Moving In & Unexpected Blow
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
September 29, 2003



Dear friends,


Saturday night I moved into my apartment. During the day the kind missionary I had stayed with the previous days helped me find the most necessary stuff - like a mattress and water kettle, a plate, knife, spoon, fork and glass, and some other things. Too often I've had to say, "it comes with my stuff from the States" that is unfortunately still not here.


The last 48 hours have been extremely difficult, since moving in, and I've needed all spiritual strength to "pray continually" and keep my eyes on Him. As you can imagine, it's very basic and I don't have a fridge, table or chair yet. But it was really on Sunday when the challenge came.

I had the opportunity to go to an Assemblies of God church in the morning which was nice. Back home I ate the little food I had, and in the afternoon, suddenly the power supply for my computer stopped working. You have to know, that there is a LOT of fluctuations in the current coming out of the plug here and I had been warned about connecting a fridge. However, I was told it should be fine for the computer. Well, it was not. I had only been in there a few hours. Thankfully, the computer was not affected. However, without a power supply I cannot use my computer. At first I panicked. What would I do now? Terror swept over me, as I started praying and looking to the Lord. After some time, I remembered last summer when my computer was stolen. Well, now I had neither a computer nor friends here nor any possessions (since the stuff from the US is not here yet). The only thing I truly had was Jesus, and my Bible. No more worship music coming from my computer. No more anyhing else from the computer. Gone - for now.

Even as I told Jesus, I don't care what happens, or how little I have. As long as I have Him, He is still the only thing I need! Even though it was still difficult, it helped me to focus on Him, so I spent the rest of the day wrestling in prayer, reading the Bible and being with Him. Unfortunately I was unable to go to the English service where all the missionaries go because just at the time I had to leave it was raining so hard I couldn't go anywhere. I did find peace which the enemy constantly tried robbing again.

So what to do? I got my phone today - the number is (223) 636 6727. It's a cell phone. I do hope that I will receive phone calls from some of you. So, I started making calls and ended taking the adapter/power cable (whatever you call it) to a mission that is the only one if any who can do anyhing. They confirmed it was gone (thank God it's not inside the computer!) and said they would see if they could repair it or find another one - either one being a big challenge. Tomorrow morning I'll know more. If they can't do anyhing, I'm in real trouble since I would somehow have to get one from Europe or the US which would take weeks.

Oh, and forgot to say - another thing that happened just before the computer thing was that I cut myself pretty deeply (my thumb). Of course the band aids are with my stuff coming from the Us... but I'm fine. By the way, my hand is a lot better - all I had donw was type too much in a very unnatural position during my three weeks in Vienna. Also, my stomach and bowels have returned to normal. Thanks for praying!!!


While it was very hard being alone at home, I enjoyed greatly getting out, even I was walking to the internet cafe here which is now very close to my apartment. I talked to the children, women and people on the street which is great! A chance to use my Bambara and to be a light to them, getting to know them hopefully over time. I'm also trying to get to know my neighbors. Unfortunately I have little privacy in my apartment. I have no curtains and can be seen by everybody. I've talked to some and am learning their names. Also, there is a little girl called Aisha that comes up wanting to be with me all the time. Will need wisdom how to love her yet set up boundaries as well.


School starts on Wednesday. I now teach only 7 hours. Another white teacher has arrived, and a third one is supposed to come tonight. I have already met Alice who is from France and will teach French. It is through her intervention the hours were reduced to 7. We will have the same conditions. Since the school pays so very little, she wasn't ready to teach that much. Tomorrow we will be signing the contract. And I'll hopefully also get the syllabus and class schedule.

I think Alice feels pretty overwhelmed by everything. Please pray that she will get to know the Lord. I have shared a little with her, and she will be moving in as my neighbor this week, which will be good.

And by the way, I should have a phone line at home by the end of next week (which is SO expensive - Alassane speeded up the process the Malian way). Given I'll have an adapter/power supply for my computer, I will then be online again and able to write personal emails and answer yours (please keep them coming!).


I've received an invitation to join a friend on a missions trip to Uganda in November - all expenses paid. Since I'd just LOVE to go, please pray for favor with Alassane, the school director, so I can leave for a week.

Well, I guess it's time to leave. Thank you for your prayers - please keep them up. Unfortuately I can't write separate emails to my prayer cover right now.

If you want to send anything to me, please use the school address for now.

Ecole Biya
s/c Claudia Wintoch
BPE 2165
Bamako, Mali
West Africa.




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