Healing 2 Austria
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
February 4, 2005

Here I was, back in my home country of Austria, at the side of a beloved friend, Peter from Kansas City, doing one of the things I love most (interpreting), speaking a message that has burned in me for many years (healing), doing what I love most (praying for people), and suddenly coming to the realization of how my ministry name has finally been truly fulfilled for the first time - Healing 2 The Nations.

If I had had expectations for my 18 days in Austria (I didn't have time before leaving), they would have been exceeded by far. I was abundantly blessed in every way possible! Those days in Austria were so very precious, and I cherished every single minute - and there were lots of them, our schedule constantly filled, leaving little time for sleep.

It's hard to put into words all that happened. My whole purpose of going was to be Peter's interpreter, to bless him and serve him and be there for him as much as possible. What a joy to serve a wonderful (I didn't say faultless) man of God! And truly, when we bless others, we are blessed in return. It caught me totally off guard and greatly humbled me before my great Bridegroom King.

Besides all the things going on there (that I'll share further down), the Lord opened my eyes to see more of His purpose for my being there. I hadn't seen it before! Now I realized how this was more prophetic fulfillment, taking healing to the nations, being a blessing to my homeland, and getting a chance to tell people about Mali everywhere we go, making connections with precious pastors and people. Wow!

Not only was I blessed through ministering, but seeing good friends again, worshiping with like-minded people, seeing my family, getting to eat "proper" food - and freeze like crazy with a wonderful record snow-fall (I love snow!). And every place we went I was given opportunity to share about Mali, show pictures and video, and communicate God's heart for this dark and overlooked nation. And I was so blessed by people's response - the encouragement, the prayers, and the financial gifts. Right here, I want to thank every single person I came in contact with in Austria - thank you for the blessing you've been to me! Every single one of you is so very valuable and precious! I thank God for you!

Besides two meetings in homes, and several private visits with hurting people (that were SO blessed through Peter's ministry), Peter was invited to do three weekend conferences, each in another church. The first one focused more on bringing healing, while the other two were to equip the body of Christ to become His instrument of healing. We literally ministered to hundreds of broken, hurting, sick people, whether they needed physical or emotional or spiritual healing. And time and time again we saw our loving Father touch His little ones to restore them. There is nothing like it! We've seen so many come to their heavenly Father and find healing, restoration, forgiveness and deliverance. It was so beautiful! I love ministering at Peter's side, since my heart beats so much the same way.

And it was wonderful to train the local pastors and their congregations to "just do it". Peter showed them the way Healing Rooms are done in Kansas City, and then they just did it! And to then see their excitement because "it works", and hear the testimonies of healing.... what greater reward could there be!

One night was quite something. Peter had shared his life story the night before (you've gotta hear it!), and taught all day on healing, when Holy Spirit swept over the meeting with laughter. It was tremendous! Peter laughed, I laughed right beside him, the pastor and his wife laughed, and so did the congregation. It was so refreshing, and so releasing! Later that night several miracles happened as people "practiced healing rooms".

My last weekend was also very precious because I got to be in several services at my church and share about Mali. In fact, I went to seven meetings that weekend (and left for Mali Monday morning)! How precious it is to meet "old" friends, and make new ones, and to realize that there are people standing behind you and praying for you - even when you don't know it because your inbox remains empty.

Coming back to Mali, the first thing I did was to be sick in bed - but it was good to have some rest before picking up my regular life here. Tonight was movie night - the first one since my return - and I showed them "The Hiding Place" (Corrie Ten Boom). I had jokingly told Peter that I could preach his story on Sunday, since I have now interpreted it so many times. And in fact, I will preach on forgiveness and will share some about Peter and my time in Austria. I was encouraged to see many come to the movie night - now they need to hear God's word on Sunday.

My friends, thank you for your prayers - above all I need wisdom. The task is so huge, and I'm so small. Several things are in preparation (literacy class, ALPHA course, food distribution) while all other activities are picked up again. May I only do what the Father is doing, and may all the activities NEVER steal my precious intimate time alone with HIM.

May HE bless you abundantly above all you can ask or imagine - He did it with me, why not you?

All HIS,


As you go, preach this message: 'The kingdom of heaven is near.' Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. (Mt 10:7-8)
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