Short Update From Mali
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
October 14, 2003



Hello my friends,

I still don't have my phone line at home, and it is a major undertaking that takes ages to send out an e-mail this way to you all, so I'll keep it short today.


By now I've heard from some of you plus I found my books on cults that the Unification church (the Moonies) is not a church at all. But they consider deception as legitimate to spread their beliefs, and want to look like a church. My neighbors are very nice, and I don't know how much they are into it. In any case, I'm cautious yet I can freely share my faith with them since they are very interested. I showed them pictures and they had many questions. They borrowed two Christian books of mine (I only have 4 Christian books in French - HELP!), as well as worship music on tapes.

And Aisha has been back. Since school has started, she is only here at the weekends. Last weekend she spent a few hours with me. I told her some stories about Jesus, and showed her parts of the MATTHEW video (which has no French dubbing unfortunately). Is there anyone who can send me some Christian children's material? Even if it's not in French, but has pictures... Unfortunately I have nothing at all. Aisha is 6-7 years old.


School has been very frustrating. I'm not told what to teach, not given the books I'm supposed to teach, plus I have little material for teaching German myself and really not what I need. I teach 9 hours, 5 hours of those one class which is graduating next summer, and I'm supposed to prepare them for their final exam.

I'm hoping to write again from my own computer at home. Please don't stop emailing, and use

How was the Catch The Fire conference (for those who went)?

I appreciate your prayers, please keep them up. My main cry has been and now is SEND WORKERS, i.e. give me a team (and send my husband across the way)!

If you want to mail me anything - tapes, books, food, read magazines (Charisma, Morning Star Journal, Newsweek) - send it to

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In HIS service,


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