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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


How To Communicate With Me

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

25 September 2005




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I've had it on my heart to let you all know about the different ways you can communicate with me – maybe more effectively than you do right now. My intention is not to only keep you updated about myself, but I want to have a part in your life as well, as it should be in a friendship.


I've found MSN messenger to be the most effective communication tool. You can download it here, but most likely you already have it on your computer. With MSN messenger I can not only talk to you in real time by typing, but with my headset I can actually talk to you, just as if we were on the phone – but without the costs involved. For example, my Mom never calls me in Mali, but she always communicates with me via messenger.

All you need to know is my MSN messenger name which is healing2thenations@msn.com (do not email to this address!), add it to your contacts, and we can start communicating.


Most everyone has heard of SKYPE by now which you can find here. Skype is similar to messenger – it lets you chat with someone (type) or talk via headset, and it also lets you call normal phones for great rates.

If you want to communicate with me via Skype, my name there is healing2thenations.


Many of you might not be aware that the text messages you send from your phone to your friend's phone, you can also send to cell phones in other countries. I can send you a message from my Malian cell phone, and so can you, from your phone to mine. Send your message to me to +223 696 0050 (if you are unable to find the +, you replace it with 00 in Europe, and 011 in the US/Canada).


Today calling people in other countries is getting cheaper and cheaper. Of course, Mali is not one of the nations that many people call, therefore it's still more expensive to call me than calling many other nations. But from the US, you can call me for 16c a minute by purchasing the NELSON MANDELA card online, for example at this site. Just keep in mind that I'm 5 hours ahead of Kansas City (6 in winter), and 2 hours behind from Austria/France (1 in winter). If there were phone cards in Mali, I'd call YOU. Calling from Mali is horrendously expensive.
From Europe, call 00223 220 0311.
From the US/Canada, call 011 223 220 0311.


If all of these options fail, there is still the good old letter – yes, actually writing on paper, putting it into an envelope, and putting a stamp on it. I have a mailbox downtown that I check once a week – there is no mail delivery service in Mali (address on the left).

But then of course, you MUST have email, otherwise you wouldn't read this – still the most convenient way to send a message.

I hope I've inspired you to connect more effectively with me – there is nothing like communicating in real time.

All glory to HIM, with whom we are in constant communication – isn't it awesome? No need for messenger, phone or email….