuance.

The Sons of Revival. The products of the Outpouring of God upon the earth. The birth of the New People of the World. In the end, will they become part of the system? Or will they guide the church, take her by the hand, and bring about the purposes of God on the earth in our day?

Many are beginning to say what we have said for some time now. The season when the wood is green, finding the Presence of God is easy. But, when the enemies of God arise, the judgements of God fill the earth and finding His Presence is not so easy.

Try finding the Presence of God in the midst of a Rwandan genocide, or find it during the reign of an Idi Amin, or find it right now in Lebanon as the Christians are being persecuted. Find that wonderful glorious Presence during a time of Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler.

What about right now. Find His Glorious Presence in the tiny fetus of a church in Turkey or in India where God is pouring out His Spirit in amazing ways.

The Sons of Revival. Through you will the dark clouds of the battle to come be lessened. Through you will come the victory if there is to be a victory.

O, I know that many look to the end victory, but think about the Seven Churches of Revelations. They are no longer Christian. They are Islamic. Think about Antioch, Damascus, Cairo, Alexandria. Think about so many of the churches established in the fires of Revival so long ago. Where are they now???

And the gates of Hell cannot stand against the Power of the Holy Spirit. But, they seem to stand and advance quite well in the Absence of the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps we should keep the Holy Spirit bottled up in our churches. Let the Holy Spirit manifest himself during our church services, but keep our "religion" to ourselves when we leave the four walls.

I ask you to give all to those who go. I only have a few friends who are giving everything they have been given to anybody who will receive. Who will support those?

Support them with prayer. Yes that is very important. But if they do not succeed in the mission given to them by God Himself, well, what will become of us??? If they do not succeed, what will the next 20 years bring to the American way of life? They must succeed, yet they are so small in number, they can only do so much.

From my own little corner of the world, I see Claudia Wintoch giving all to bring the salvation of our God to the Islamic nation of Mali, yet she is rendered ineffective because of finances and lack of interest in that far corner of the world.

I see Bill Campbell growing daily in effectiveness as he ministers the things of God in Uganda, to transform the church into an effective body that transforms that part of the world, yet a lack of support from the Sons of Revival puts that ministry in jeopardy, for Bill will need to return home and work as a laborer in order to return again.

I see Dave and Karen Roberts giving their all in Malaysia, yet being financed in part by his retirement fund rather than by those who have been the most greatly touched by the Outpourings of God in our day.

I see Kevin Basconi, who should be traveling throughout the world having to return home regularly to raise funds. He should be supported by those touched the deepest by revival.

There are others who are a voice for revival with a heart for the plans and purposes of God. They use their retirement and will continue as long as they can, but in the end, well, will their voices need to be silenced also?

I firmly believe God is desiring to raise up a strong church in East Africa. A church that is not dependant upon the West, but who receives the vision that through her, the salvation of God and the knowledge of the ways of God will come to the Islamic nations to the north. It will take the Sons of Revival to help East Africa to develop that vision however.

For those who have received the most from God, how will you be judged if you cannot freely give what you have been given to those who are in need of it?

And if the Warrior god of the deserts of Arabia becomes any stronger than he already is, what will that mean for our prosperity, our safety, our security, our way of life?

Do you think that we can live on our continent in peace and security and riches when there is a European continent known as Eurabia and an Islamic Africa? Do you think we can remain as we are?

The very life of heaven is ours to give to those who need it the most.

I ask you, beg you and plead with you to treat those "Jonah's" who are going to the Ninevites (Muslims) as if they were the very gold of heaven.

If you are a true Son of Revival, can you discern the signs of the times? If you cannot go physically, that is understandable. Learn to give that which you are given right here at home and transform the church to whatever extant it will allow itself to be transformed.

But, the precious ones who should be called SOLDIERS, the ones who give their lives on the front lines of the battle, the Jonah's who take the Presence and Knowledge of our God to the very enemies who threaten the Kingdoms of our God --- wow, can we treat them with awe? Can we do whatever it takes to ensure their success?

Jonah went by himself. There was a repentance from their sins among the Ninevites, but there was not a turning to the Kingdom of our God. Salvation did not come to the Ninevites and they became the Assyrians. It was the Assyrian Empire that swallowed up Israel and took the people into captivity. It was the Assyrians who ended the Israelite culture.

I must wonder what would have happened if the nation of Israel had understood what was to come in the next generation. I wonder if they would have given Jonah all the resources needed to bring about the salvation of that city, how might history have been written differently?

If Israel had repented of their self-centered ways (documented in Amos and Micah and Isaiah), if they had turned and embraced the Kingdoms of our God and made His goals their goals -- well I wonder if the salvation of God would have caused Assyria to be one with Israel and known as the people of God.

Isaiah speaks such amazing things regarding this idea "In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and the Assyrians will worship together. IN THAT DAY Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the earth. THE LORD ALMIGHTY WILL BLESS THEM, saying, "Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria, my handiwork, and Israel, my inheritance"" (Is 19:23-25)

That was the plan of God in Isaiah's day. The people could not give that which was being poured out upon them. Revival came to the people of Israel in those days, but, they could not discern the purposes of God. They loved receiving but could not give. They could not give birth to a new "people of the world" and salvation did not come to the earth. In the end, the people of God were swallowed up by the Assyrians, the very people God had "sent" them to.

But they would not go and they would not support those who did go. And their time on earth as a nation was ended.

Again, what about today? What about us? The Islamic threat is growing and we do not understand it. We think they grow by procreation and through their usage of the sword. That is true, but it is only a portion of the picture.

Those who proclaim such things are looking through a very narrow window and cannot see what is to the right or to the left.

Islam is a threat for many reasons. Please, people. Find out why!! And then, take what God has given you -- you who call yourselves Sons of the Most High God. Take it and give it away!!!

And if you can, do whatever it takes to make the Jonah's of our generation to be successful. These people are at the battle front and need our prayer support, physical support and financial support. Who will sacrifice for this purpose? Not just give if you can, but who will sacrifice so that the battle will be won in our generation?

The great men of faith, the men of old, NONE OF THEM received what had been promised. "God planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect" (Heb 11:40) That is why they are in the grandstands, cheering us on !!! That we would fulfill our purpose in this generation.

The whole earth is waiting! The whole earth is waiting! What will we do?

Dr. Cliff Pash
Advancing The Kingdom
P.O. Box 3321
Lawrence, KS 66046

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