Mali, Vienna & An Adventure
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
December 12, 2003



The days and weeks pass, and another Christmas is just ahead of us. What an eventful year 2003 has been! 5+ months in Kansas City, 2 months in Vienna, 3+ in Mali, a few weeks in Canada, and not to forget Malawi & South Africa. And every time my life was very different. How different it is now compared to just a year ago! And so much has happened in this time. As we come to the close of this year, I look forward to 2004 with much anticipation, to see the fulfillment of promises from the Lord, to see His kingdom come here in Mali.


Simeon is growing quickly in the Lord. He is hungry to learn, and grabs every teaching he can get. I was blessed to have a Swiss friend send some tapes and booklets, which greatly blessed him, and he is following a daily Bible reading plan with commentary. He is also sharing his faith with his friends and colleagues - two of which are coming to tonight's meeting (our Friday meetings). So is Emmanuel, a Christian I have been friends with since my last time in Mali in 1999.
So, there is much to praise the Lord for. What has been hardest for myself is the feeling of not being able to handle the huge task and responsibility. And two things keep me from moving forward (besides the Lord's timing) - people and money (in particular a car). With those two, the doors are wide open to advance the Kingdom in Mali. People are READY! They are hungry for the truth! How many more Simeons are out there?!?!


I've been very blessed to have 35 people on my Prayer Cover e-mail list, who pray for me regularly, encourage me and write emails, and it's often as if they were here with me. I also have had three faithful financial supporters in Austria for the past two or so years. However, after three months in Mali, I've been able to get an idea of what my budget should look like. And if I want to stay in Mali, I will need an increase of several hundred dollar/Euros a month, just to cover the basics. Would you consider sowing into the Kingdom by sowing into Mali?

Christmas In Vienna

Just one more week and I'm leaving to go to Vienna. And since yesterday I finally have a place to stay there. It has been hard for me, as well as for my Mom, that her boyfriend doesn't allow me to stay with them (though I grew up there). Last summer I stayed with three different friends while in Vienna, and I'm so grateful that I will be staying with one of them again. I'm hoping to see snow, enjoying the cold weather after the heat here, can't wait to have real food (still no fridge here in Mali, and still very difficult to find food), and I can't wait to go to a grocery store, and electronics store, and all the other stores, hopefully I can go to a movie theater, to the beautiful Christmas markets, maybe skating - with one word, I wanna enjoy my time in Vienna. And you, my friends in that city, I would love to have you join me in those ventures. I do want to see as many friends as possible. Please take note of my phone number in Vienna below.


High School

But before I can leave Bamako, it's time for finals as this is the end of the first trimester. All the finals for my 4 classes are prepared; unfortunately the teachers cannot be with their classes for the finals, but I have to supervise other classes' finals. The rest of my time next week will be spent correcting those exams - about 160 altogether - and giving them all their final grades. I have to get it all done before leaving for Vienna on Saturday, Dec 20.

Late Night Adventure

Last night's events are worth passing on to you. My French colleague Alice (25) and I went to the closing evening of the one-week African film festival here in Bamako. They showed one last film, this time in the big Culture Center which a huge auditorium. It's been nice breaking out of the routine and going there a few times, especially the night where they showed the Malian short films was very interesting. So, since it was the last time, they had quite a program, and it was nearly midnight when we left the Center. Thankfully you need only one little green bus (public transportation) to get from the center to our home. We didn't have to wait long, and soon arrived at the bus station, from where it's another 10-15 minute walk. You can either walk to the paved road and take it, or take the shortcut through the little dark streets. We did the latter, since we're used to walking on dark roads with our flashlights. We had nearly reached our home, when a guy behind us suddenly shouted to us to stop. What was going on? By now it was half past midnight. He said, he was a police man, and asked for our ID cards. Thankfully I had grabbed mine before leaving. I had heard before that you are not allowed to be outside at night unless you have your ID card. Well, Alice didn't. So he said, she would have to accompany him to the police station. We asked him for his ID, which he refused to show us. How would we know he was really who he claimed to be? Go with a man in the middle of the night? We told him, we lived in the house just down the road, but he didn't want to go there with us, so she could get her card. Instead, he wanted us both to follow him. Ibrahim recently spent a whole night in a prison cell because he didn't have his ID, and then you have to pay a fine. Alice lost her temper, so that he tried using force to get her to come, which made her even more furious. All this time I stayed totall calm and tried to simple talk to the man. In the end, he didn't allow her to speak another word, but listened to me and spoke respectfully to me. Finally, he allowed me to go get my French colleague - if we need to follow a stranger in the middle of the night, better have another guy with us. I ran to our house, woke up Jean-Louis, quickly grabbed Alice's ID, and together we ran back. The police man looked at the ID, and said it was okay, and she could go. As she turned, he asked if he didn't get anything for his kindness. That just enraged Alice again. So we ended up giving the police man about 15$, otherwise he would still have taken her to the police station. He told us, that the dark little streets were extremely dangerous at night, and we shouldn't use them at night.

Well, I thought it was a really interesting experience/adventure. :-)

Send me a note when you have time. And may the Lord bless you abundantly this Christmas season! Here in Mali it's hot and there are no signs whatsoever of Christmas, so it's hard to imagine it's so close.





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