Update From Bamako, Mali
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
September 26, 2003



Dear friends,

Thank you for your prayers and your emails. Today I'm at a different and better internet café, and I'm getting faster with the French keyboard which is so different.

Tuesday was definitely the worst day physically. I've been recovering since, after moving in with this wonderful missionary from Switzerland that night. Or is she an angel? ;-)

All it is is the change of climat, of diet, of culture, of everything. Even though I'll be moving into the (empty) apartment tomorrow, God willing, and therefore have to provide my own food again, please pray that my body will adjust quickly. With the rainy season slowly coming to an end, and with that the cooling rain, it's today hotter than ever since my arrival - 32 degrees Celsius in my apartment. Please pray also that my hand would be healed which is still hurting - even more so as I type.


Tomorrow morning at 10 I'm supposed to move in. The house is only a year old, yet they repainted the whole apartment and fixed the toilets this week. There is a room with bathroom which will be my bedroom, another bathroom (they have a Western toilet, a simple shower and a sink, cold water only), a guest room, another room I'll use as kitchen and a living room. On the balcony there is an African kitchen (tiny room with cold running water) and a storage room. This is the Lord's apartment! I can see it all done! Including people in there, children, meetings with the power of God coming down, and much more...

So far it is empty. My stuff from the US has not arrived yet - prayer item! - which adds a little to the challenge. Since I have to give them 5 months rent tomorrow (it's 'only' 150Euros a month, i.e. 160USD), my resources are very limited in terms of putting even the basic necessities in there. One missionary who's leaving has a fridge for sale for 330USD - would anyone like to help with that?


The last three days have been good in terms of resting and spending much time with the Lord, and receiving more peaces of the puzzle, of the vision, as I'm now in the country where I belong. It's gonna be awesome! It will slowly unfold...

This Sunday I'll be trying to go to the Assemblies of God church here. I met the two AoG missionaries that live in Bamako last weekend. Will be interesting. Sunday night, the evangelical English-speaking community gets together for a service, and I expect to be there too this Sunday.


School starts next Wednesday. I still haven't got my schedule or the syllabus. But I know so far that I'll be teaching 10 hours per week, 4 days per week, and that I have a graduating class (third year German). They have trimesters here, which means the first one ends at Christmas. The school does have a copy machine, but the students won't have books (but paper if they can afford it). I'll put pictures on my website as soon as I get the phone line at home. By the way, also hope to have a P.O. Box soon, as well as a cell phone so you can call me :-)

Time goes so fast - need to leave here and go back home. I thank you for your prayers that make such a difference, and would ask you to continue praying. No clue when I can check e-mails again - will have to see whether there is an internet café near my apartment.

Please use this email address if you want to send me PERSONAL lines hawakampo@healing2thenations.net  Also, if any of you would like to call me, you could do so until 5 pm Sat Austrian time or 10 am Sat Kansas City time. The number is 223 (Mali) 646 3707.

In HIS service,



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