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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Simeon In Mozambique

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

25 March 2005




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From the desk of Iris Ministries (Heidi Baker):

Matthew 9:36-38: "Then He said to His disciples, 'The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.'"

God Himself was on a mission when He sent His Son from heaven to earth to save you. And now that the harvest is ripe, God is calling forth a new breed of missionaries, a generation of laid-down lovers who will run into the darkest corners of the earth, call in the outcasts, bring in His Bride, and compel the poor to come to the wedding feast.

For revival has a face.

You can see Jesus in the eyes of the dying, the broken, and the lost. He came with ceaseless love for both the one and the masses. Now we must do the same: stop for the one but believe for the multitudes. We are called to carry His glory. But first we must lie down so that whole nations can come to Jesus.

For this purpose, Iris Ministries is thrilled to present our first international, three-month missions training school based in the Moslem northern province of Mozambique. We invite you to come and be trained on the field. Live, love, and learn from the poor:

* Attend a three-month Bible school with Mozambican pastors and leaders.
* Be trained by Heidi and Rolland Baker, Lesley-Anne Leighton, and other international ministers and missionaries.
* Go on extended evangelistic outreaches in local bush areas.
* Live with hundreds of children and experience the Father's heart.
* Gain understanding of how to minister cross-culturally.
* Get practically equipped for the physical challenges of third-world nations.
* Live with a company of abandoned, holy, and whole-hearted lovers at the Iris Ministries center in Pemba, Mozambique.


It is a small, four-letter word that will cost you everything. Laying down your life. Passion and compassion. Giving without expecting. Feeling His very heartbeat and surrendering to His rhythm. Following the Lamb wherever He goes...even to Mozambique...

Who is Simeon?

When I arrived in Mali in September 2003, Simeon (on the right) was one of my neighbors. He was working as an accountant and was not adhering to any religion or religious practices. I was spending time with him and the family he was staying with to get to know them. One time they were in my apartment and looking at pictures from Austria and the US, many of them church-related pictures. That's when the questions started. Two months after my arrival, Simeon dedicated His life to the Lord. He immediately went on a fast, and the Lord released a strong prophetic gifting on him at its conclusion. Ever since he has daily visions and dreams, and accurate prophetic words for believers as well as unbelievers. In the summer of 2004 he lost his job and has been living by faith, evangelizing the city of Bamako nearly daily. Simeon has become my personal assistant and right hand, a young leader with a high calling that still requires a lot of maturing, refining and training. The Lord has given him a huge vision for his life, showing him what He has in store for him in the future, increasing the longing in him to wholly serve God with everything he's got. Simeon is longing to preach the gospel, heal the sick and see the kingdom of God come in power.

When I received the announcement of Heidi Baker's school a few months ago, I immediately know that Simeon was to go. When I told him about it, Simeon shared with me a couple of dreams and visions he's had about being with a group of white people in a school and doing evangelism and great things for the Lord. He knew the Lord had already told him about the school before I could ever tell him about its existence. We both became excited about the prospect of Simeon attending HOLY GIVEN. I also knew we'd be up against the odds.

The first obstacle was Simeon's poor knowledge of English. However, he has since made much progress, working hard on improving his English. I'm giving him private lessons whenever possible, giving him Christian vocabulary, reading the Bible and Christian books in English with him.
The second obstacle was taken when Simeon was the first student that was accepted at all (out of 120).
The third obstacle when we were informed he'd have a scholarship, so that all he has to pay is the airfare.
The fourth obstacle was his passport, because it needed to be renewed. Living in Mali, the prospects were bleak how he could get the renewal done (in Benin). God did some mind-blowing things, gave mind-blowing favor, so that Simeon received his new passport a week ago.
The fifth obstacle was arranging the flight – not easy from one end of Africa to the other. For weeks we were trying to find the best way without success. A few days ago, as if a miracle, suddenly perfect arrangements were found.
The sixth obstacle is the visa for Mozambique. Again, for weeks we've been trying to find a solution. No Mozambican embassy in Mali or nearby… Two different Mozambican embassies have now told us that he should simply take care of the visa upon his arrival in Mozambique (is the last word spoken???).
The seventh obstacle – and only one left – are the finances. Simeon needs 2500 EUR (that is currently 3300$) just for the flight!

Who would invest into Simeon's life and ministry at this crucial time of his life and the life of the ministry in Mali?

What do I expect to see as a result of Simeon's time in Mozambique? I expect him to grow considerably, to receive impartation from all the awesome teachers as well as the people ministering in Mozambique, to get understanding for us in Mali where we want to see the same things that are already going on in Mozambique.

When Simeon comes back to Mali, we have two months left to prepare the crusade and conference with Cliff Pash. With Simeon being equipped, and Cliff bringing the spark, we expect to see great increase in every way, so that the glory of God will spread in Mali!

If you would like to enable Simeon to go to Mozambique on May 27, please send your contributions in one of the ways below and mark clearly that they are for Simeon.

There are two months left, and Simeon is absolutely confident that the Lord will also take care of the seventh obstacle. As he said the other day, that amount of money is nothing for God! (At this time, all he's got is a pledge for 100$.)

May you experience the love and power of our risen Lord this Easter weekend!

All for HIM,