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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Saying Good-Bye For The Summer

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch et al.

31 May 2005




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The time of departure has come – I'm leaving Mali for three months to travel in Europe and the US, to share about the work in Mali, to renew friendships and make new ones, to be refreshed and refocused, to find new partners in the ministry, and to return end of August with new energy and vision for the coming year.

Today I'm leaving for Kansas City, where you can reach me until June 28 at this number (816) 347 9523. Please pray for a safe and uneventful journey, that there won't be any complications with my luggage or with immigration, nor any delays with the flights.

The last few weeks have still been quite eventful, and I don't want to leave without having shared them with you.


On May 20 it was our last Friday night movie night – but not a movie night like any other. We did a PRAISE PARTY, not only inviting our street kids, but also all our neighbors, kids and adults alike. More people than expected showed up (over 100), and even though we had food for 60 people only, everyone ate and was satisfied. Before we even started eating, we invited the kids to draw and color, sitting on the mats we had laid out. They all enjoyed it greatly. After the meal, and after the sun had gone down (at 7 p.m.), we turned on the video. We first had a 40-min kids' worship video with very upbeat songs. I got my flags out and danced together with the kids. It was so much fun! Most of the adults just looked on! Some wondered how Hawa (that's me) can jump and dance like that ;-). After the kids' video we put on a one-hour worship time from a French conference, that also had slower songs. It was during that time that many people started leaving. All in all, we had a great time of celebrating one last time, having a kind of farewell party.


On May 22 we had our last Sunday service. The Lord had given me some special things to do and say, to bless my little sheep and put them into His hands for the summer. We also sent out Simeon to Mozambique. We had a very special time that Sunday afternoon, even emotional somewhat, as I have to "leave them behind".

We always have newcomers at the service. That day there were two "unusual" first-time visitors. One came back later, with many, many questions about the Lord, sharing that he had read parts of the Bible already, sharing how Jesus appeared to him in a dream. I encouraged him further, gave him a Bible; he wasn't quite ready to give his life to the Lord yet.

Another guy came back later saying he loved the sermon and that this was his church now. He had only just arrived in Mali three weeks earlier and had heard of us. I encouraged him to find another church for the summer, and then see what God's will is.

Our three women received their last portions of rice. Since I really want them to become independent financially, I gave them each a sack of coals to sell. I pray they will use their one talent wisely, so they can buy another sack after the first one is sold.

This last Sunday, May 29, I took my sheep to another church in the morning, encouraging them to go their during my absence. The services will be in Bambara only, and the pastor is a wonderful man of God, who we're working with for the big crusade in November (with Cliff Pash).


On Saturday, the pentecostal & charismatic churches of Bamako did a joined service that ended up lasting 4 and a half hours. Seybou was with me, and he loved it! One of the pastors there knows me and told me three times to go sit in the first row. After refusing twice, I had no choice at his third request. It was good to meet the head of the association of pentecostal churches as well.

Seybou has been so excited about the Lord, yet is still not quite ready to give his life to Him. He now reads without difficulty (after two and a half months), and in our last service I gave him the gift of a Bambara Bible. So now he can read God's word all summer long while I'm gone.


Simeon left for Mozambique last Friday. They nearly didn't let him go (because he had no stamp of entry in his new passport), but he made it to Mozambique – but not his suitcase. Unfortunately, he had put most of the spending money for the 3 months in his suitcase, so now he neither has money, nor clothes, nor books, nor anything. Please pray the suitcase still arrives – WITH the money!

Even though we had worked hard on his English the last few months, he made very little progress. He informed me with joy that he's found somebody there who speaks French, and who's helping him. Classes start tomorrow.

He is still 3000USD short for his plane ticket.


Like last year, I've made a video presentation – like a summary of what's been going on. I'd like to send the CD to as many as you as possible. Please send me an email if you want one, with your address.

I'd better get ready to go to the airport.

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you soon! To GOD be ALL GLORY!



My itinerary:

June 1-28 Kansas City
June 29-July 3 Western Austria (Vorarlberg)
July 4-Aug 1 Vienna, Austria
July 8-11 Reading, England (wedding)
Aug 2-Aug 9 Paris, France
Aug 10-Aug 14 Kansas City
Aug 15-Aug 22 Pasadena, CA