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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


BREAKING NEWS: Sekouba - Firstfruits?

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

26 September 2005




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Tonight we had an organizational meeting for the crusade with Dr. Cliff Pash in November. Several churches in the area are working together for that event.

I was walking back home (yes, still praying for a car/truck), and approaching my house, when someone as tall as me suddenly ran up to me , a huge smile on his face, and threw his arms around me. That's unheard of in Mali! You don't show physical affection! At the most, men can hold hands in public. It was dark, but I finally realized it was Sekouba, recognizing him immediately (I mentioned him in my email about the children's ministry).

He was beaming all over, so happy to see me, and not letting go of me, as we continued walking to the house. I was stunned since I've never experienced anything like it here in Mali. We sat down in front of the house and started talking. He was still holding my hand. I was practicing my Bambara, with Seybou helping out.

I found out that Sekouba had been waiting for me for about two hours! Looking at him, I could tell this young man has been born again, and filled with God's joy. He had a friend with him, who disrupted what God was doing the whole time, mocking God, mocking Sekouba's and my words. That other young man, Bourama, has not come to any meetings (yet).

Remember, Sekouba was one of the street children sleeping in our garden after the meeting. I asked Sekouba whether God has been speaking to him, if he's had any dreams, and he said yes. He had a dream three days ago. In his dream he saw Jesus. Jesus was calling people, and some people accepted the call and others rejected it. Praise God!

Sekouba comes from a city a few hours away from Bamako. His Father sent him away to a Muslim teacher in the capital a year ago. He could not stand the physical and psychological torture and ran away, now surviving on the street by himself (this is the story of every kid on the street). He "lives" at the bus station which is a 30 min-walk away from my house. A place for prostitutes, drug dealers and thieves - and of child abuse. Sekouba actually knew his age. He is 15. He said he was looking for work.

My heart was going out to him, and I prayed inwardly, whether to offer him to stay here over night. How could I NOT offer that! He declined the offer because of his (mocking) friend he was with. I also asked him whether he wanted to learn to read and write in Bambara, so he could read the word of God, and he said yes. So he's coming to our literacy class tomorrow afternoon.

I suggested we read a passage from the Bible and pray together before he leaves. I asked God what passage and ended up in John 10 - the good Shepherd. I read the passage in Bambara, and talked a few minutes about the good Shepherd, with Seybou interpreting. Sekouba's friend Bourama stood at a distance watching and listening. Then I prayed for Sekouba. I had my arms around him, telling him again how much God loves him, and that I love him too. I asked him whether I could call him "son", and he said yes.

I couldn't help but let him know that sometime next year we would have land where we could give him and others a new home. I asked him whether he'd like that, and he said yes. With a heavy heart, I watched him and his friend Bourama leave and walk towards the bus station. Thankfully, he'll be back for literacy class tomorrow, and for the children's program the day after tomorrow.

These are the ones God has chosen! These are the ones who will shame the wise! Sekouba is the first of many, firstfruits. I wouldn't be surprised if one day soon he will spend the night in our garden, etc. etc.

Please pray for wisdom, that I would know what the Father is doing, and that I would ever stay close to His heart, in the midst of all the busyness. Pray for His presence to continually come down in power as I spend time with Him! It's the most attacked time of day!

Forever HIS,