A True Story: Simeon & The White Teacher
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
December 1, 2003



How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? (Rom 10:14)


Simeon sat on the roof, thinking about God. Here he was in Bamako, Mali. It had been over a year since leaving his home country Benin due to his job, and he was still dreaming about a life in Germany. He needed some kind of purpose, a goal, in his life. He had been interested in spiritual things all his life, yet nothing seemed to give him the answers he was searching for. So here he was sitting on the roof, in front of the rising sun, closing his eyes and meditating. Was there a God? Could you know Him? Was there more to life? Recently he had found some comfort in astrology Ė there was a lot a truth in what he read in the horoscopes.

Then, one day, a white teacher moved into the apartment upstairs. She came downstairs to visit and said she loved God. And one day she showed us pictures from her life and kept talking about God. Simeon had never heard anyone talking like that and just had to find out more. He started asking questions Ė why, how, when, where etc. And then she Simeon and the others books to read. Simeon read about that guy who had met Jesus, who healed the sick and had even raised the dead, and he couldnít stop thinking about it. He just had to get some answers, so he approached the white teacher and she was willing to answer his questions. With amazement Simeon listened. There was actually a way to know God! Not only could you talk to Him, He would also answer. And God loved Simeon, and had a great plan for his life. Could it be true?

The white teacher even gave him a gift of a Bible. How awesome! Hadnít he just had a dream, where a radiant person gave him a book made of gold, and as he took it, he was filled with joy like never before. There was no more turning back. He just had to know this God, and learn more about Him. If only the day of the Friday meeting would come more quickly. And while waiting, Simeon just dove into the Bible, reading all those treasures it contains. Thankfully the white teacher had given him some material to help him understand.

The weekend came, and the white teacher took Simeon to a weekend conference organized by YWAM. Simeon enjoyed the opportunity to ask many more of his burning questions while walking to that church. He wasnít sure what to expect from this weekend, but as long as the white teacher was with him it would be okay. They arrived at the church, yet few people were there on time. Finally they started worshipping. Simeon had never heard anything like it, except the little he had heard on the tapes the white teacher had given him. They sang in French and Bambara, clapped their hands, and were full of joy. Amazing. And as the weekend progressed, Simeon got more comfortable and started clapping, swaying and singing himself. This was actually fun! Especially this one song would keep going round and round in Simeonís head. He just loved it.

And he loved the teaching by the white American preacher. He taught on the Holy Spirit. Simeon had never heard anything like it, but he took everything in like a dry sponge the water. After the sermon, the preacher would invite people to receive prayer ministry, and people went forward. Simeon really wanted to receive prayer and experience God, yet he didnít understand what he was seeing and was a little afraid, though the white teacher explained him everything that was going on. He could actually see the power of God on her since she would want to get prayed for every time. And how full of joy she would come back. Simeon really wanted that, yet the fearÖ

The weekend drew to a close, yet Simeon had not received prayer. However, the teacher told him it was okay since they could always pray at the Friday meetings. There was so much Simeon had learned, and he had to process it. He so much wanted to know and follow God. And he had more dreams, some he understood, others he didnít, but he knew God was speaking to him.

Friday came and in expectation Simeon went to the meeting at the teacherís apartment. She had her guitar and had prepared a few songs in French. Simeon didnít know the songs, but he enjoyed them anyway. Then the white teacher sat down, opened her Bible and started talking. She showed Simeon who Jesus was, that He had left His glory to come to earth (Phil 2), and went to the cross because He loved Simeon so much, and that He was offering him now forgiveness and a relationship with God, which was more glorious than anything else in this world, and would be eternal. That was exactly what Simeon needed! He asked a few more questions, though suddenly he understood why Jesus had to come and die, and He did it just for him. Wow! The white teacher talked about giving your life to this Jesus Ė yes, he wanted to live for God, to know Him and love Him, and make Him known. Simeon asked whether he could kneel down on the teacherís prayer mat for that prayer of dedication, and she had no objections. So Simeon knelt down, with the teacher kneeling at his side. Then the teacher prayed line after line, and Simeon prayed after her, dedicating his life to God. After that, the teacher prayed for Simeon and blessed him and spoke Godís words over him. She gave him also an opportunity to pray, and so he did, expressing his hear to the One True God. While he did, the teacher had her face to the ground, overwhelmed by the miracle just taking place. Unseen to them, angels surrounded them, amazed yet again at the mystery of salvation, yet filled with joy that another human had surrendered to the Creator. They started singing praises to the Almighty God, full of joy, and their praises as well as Simeonís and the teacherís ascended to the Father on the throne who smiled, His eyes full of love and joy as he looked upon his two children kneeling on the floor in Bamako. He signed with his hand, and hurriedly angels left to start putting into place what the Father had designed for Simeon before the creation of the world. Yes, the Father had a wonderful plan for Simeonís life, and His eyes happened to catch the latest entry in the book of life Ė Simeon, His son. Jesus, at the Fatherís right hand, had tears in eyes as he looked upon Simeon, and then His pierced hands. Once again it had been worth it. The seven spirits of God before the throne God shone brightly, full of excitement and refuelled with new oil. Holy Spirit was already down there with Simeon and the teacher, having whispered into Simeonís ears and heart all those weeks about the beauty of the bridegroom. Now he had taken residence in Simeon, and He would never leave him, but guide him, comfort him, counsel him, have fellowship with him, speak to him and show him what the Father was doing. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit looked at each other and smiled with excitement, knowing the beginning and the end and thinking of all that was going to happen next. Yes, the Son would have a glorious Bride, and it was time for the chosen ones in Mali to take their place in His body.

(I have written this in story-form, and do not claim in any way that it is an accurate account, though I tried my best to stick to the facts. I do not feel it is appropriate for me at this time to write any more, but will do so soon. The picture shows Simeon a week ago.)




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