Come Up To The Open Door
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
September 21, 2004



After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, "Come up here… (Rev 4:1)

I have often read this passage, praying it, crying out to the Lord, longing to come up there and stand before my Lord, longing to have my eyes opened to literally see my beautiful One. Jesus has made a way for us to "come up there"; because of His great act of love on the cross for us, the door is open for all of us to come into His presence and stand boldly before His throne. Not only that, but to come to our heavenly Daddy and throw ourselves into His arms; to listen to His voice, to hear His heartbeat, to smell His fragrance, to feel His warmth, and to be filled with His awesome glory.

And what's the purpose? Our highest calling is to simply BE. To be in relationship with Him, to be in love with Him, to be intimate with Him, to be His reflection. And then, all the world will see HIS glory shining through us, will feel HIS love flowing through us, will experience HIS life through us. That is how God's kingdom is established upon all the earth – YOU are the one to spread His glory to cover all the earth. You have the awesome privilege to carry His glory – and you'd better do it in fear and trembling before an awe-some God. Then all the world will know that He IS King, Creator of heaven and earth, the only One, the One who is worthy of all honor and praise, and to whom all the world will bow down to honor Him.

Why wait till they have to? Why not introduce them to our wonderful, beautiful, glorious King, Bridegroom and Friend right now? Oh if they only knew Him! None would turn away from Him! How can they call on the one of whom they have not heard? How can they see the One they have not seen, if not in us?

The door is open. Let's go up there. Who is qualified? Every one washed and covered by the blood, with clean hands and a pure heart, for the pure will see God. And once we have walked across that door, He will set doors before us no one can shut, and no one can open but us. Who are the doors for? Yes, for us, but ultimately it has nothing to do with us, but it is all about His kingdom and His honor and His bride to be made complete and beautiful.

The Coming Explosion

I've been pregnant for a long time; pregnant with the purposes of God for a nation and beyond, and now the day is near when it will suddenly come forth. The baby has been growing, it has been taking shape, it has become more and more visible to the surrounding world getting more and more attention, as the anticipation rises for that coming day. But as exciting as that day is, it's only the beginning!
In July a prophet of the Lord called me out and publicly introduced the as yet unborn baby to the visible and invisible world, describing it for all to see. Now not only do those who hear have the awesome opportunity to help birth it, but the forces of darkness are alerted to abort it before its birth.

The weeks following that public declaration were not what I expected. Once again I had to face my shortcomings, weaknesses, failures, and weariness, and that baby seemed the most impossible thing in the world. The date for my return to Mali came closer, and fear set in. And then the Lord broke in with power (10 days ago), removed the darts of the enemy, and gave me understanding. There were two things going on in the invisible world:

The word of the Lord had been spoken, and God's word always creates, brings forth; it has life and power. That day a process of changing wineskins started. Oh how painful and shocking as we see those old wineskins! But I could not see the new ones He was getting ready. I could not see the enlarged tent, the bigger and brighter garments, the new and beautiful wineskins necessary for the things to come. It's never comfortable to be stretched and twisted and formed and changed.
The other thing going on was that the enemy knew it was now or never.

But after fasting and prayer, the Lord broke in chasing the darkness and putting me into the new wineskins, putting the new mantle on me, and giving me the scepter of His authority to act on His behalf as His ambassador. And this little girl of the King, clothed in this beautiful robe, with crown and scepter, is still just Daddy's little girl, who is painfully aware of her shortcomings, but who knows EXACTLY who the One is whose robe and scepter she wears and carries, and who has given her all authority to do His will and works.

Stepping Into The New

These past ten days, God has released so much of what has been going on invisibly, preparing for its impartation now. Wednesday night, Sep 15, was Rosh Ha Shana, the Jewish New Year. It was also the first meeting of the conference I attended. As soon as the music started, abundant joy started flooded me like I hadn't felt it in a while, and the Lord spoke to me that it has begun. 2004 has started (of course it's 5000 something for the Jews), and remember that the Lord promised two years ago that 2004 was the year of fulfillment.

Last Friday the prophet of the Lord spoke again, bringing tremendous confirmation, impartation and encouragement. And that very same day a prophetic act touched the deepest longing in my heart as I go back to Mali.

This coming Sunday is a very significant day for me. It feels like a wedding day, to Him and to a wonderful presentation of Him here in Kansas City. Christ Triumphant Church is going to license me (like an ordination) for ministry, and send me out under their covering. Over this past week (there was a conference there) I've been blown away by getting a glimpse of how big this is, how significant this time is, and the awesome things to come a while down the road as a result of this connection. I'm a visionary, and I see things long before their time. So I'm probably not making much sense to you right now. Just know God has connected me to a like-minded people and given me a family, because He sets the lonely in families. And I'm honored, and blessed, and overwhelmed, and filled with gratitude and love for my family here in Kansas City.

So please join me in celebrating this special day with me next Sunday, whether in person or in spirit. If you are from the area and still need details on the celebration and party, please contact me.

Divine Appointments

I also have two VERY significant meetings this week with people I don't know yet, which might be absolutely necessary pieces of the puzzle to do what God has called me to. This is so HUGE! Please cover those two meetings in prayer (Wed and Mon). Thank you.

Well, I never got to the more practical things I wanted to share with you today. My only prayer is always that the Lord would inspire ME to breathe into these words and encourage YOU and build you up, so that you would be compelled to draw closer to Him and step into your destiny in Him.

May your eyes be opened to see that glorious door, and may nothing keep you from stepping through it!



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