Three-Day Journey Back To Bamako
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
January 2, 2004



Dear friends,

I'm leaving in a few minutes. Please pray for the long journey to be safe and for strength since I have a lot to carry.

Friday - 7 and a half hours in the train to the most western end of Austria (Vorarlberg) where I'm gonna spend the night at a friend's place.

Saturday - Spending the day with my friend until a friend from Switzerland comes to pick me up. 4-5 hour drive to French-speaking Switzerland, where I'm gonna spend the night.

Sunday - Church service at my friend's church. Please pray for good contacts made, especially since it's a French-speaking church. After the service, 6-hour train ride to Paris, having to change trains once. In the evening I'm taking a plane from Paris to Bamako - the cheapest I could find. I've heard stories about them. Please pray everything will go smoothly; that we'll leave on time. It will also probably stop a few times on the way.

Monday - Arrival in the early morning. I'm praying I will easily get a taxi and he'll have change. The rest of the day I'm probably gonna sleep, adjust and prepare for school on Tuesday.

My time in Vienna was awesome, and I'm gonna write more when I'm back home.

The Lord bless you all - all glory to HIM ALONE,



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