School Problems Resolved & Healing Prayers
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
October 22, 2003



While Iíve had chances to pray for healing for others, Iím still struggling myself with a cold & fatigue. Last time I mentioned praying for Adama, the school directorís driver, who had had severe toothache for two weeks. I asked him the other day, and he said it was fine now. I told him, it was the all-powerful God who had healed him, and he said yes. I also prayed for Alice, my French colleague, and she was fine the following day. I donít know if she has what the third white teacher, Jean-Louis, and I have, but we are still struggling (I never got to pray for Jean-Louis). The other day I had an opportunity to talk sit down with the neighbors down the road. Hawa told me her daughter was sick, so I asked whether I could pray for her that Jesus would heal her. They agreed. Her daughter Kiatu is three years old, but I would have thought sheís only half that age. Her body has blisters all over, and she is very quiet in every way. I prayed for her, in English, French and Bambara. Then I had her on my lap until I left. I havenít been back there since. Please pray that sheíll completely healed, and that it would lead to the familyís turning to Christ! I had my Bambara Bible with me the other day, but we were distracted so I didnít get to read to them.


I told you how my whole class rebelled last week and decided not to show up for class. My supervisor talked to me and told me they think the other (Malian) German teacher is behind it. When he was given his schedule, he requested to have that graduating class, but they wanted me to raise their level of German. Then, he asked me (after they had already said no), saying he really wants to lead them to the final exam. Well, I donít know whether itís a conspiracy between him and the class, but they both have their will, because he has them now. They gave him a two month probation period with the class, saying an inspector will come after that to test the studentsí knowledge. Today, I addressed the German teacher in German, and let me tell you, his GermanÖ It would have been very hard to teach a third year class German, that doesnít have the knowledge of the first two years (they still write nouns with lower-case letters!)

Instead of that class that has 5 hours of German per week, I now have two other classes, both second year German. I also like my schedule a lot better now, since I have all 9 hours between Tuesday and Thursday. That gives me a long weekend (e.g. to travel). However, class starts at 7(!) a.m. on Thursday morning Ė first time tomorrow. Puh! But Iím getting up after 6 every day anyway. Today, I had the two other classes Iíve been having since the beginning, and greatly enjoyed teaching them, and so did they. First I had a second-year German class with only 20 people, which is WONDERFUL in terms of teaching. And they are very well-behaved. After them I had the beginners Ė now 48 students! That makes teaching a lot harder, but compared to the ďrebelliousĒ class, they also behave well, and are excited to learn a new language. I have now given them clearer boundaries in terms of coming late, leaving during class, and doing homework.


Next Monday, the Muslim month of fasting starts. During that month, people donít eat (and drink!) all day until the sun goes down. Iíve been told that the darkness is tangible in Mali during that time, as the kingdom of darkness is empowered by the increased worship and dedication. Iíve heard of Christians having accidents, getting sick and even dying during that month. Please pray for special protection and alertness during that time, and that God would reveal Himself to people as they are more spiritually alert.

I've put up some pictures on my website, but not all of them work for some reason. I hope to solve that soon.

Thank you for your partnership, prayers and support, and every email you write. May the Lord pour out His abundance on you!



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