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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Mali Missions Trip - Nov 8-22

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

6 September 2005




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THIS is the day of salvation. THIS is the day of His visitation. THIS is the hour of Mali's encounter with the living God! Yes, right now all we see is a Muslim country where witchcraft is practiced by the whole population, where Christians and churches are few and make little difference, where locusts and droughts are ravaging the land, leaving whole villages without food, plagued by hunger.

And YET, what is GOD'S perspective? What does GOD see? Can you see it with the eyes of faith? Can you see a whole country turn to God? Can you see the river of His Spirit flooding the land? Can you see His kingdom come with signs, wonders and miracles to confirm His word?

Now you can actually come IN PERSON to see it with your OWN eyes. Dr. Cliff Pash of Advancing The Kingdom is taking a team to Mali in November – and it's not too late to join him

November 8-22 Bamako & Timbuktu
(including a visit to Djenne and Dogonland)

You will arrive in Bamako on Nov 8, where I will pick you up from the airport. As of now, the whole team is staying at my house. Our 4-day open-air meetings start on Nov 9, where Cliff will preach the good news of the kingdom on a field that can hold a couple of thousands of people, most of whom will be Muslim. In the mornings, Nov 10-12, there will be a conference for pastors, leaders and Christians with the topic of "What must we do to do the works of God?"

After two more services in local churches on Sunday (one of them the one I'm pastoring), we're leaving Bamako to drive to Timbuktu on Monday morning, stopping to see the famous mosque in Djenne, as well as taking in many other sights and sounds. After a night in Sévaré/Mopti, we will make our way to Timbuktu, with the roads getting worse the farther we go towards the Sahara desert. On Wednesday we will have a day of sightseeing in Timbuktu, before the conference and open air meetings start on Thursday. After 3 intense days, where you will have another opportunity to be God's hands and pray for people, we will leave Timbuktu on Sunday to drive to Sévaré/Mopti, where we will spend the night.

On Monday, we will see one of the most awesome landscapes in Mali (there aren't too many any more) – Dogonland – where also some remarkable people live, building their houses on cliffs. Emmanuel, a native Dogon, will accompany us on the whole trip. After another night in Sévaré/Mopti, you will fly to Bamako, where you will catch your flight back to Paris (and onwards).

If you're coming from the US, please contact Dr. Cliff Pash at cliff@advancingthekingdom.org to join his team. The projected costs are $3100. Click here to read Cliff's email announcement on the Mali trip.

If you're coming from Europe, please send me an email. You will have to book your own flight and add another 700EUR (current approximation) for your time in Mali.

COME, GO WHERE NOBODY HAS GONE BEFORE AND BRING THE GOOD NEWS OF THE KINGDOM TO UNREACHED PEOPLES! Timbuktu is so well-known because it used to have the most famous Muslim university in all of Africa. It is still a stronghold of the enemy, lying in the area that is hardest hit by drought, locusts and famine. There are only three little churches barely making it – and you should their excitement that FINALLY SOMEbody is coming to their town as ambassadors of Christ!

Could you be one?