God's Marvelous Ways
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
March 5, 2004



However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him" (1.Cor 2:9)
Since ancient times no-one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him. (Isa 64:4)

What wonderful verses! I wished I had time and room to expound on the verses surrounding them also, to leave them in context!

However these verses reflect the praises rising up from my heart towards our wonderful Creator God, the most beautiful and glorious King of Kings, Bridegroom full of splendor, ever-faithful Friend and Brother, Lover of my heart!

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and very certainly no mind has conceived - I have seen nothing yet, have heard nothing yet, and cannot even comprehend the great things God has planned since before the creation of the world for the people of Mali And yet, I praise the Lord for the little things, firstfruits, I'm seeing now. Faith is seeing the invisible as if it was here, the future as if it was now, and acting accordingly. It is looking at a BIG God, and not the opposite direction - i.e. at myself with all my weaknesses and shortcomings. Oh my Lord, help me keep my eyes on you! Help me keep my eyes on your vision!

Two praise reports that illustrate today's Bible verse:


A few weeks ago Emma asked for a private conversation. I had had a burden for him and could tell he was in distress. He started sharing about three years in bondage to a habit he couldn't get rid of. He longed to be free again, clean and free from sin before His Lord. He also shared about a traumatic childhood experience, when a classmate died after he had witnessed to him. The boy wanted to give his life to the Lord, yet didn't do it because of his Muslim family. Only hours later he had a fatal accident. Emma had always blamed himself for that and stopped sharing the gospel - though he has a gift of sharing/preaching, always captivating his audience. I talked to him about these things, and told him we'd pray the following night at our weekly meeting, when Simeon would also be there.
So at the end of the meeting we went into prayer ministry. Emma had confessed, he was forgiven, and I broke the bondage once and for all as Jesus set him free. I also broke the curse of that traumatic witnessing experience and called back his evangelistic fevor. Finally I prayed for physical healing, as Emma suffers from quite a few serious things. The enemy has really been trying everything to take him out, as he always does with those who have a high calling from the Lord.

A few days later Emma came raditing. The habit was totally gone, without any problems, and joy had returned. Just today he told me how different he felt now in every way, and how great it was! He also shared about a girl he has witnessed to. This summer, Emma is planning on coming to Kansas City for my last month there. The flights are reserved, the passport is in progress, and the visa process has to be started. Emma needs a letter of invitation from Kansas City where he could also stay for the time there. Would one of you be able to write that letter?
Emma is very excited about going to Kansas City. I know he will return a different man.


Simeon is still radiating and full of joy. Just the other day he again talked about his birthday, how special it was, praising God all the time.
Last Sunday I took him to a church that is not too far, and he loved it; I knew he would. He has been wanting more teaching, and that church has teaching only every Saturday night. He'll go there for the first time tomorrow night.
In the meantime, what was to be expected is happening. Simeon is renting a room in an apartment with two Moonie couples (Unification cult) - my neighbors. They have a short nightly prayer meeting, and since I happened to find Simeon there one night and explained things to him, and he stopped joining them, tensions are rising. Those couples used to be family to Simeon (one of them is from Benin like him), and now he is retreating because of his faith. He said the other day that he won't be able to live there much longer.

Please pray also for the Moonies - they are wonderful people I'd like to see come into the Kingdom of our God!

Friday Night Meeting

Our Friday night meetings have been going well. We always start with a time of worship - either using my computer to play a few French worship songs, or I lead worship with my guitar. Thankfully I've got a handful of French worship songs. By the time worship is over, Emma usually gets here (he has class at university) and we go into the teaching. My goal is always to meet with God, and our worship times have been wonderfully glorious at times.
After many weeks of the three of us meeting I believe it's time to move on/up. Both Emma and Simeon know two people each that need to come:

* Abdoul and Abraham, Simeon's Muslim colleagues - Simeon has talked to them a lot, and they want to come. Simeon said he'd invite them for next Friday.
* Jean - Emma's catholic friend who doesn't know Jesus
* Djelika - a university acquaintance of Emma's who shared with him that she is tormented by demons, yet in fear to do anything about it. Pray she'll come and be set free.


My French colleague/neighbor Alice has been opening up more and more. We have dinner together every few days, and see each other every day. Alice has read all my Christian novels and liked them. We've had a few good conversations. When I received Todd Bentley's biography and the video on our missions trip to Malawi last year, she was very interested. She wants to see the miracles on the video. And now she has started reading Todd's powerful biography. Just today she told me it sounds to her like fiction.
I believe God brought Alice to Mali for a purpose - we have less than three months left together! May she come to know the One who loves her so much!


My German classes at the High School are going well. The second trimester is nearly over. By now I know 80% of the students' names (160 students), which helps. However, students haven't changed in that they still don't do any work at home - hard to speak (or write) a language without knowing any vocabulary. But there are a few who are gifted and enjoy learning German. In any case, I've come to love my students dearly, even the ones that are disruptive all the time. Yet that love is not considered a positive thing but a weakness. Students take advantage of it, look down at me, and think they can do anything they like. There are a few that seem to have the time of their lives by coming all the time humbly apologizing, and afterwards laughing because I accepted their apology, and they never change. Malian teachers treat their students very harshly - shocking for us.
But isn't that what love is all about? I'm gonna keep loving, and forgiving, and giving new chances. And they know I'm just and impartial; bad grades cannot be changed (it seems most teachers accept bribes for better grades).
There is a one week break at the end of March/beginning of April when I intend to travel north to Sévaré, staying with Emma's family, and going to Dogon country (where they are from), one of the most beautiful parts of Mali.
After that, the third term is very short, ending already May 15.


Now the second reason I chose the opening passage. Two weeks ago I received an email from a friend in Vienna I hadn't heard from in years! At first I was very happy to hear from her, then I was stunned and finally tears overwhelmed me, as I was filled with awe at the goodness of the Lord. That friend wrote that the Lord had spoken to her to pay to my tickets to Kansas City and Vienna in the summer - 2500EUR (3000USD)!! In November 2002 God showed me a vision and said, as long as I'd be giving it away, there would always be plenty in my pockets (look into the archives for details). I love giving it away, and the seed always bring fruit (there was a time in my life when it was not like that at all - ask me if you wanna know how that changed).
The closer summer comes, the more I'm aware that something significant is going to take place then. Again, no eye has seen ... what God has prepared for those who love Him. And seeing Him provide in such an awesome way, has encouraged me and given me a fresh boost. (It was also a huge testimony to Alice who couldn't believe it.)
I know God is teaching me to believe Him for more and more - and may I never take anything for granted! The next big item to tackle is a car - it will not only facilitate life, but open doors to ministry I've had in my heart.


March 25-April 4   "Easter" break - traveling north
May 14                  school ends - and my birthday :-)
June 1-2                 traveling to Kansas City
July 14-15              traveling to Vienna
Aug 24-25             traveling to Kansas City - Emma joins me in Paris
Sep 28-29             traveling back to Bamako with Emma

I'm praying somebody reliable to be in my apartment during the four months I'm gone.
I'm also praying for ministry opportunities while in the US and Austria. I don't only go to be blessed (it won't take much for that), but I want to be a blessing, and also spread the vision for Mali. The harvest is ready, but where are the workers?

My Your heart beat with His heartbeat, may you hear with His ears, may you see with His eyes, and may you feel the way He does - you'll never be the same again.

Wonderful Jesus, none like You!

Yours alone,


P.S. The weekly English class is going well, the students who came to watch the Austrian movie loved it, and the rising heat is making life harder and harder.
P.P.S. People of Kansas City – does any of you have an extra car to lend me while with you in summer?

Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)

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