Significant Time Of Shifting
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
July 11, 2004



This last Thursday a major shift occurred in the heavenlies for Healing 2 The Nations, for me, and for Mali. It's like I have stepped up a level, stepped into the next phase, like a promotion, as He is getting ready for the big explosion in Mali.

It is also a time of being set in place, in the natural as well as in the spiritual, as the prophet's decree goes forth and is heard. Something has changed, a transition has taken place. And it's awesome!

What happened? In my last email, I shared with you that God had told me to go to a conference in Vacaville, California. That conference ended tonight. I'm actually near San Francisco right now, and get to see that city tomorrow. As I was praying about going to this conference, the Lord confirmed through several prophetic people that He had something for me there, as well as giving me a strong sense of anticipation, that He was up to something big. And He was.

But let me back up a little bit first. When I came to Kansas City from Mali over a month ago, I came hungry and desperate for God, wanting to spend all my time with Him and to contend for a new spiritual breakthrough. Busi-ness and some baggage from the tough times this last year though kept me from getting there, and the frustration grew.

Until a week before leaving for California, when the breakthrough came. It was a divine setup, to prepare me to receive what He had in store for me in California. The breakthrough always comes when we are the most desperate, the light when it is the darkest.

Many of you know that I did a Counseling & Healing School in Kelowna, Canada, in 1996, where God "completed" the healing in me and did a very deep work (the testimony is on my website, on the MY STORY page). I have always had a heart to pass on the healing I've received. But now it was time for me again. Some friends of mine, a couple, have gone through deep inner healing, and God has now released them to be His channel to bring healing to others. So the week before California, I met with them twice, and God did a deep work of healing in me, as well as dusting me off from my year in Mali. And in a house church meeting, He filled me with joy to overflowing, like I hadn't known for quite some time. I had the breakthrough I was crying out for - new intimacy with Jesus, new joy, and new freedom. At the same time, the Lord allowed me to still meet with a lot of friends I hadn't been able to meet earlier. What a glorious week it was!

A divine setup for California. I knew God had something huge for me here, so I got my plane ticket in faith. Then the Lord worked it out for me to stay with a Christian family about 40 minutes from the conference location. When I flew to California, I didn't know yet how I would get back and forth - but the Lord did. You see, He loves it when we step out in faith when He tells to do something and go somewhere. And as we go and do, He provides the means. Some time after my arrival, my host family found a car I could use - and I haven't even met the owner!

So what happened? Thursday morning Jill Austin - an awesome prophetess and carrier of the glory, and my former teacher - interrupted her sharing to prophesy over me, then continued preaching. The Lord declared through her publicly what He has already shared with me, and what I have so far guarded in my heart or shared only cautiously. But now is the time to bring it forth, now is the time for those things to come to pass, to run with the vision in full view of everybody, so I'm going to share with you what I've so far shared only privately, and some of it the paper I've been handing out to people.

Jill prophesied that I was a young apostle. She prophesied about planting churches, going into the villages, and kept emphasizing signs, wonders and miracles.

God is right now putting everything into place, preparing everything, putting the last pieces of the puzzle in, shifting things in the heavenlies, and sending divine appointments, provision and prophetic confirmations and declarations. (By the way, please keep praying for the 30,000 dollar check. Right now it doesn't look like I'm gonna see any of that money.)

He is getting everything ready for the huge explosion that was prophesied to me two years ago. And I knew it was gonna be in fall, when I get back to Mali.

So what is lying ahead?

* In September, I will get my credentials from Christ Triumphant Church, coming under their covering.
* Once we've got the car, we'll be going into the villages to preach the gospel and heal the sick.
* When I get back to Mali, we will find a place for God's glory to dwell, a habitation for HIM, and start the church.
* We'll be doing evangelism all around it, healing the sick, and people will know where to find God, help and healing.
* I will be teaching Bible College courses to my two young leaders, and they will receive a certificate from Kansas City.
* The children - we will reach out to them, since they are the army (half the population is under 15) that will win the nation to Christ.

These are just a few things. I have recently completed a 14 minute-video presentation, with pictures from Mali, where I share about last year and what lies ahead. If you are interested in seeing it, you can ask me to send you a copy, or download it from my website soon.

And today the Lord did another significant thing. The conference here was Todd Bentley's, and he had a partners' luncheon today. The Lord orchestrated it so that I ended up giving a testimony in front of 300 of Todd's (not-yet)partners, about how the Lord released me into my destiny after going with Todd to Malawi, and about sowing into what you want to reap yourself. I've been a partner of Jill Austin's and Todd Bentley's since the beginning of the year, giving a big percentage of the little support I have, to sow into good soil, and reap a harvest through them, and see the same anointing in my own ministry.

I consider Todd and Jill both spiritual parents, and they are my heros and examples, together with Heidi Baker. And I believe it was significant that at this conference, both my spiritual parents "saw" me for the first time, and showed interest in what God is doing in Mali. And God set that up too, by breaking the curse and vow in the inner healing session, that I had to be invisible and not heard.

NOW is the time! NOW is the time for the lion of Judah! NOW is the time for God's kingdom to come in Mali!

It's amazing that the Lord sent me all the way to California - and I only shared the most significant things He did with you.

Something shifted in the heavenlies, and it even manifested in the natural. I can already see and feel the change, and the increase.

And I should add this - these past few days, Austria has really been in front of my eyes. I'm going to Vienna in a few days, for about 6 weeks, and I have such an expectation of what the Lord is going to do there. Last summer, it was awesome in Vienna. But I believe the Lord is gonna do even greater things this summer, and I can't wait to get a bunch of hungry and desperate people together, to release God's glory and healing.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I get to see San Francisco - and am really excited about that. On Monday I return to Kansas City, and on Wednesday I leave for Vienna, arriving on Thursday.

What an awesome God we have!!! Write me a few lines whenever you get the chance...

Abundant blessings, and glorious riches, in Jesus!


Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)

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