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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Dying To Live And Fulfill Your Destiny

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

20 July 2005




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The death he [Jesus] died, he died to sin once for all; but the life he lives, he lives to God. In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus. (Rom 6:10-11)


These past few weeks I've had the joy of traveling and sharing God's heart in homes as well as churches, in home groups and services, showing my video presentation and/or preaching. Last Sunday a dream of mine came true when I had the privilege to preach in my home church in Vienna. Wherever I go, I share the burning message God has given me for the Western world; the two keys for every person to step into his/her destiny. For God is handing out nations today. God is looking for radical lovers who will say YES, going anywhere doing anything any way He wants. Where are his mighty man and women who will spread His glory all over the earth?

What is YOUR destiny? What vision has God given YOU? Is it so much bigger than what YOU can do? Are you still waiting? Are you frustrated looking at all the promises of God that are yet to be fulfilled? God has not forgotten you. He is preparing you, refining you, molding and forming you for the task He has for you. Right now, you would break if He gave it to you. He is looking like a proud Dad at you with eyes of love and joy, tenderly working on His masterpiece that would be a vessel of HIS glory on this earth. Yes, from the vessel's perspective, all there is is pain, frustration, loss of vision and hope, even darkness at times, as one's eyes move away from His beautiful eyes to one's own situation. Self-centeredness and self-pity set in, and all we want to do is run...

But our heavenly Father, He knows the big picture. He sees the outcome. He sees the glorious finished vessel that would be for His honor and glory. HE knows when the perfect time has come for the vessel to fulfill its destiny.

The greater the destiny, the greater the dying. The greater the destiny, the more the enemy will try to kill you before God can. If you're being killed, REJOICE, for God has great plans for you! Don't allow the enemy to defeat you, don't allow your flesh to divert you! God is so much greater, so much more powerful, full of wonderful plans and thoughts for and about you, even when you can't see it.

Look at the verses above. We are to "die to sin", die to the world, die to everything that diverts our eyes from HIM. Is it fun? NO. Is it worth it? YES. Our goal is to live in Jesus; to come to the place where there is nothing else in this world but HIM, where nothing else matters any more, where His beauty captures your heart and transforms you into His image. Where the most important thing is to gaze upon His beauty, to sit on His lap, embraced by His presence and love, listening to His loving whispers and His heartbeat.

Without those two keys - dying to the world, and living in Him, in this intimate place where there is only you and HIM - I could never have gone to Mali and do what I do today. It is out of that intimate place that His love and power flows to those around me, that my heart breaks for what breaks His heart, that I become His extended hand. I'm simply His little girl, holding onto His hand and following Him where He goes.

Desire HIM more than anything, and if you don't, ask Him to give you a burning heart. Pursue Him, enter through the open door into His presence (Rev 4:1), be captured by His beauty and love, and then turn around and look at His creation with His eyes.

Are you willing to say YES? Are you willing to pay the price? Are you willing to let go of the things that hold you back? Are you ready to be radical for HIM and accomplish great exploits for HIM?

What are you waiting for?

My current schedule for the remaining weeks:

July 22-24 St.Pölten: Homegroup (Fri night) and sharing (Sun morn)
July 27 Vienna: Homegroup (evangelistic Mali night)
July 30 Vienna: VCC French-speaking group (video)
July 31 Vienna: Felberstraße (morn) and 4Corners (eve) - sharing about Mali
Aug 2-9 Paris: attending conference at HIM church (making new friends)
Aug 9-15 Kansas City: Aug 14 send-off (morn) and party (eve) at CTC
Aug 15-22 Los Angeles/Pasadena: attending conference at HIM headquarters (deepening relationships & making new friends)
Aug 23 Kansas City
Aug 24/25 return to Mali