Arrival In Kansas City
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
June 3, 2004



Finally the taxi took off from my home. I was waving good-bye to Simeon, who would keep an eye on my apartment and who was sad to see me leave for so long, and Aisha, whose presence that night surprised me, as well as Ibrahim, the school director's nephew and my neighbor until that day. Before leaving, Simeon, Aisha and I had set on my porch, and I was praying for them, committing them into the Lord's hands.
Now I was sitting in the taxi, eager to get to the airport since it was later than intended. I wasn't too happy when the driver pulled up at a gas station - though that's not unusual. We continued on to the airport, when suddenly there was this bang. I didn't know what it was, and when the driver pulled over I thought the car had finally died. I often wonder how those cars are running at all. It turned out that we had a flat tire. He got my bag out, and the spare tire, and started changing the wheel. I guess the worst time to have a flat tire is when you have to catch a plane!
I was glad when I finally reached the airport and couldn't believe the journey had started like that, the first part already taking so long. I proceeded to check-in. The guy took my passport and gave it back to me. Then he looked at his computer screen, frowned, and asked me to give him my passport one more time. Again, he typed in my passport number. Fear started coming up, as I remembered the weird thing happening when leaving the US last year. Would they already tell me I couldn't go to the US? But he said nothing and returned my passport to me.

Needless to say, that incident didn't boost my confidence, and I started praying hard, as well as preparing myself for the possiblity of being denied entry to the States. But I was still in Bamako, with two long flights ahead of me before knowing what would happen. I finally got through the checks and into the bus that would take us the plane, when they suddenly stopped everybody, and then made us get back into the terminal again. They had decided to check our carry-ons now, and started putting up tables and equipment. Suddenly a storm came up, followed by rain, and they quickly took down the equipment again. Now we were all inside waiting for the storm to be over. The FIRST real rain of the rainy season - just when we were wanting to get on the plane! Great timing. Finally the wind calmed down, and we were checked in the rain, walking through the water to the bus, got to the plane, and walked up the stairs in the rain into the plane. Of course we were quite delayed by the time we took off. I was praying the rest of the journey would go smoothly without these kinds of incidents!

And it did. We also arrived late in Atlanta and I didn't think it would be possible to go through immigration, claim your baggage, go through customs, and get the boarding pass, but it was.

Thank you for your prayers regarding immigration - it was amazing how God answered them! The officer scanned my passport, and never even looked at his screen! He just asked me the standard questions of why I was going to KC, when I was leaving again, and when I was here last time, and stamped the papers. Totally God! Tears were coming to my eyes when I continued on my way, full of praise and thanksgiving and excitement of soon being in my beloved city. On the plane to KC I just kept praising God and reading every praise psalm I could find.

After 25 hours I finally arrived in KC, was picked up, and driven to this beautiful house where wonderful friends of mine live. What a contrast to Mali!

I wasn't really tired, nor interested in physical food (though you would think that), but so very hungry for God. I'm here for more of Him, and so I just had to still go to the International House of Prayer that night. And today I spent much time there as well.

I'm so looking forward to meeting all my friends again now, and to spending much time in the house of the Lord. All I want is God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, being with HIM, drawing close to HIM, refuelling, refocusing, being refreshed....

Thank you for your prayers, and for standing with me. God is faithful, God is awesome, and I am HIS!



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