Simeon & The Beginning
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
October 30, 2003



At first I only wanted to send this e-mail to my prayer cover, but all of you need to hear this. So please bear with me for sending two e-mails in two days.

Yesterday I told you that Si., that is Simeon, would come today with his questions. Well, he did. I don’t know how long he was here, about two hours. I was reading my Bible when the bell rang. We sat down and started talking casually. Then I asked him what that book-like magazine in his hand was. I looked at it. It was an astrology magazine. He told me he was very interested in astrology, and knowing the future. He asked me what I thought, and I told him that the Bible was very clear on that, that God hated astrology and divination, and that we could approach the God who MADE the stars. Then he started asking all his questions. He had been reading Mahesh Chavda’s biography “Only Love Can Make A Miracle”, and he asked me about experiencing God and about miracles and doing miracles. He asked about poverty and suffering in light of a loving God. He asked me about angels and demons. He asked me how to pray, how to hear the voice of God, how to know God’s will, how to live with Him, how to know Him. I explained the whole gospel to him, and shared the joy of knowing God and knowing His presence, of knowing His life, His love, His abundance, His provision. I got all excited about Jesus at one point :-). And Simeon had one question after the other. He said he wanted to know God and understand what I am saying. He acknowledged that he had so many questions, and that he wanted to find all the answers and ask me many more questions. He asked for books, for a book that explains the basics, but I had to tell him that all my books are in English. However, I offered to meet with him once a week to read the Bible together, he could ask all his questions, and we’d pray. He was all for that! We fixed Friday nights. Yesterday, I didn’t know when the weekly meetings would start, today I know it’s tomorrow. I also told him that the others could come also if they are interested (these are all the people from the Unification cult). Then he was all for it for me to pray for him. I put my hand on my shoulder and prayed for God’s kingdom to come, that Simeon would know the truth, that the Lord would open His eyes, that Holy Spirit would show him Jesus. He thanked me for praying. I told him I would continue praying for him, and he was so thankful! I asked him whether I could tell my friends to pray for him also, and he was all for it, overwhelmed at the offer. At one point he told me about his plans; that he is from Benin and wants to go to Germany. I told him that God had the perfect plan for him and read Jer 29:11-13 to him, which he really liked. He said he would read it again later. However, he doesn’t have a Bible. I have three different French translations, so I lent him one. I recommended to start by reading the gospel of John, and told him he could ask all his questions next time. How hungry Simeon is!!! I’m sure he’ll come tomorrow night with a whole list of questions. My guitar was right there next to us, and I ended up singing two worship songs to him. I translated the words first (“Draw Me Close To You” and “Here I Am Waiting”). He loved it and said he could feel the peace. He was full of gratitude when he left.

This morning when I got up at 6 and left the house before 7 to go to school, I looked over to the neighboring house which is right in front of my balcony, the roof being on the same level. One guy was still sleeping on the roof, but it was Simeon who sat there, eyes closed, turned to the rising sun, in mediation and prayer. A year from now He will be a fiery evangelist, worshipping the Lord who created the sun!

Please pray for Simeon! Truly, the harvest is ready!!! He even acknowledged that God had sent me to him and the others.

Please pray also that God would give me A LOT OF wisdom! Wisdom to answer the questions, and wisdom to know what to prepare for our get-togethers.

Pray that the presence of God would abide always in my apartment – it is dedicated to the King of Kings! That all men that enter would feel His presence and be drawn to Him.

What a joy and honor to serve Him, and to have an opportunity to share the wonderful gospel twice in two days! Hallelujah! For our King!

But I tell you, my friends, in between those highlights, the enemy works hard at getting at me. But as I told Simeon, he is already conquered and knows it full well.

All for JESUS,



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