Simeon & Conference In California
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
June 20, 2004



Hello friends,

Before I get into the reason for my email today, I'd like to give you a short update.

Today I was on the phone with Simeon, and he is doing great. I'd like to share something about Simeon with you. And it's not to lift him up or anything, but to you encourage you and spur YOU on in YOUR walk with God.

Simeon told me today that he fasted seven days on water after my departure - which made me wonder how much that affected the release of the financial provision for the car. God is raising up a new breed of leaders today, that are radical for Him, and giving everything for Him, not caring for anything else but Him! As the end draws nearer, He is accelerating everything, and calling His bride back to abandoned devotion and a pure walk in the Spirit. We need this new generation of fearless, dedicated lovers of God!

A while back Simeon shared something with me that "shocked" me, and is a great picture for the days we live in. Simeon gave his life to the Lord at the end of November. Just before that, I had shared about fasting, which fascinated him. He then decided to go on a three-week water fast because of the problems he had. His first three weeks as a Christian he fasted on water only!!! Needless to say, all his problems dissolved. Also, he used to have a lot of nightmares. Simeon is very sensitive to the spirit world, and after his fast, all the nightmares were gone and God started speaking to him in dreams and visions on a nightly basis. He'd always come share his dreams with me, asking me for the explanation, while I would listen in awe to the things God had told him. We will need to make an effort if we wanna keep up with this new generation God is raising up!

Kansas City

I've been greatly enjoying my time in Kansas City, spending much time with friends and with God, and still working on getting my Mali slide-show presentation done. I'm still staying at the beautiful house with the wonderful family, and last week somebody gave me a car to use for the remaining weeks. Praise God!

Conference In California

The reason I'm writing today is that the Lord has confirmed that I'm to go to a conference in California in July. So I'm throwing this out to you to see if any of you would like to join me, and/or if you know anything there I could possibly stay with.

The conference is called ENCOUNTER THE HOLY SPIRIT, GLORY & FIRE, and the speakers are Todd Bentley, Jill Austin, Claudio Freidzon and Keith Miller. It is in Vacaville, CA (between San Francisco and Sacramento) July 7-10. I know all of the speakers, the first two very well, and know it will be a life-changing time as we come into His presence. And I believe personally that God has something special for me there.

So, please contact me asap, since arrangements have to be made.

May the Lord bless you all,


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