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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Significant Weeks Ahead

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

1 August 2005




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Once more it is time for me to move on to the next city. These past few weeks were very rich - meeting God's people, sharing and having fellowship, encouraging one another. I've been blessed by the people I've met and the time I've spent with each one of them. It's also been wonderful to be back in my country and blessing my people. I've been in services and/or homegroups of 12 different congregations/churches, either sharing a few minutes or doing a whole evening.

Now it's time for the last three weeks before my return to Mali, and I believe and pray that those will be intense weeks of God's doing, with divine appointments and surprise encounters.


Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for a week in Paris. As you know, French is the colonial language in Mali, and as a member of HIM, I'm excited to get to know the HIM church in Paris. I'm praying that God will knit us together, so we could be a mutual blessing to each other.

I'm also going to meet Alice, my colleague, neighbor and friend during my first year in Mali, and I'm praying I can be a blessing to her.


I have a couple of intense days in Kansas City before I have to say good-bye to my friends there. I'm looking forward to Sunday, Aug 14th, when my church CTC is going to send me back out to Mali (10 a.m.). That night, there will also be a "Mali-party" at CTC (6 p.m.) I'd like you all to come to to get the latest news and pictures, and to say good-bye once again.


My third and last week I'm going to be at the HIM headquarters in Pasadena. I'm very much looking forward to get to know everyone there personally and meet HIM pastors. They also have their yearly big conference with wonderful speakers - e.g. Todd Bentley and Heidi Baker. My heart's cry is for a fresh encounter with God at that conference, encouragement and refreshing, and divine appointments with just the right people.


I'm back in Mali by August 25th. We will then have only one month to get the government recognition as a church. A pastor in Mali who recently went through that process is willing to help us with that. Please pray for FAVOR and that miracle to happen before September 28.

On September 28, the Malian association of churches is meeting to decide upon our application. We will only be accepted if we're recognized by the governement.

And my visa runs out two weeks later - if the above two things work out, then I except no problems with the visa renewal.

Please lift us up in prayer during these important upcoming weeks. These are significant times - times that set the stage for the upcoming years.

In HIS service,