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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Kingly Ambassadors Of Justice

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

22 August 2005




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The Lord is known by his justice… But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the afflicted ever perish. Arise, O LORD, let not man triumph; let the nations be judged in your presence. (Ps 9:16.18-19)


Two weeks ago I lay face-down on the floor during worship in Paris, caught up in the presence of God, and all I could see were the children in Mali. My heart was overflowing with His love for each one of them, and the Lord spoke to me to start feeding them every week, loving on them every week, ministering to them and snatching them out of the enemy's fangs. Weekly. Every week. He started downloading strategies, showing me what to do when I get back. I was there, watching everything going on, and had a hard time leaving that place to come back to the conference in Paris.

This past week I was in Los Angeles (Pasadena) at a conference at the HIM headquarters. I was so desperate for Him, aware of how little I have to offer Him. The only thing I have to give to Him is myself. Everything else already belongs to Him. The only thing I have a right to give or withheld is myself. And I abandoned myself to Him, so desperate, so empty, so incapable, just some dust that longs for His glory to dwell in her. And with tears I was crying out to God to inhabit me more, to wreck me more with His love, so that more of His glory and power would flow through me to the people of Mali. With boldness I came before the throne of my King, not for my sake, but for the people of Mali, for the children of Mali, for the country of Mali, for HIS HONOR to be restored in Mali, for HIS KINGDOM to come in fullness in the here and now. My heart was broken for my country. Every single person I spoke to at the conference had never before heard of Mali. I cried out to God to put Mali on His map! I cried out to Him to pour out His Spirit in Mali! I cried out for Him to send workers! I would look around me, at 1500 people, sons of God, saved, Spirit-filled, anointed, blessed and revived, receiving more and more of Him and from Him, and all I could say was,

"Surely God, someone here, just one, would leave everything to come to Mali? Could there be one among those hundreds? Or 2? Or 5 or 100? Anyone willing to go? Anyone out there who would come help me bring in the harvest in Mali? Just one?"

And I was weeping before my lovely Bridegroom, the kids of Mali before my eyes. "HOW, oh God, HOW?" 12 weeks of traveling have come to an end, and I don't even have one new monthly supporter. All the prayers for the much-needed truck are still waiting to be answered. And now you're telling me to feed them every week? With what? I'm not famous, I don't know people with connections, we're only just beginning in Mali. I can't show thousands of churches and hundreds of saved orphans as fruit (yet). Father, would you hear my cry for the sake of Your children, Your chosen ones in Mali? Would you entrust to me the key for the room of provision in heaven? (Heidi Baker shares how God gave her that key in a vision.)

When Jesus saw the crowd of thousands of people (something like 15000 with women and children), He was moved with compassion. When there were only two loaves of bread and five fish, I imagine the disciples pretty frustrated. How in the world would they feed all these people? However, Jesus knew His heavenly Father. I think inside He was leaping with joy because of what He was about to do. He was about to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth, to manifest the goodness, the love and the power of God among His chosen ones. His glory would come down to earth, and Father would be glorified and receive honor. Jesus was full of joy, because He loved seeing what the Father was up to and doing the exact thing He had seen. He saw the invisible, not the visible. He walked by faith, not by sight. And 15000 ate that day and were full. They ate bread from heaven, from the hand of God. Can you imagine the impact that had on people?

Yes, all I have might be two loaves of bread and five fish. Yes, in the natural it might look impossible. BUT, I have seen what the Father is up to. My heart leaps for joy because of what He is about to do. As the disciples did, I am going to break the bread and fish, and hand the pieces to those who are hungry, physically and spiritually, to the poor, orphan and widow. I will give all I have because Jesus loves them and I cannot do otherwise. I've never in my life felt such an intense love as I do for those children. So I rejoice, me, the little girl at my big Father's hands, because He will do it, and I get to have a little part in it, passing on what the Father puts into my hands.

It is time to go home to Mali. And I go full of expectation, full of faith and excitement at what He is going to do next. I've made the decision to live in who I am in Him. Yes, I'm nothing and I can't do anything without Him, but I'm also a daughter of the Most High, the heir of the King, His ambassador to Mali, His reflection, His hands, feet and voice. He has clothed me with power from on high and has given me authority to execute justice – on poverty, sickness and the powers of darkness. I have access NOW to the kingdom of heaven and can ask for anything in His name.

Isn't that good news? Are you aware who you are in Christ? Are you living your life as the King's heir or did you refuse to take your inheritance? What son of a King would dare humiliating his father by rejecting to walk in his inheritance? "Oh, I'm not worthy." "I'm too sinful." "I'm not ready yet." What insult to the King! What humiliation! Imagine what the subjects of his kingdom would say, and even the enemies. By not walking in your calling, in who you are in Him, you make Him a laughingstock and empower His enemies.

When we look at the world today, we can see that reality of God's enemies laughing at His children. We have dishonored our God, we have empowered His enemies, because we rejected the inheritance He has given us. He told us to heal the sick – sorry, can't do that. He told us to set the captives free – sorry, can't do that. He told us to preach the gospel – sorry, can't do it.

My heart weeps as I look at the church. My heart weeps as I look at the thousands and millions of "King's kids" that are called to do great exploits for God, yet have refused to take their place at the King's courts. My heart weeps as I think of the thousands and millions of people that have entered an eternity of torment because of that. Where would we be today if God's people had acted as such over these past two thousands years? How is it possible that 2000 years after Pentecost there are still unreached people groups who have never heard the good news?

I've traveled for 12 weeks preaching, sharing, praying, ministering, leading into God's presence, in around 15 congregations/churches in four different nations. Yes, I'm called to Mali, but more than ever I feel God's calling to the sleeping church in the Western world. It's time to wake up, church!

I feel like I have entered into a new chapter. Right now I'm sitting in a plane in first class. This is the third time this summer I got up upgraded, and I feel like it's a prophetic declaration. I'm the King's heir, the favored one, and I'm determined to walk in the fullness of who I am in Him. Beloved, it's the key!

Yes, in Mali people are perishing without God, but the same is true in the West. This very moment I'm sitting next to an Australian who does not believe in God, who has had a rotten life, not expecting to live long. But Jesus loves this man, and His compassion compels me to share the good news. While he naps, I pray for him and invite God's glory to come, His angels of salvation and healing. I pray that His living water would flow through me, that God would give him a heart to know Him, that Holy Spirit would reveal Jesus to him. I might be all the Jesus he'll ever meet. So I asked him whether he had any sicknesses, anything he needed to be healed of, and he said he had Diabetes. Executing judgment is bringing justice, and sickness is injustice, a work of the devil we've received authority over. So I told him that Jesus could heal him, if he wanted me to pray for him. It was during the meal, and he didn't give a clear answer. So I was just praying silently for God to send the gift of healing for Diabetes. My hand started burning. Just before we landed I asked him whether I could pray for him, and he shyly said yes (a big Harley Davidson guy). So I prayed a simple prayer. Then I gave him my email and asked him to send me an email letting me know when he gets the report he is healed. Let's all agree for full healing for John!

I'm excited that I'm entering more and more into the fulfillment of HEALING 2 THE NATIONS. And may YOU step into the fullness of YOUR destiny! Just allow Him to kill you and raise you up into the embrace of His arms!

I'm my Beloved's and He is mine.