Arrival In Bamako
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
September 18, 2003



Dear friends,

I'm sitting in a cyber-café in Bamako, the school director behind me, having arrived here only an hour ago.

It's extremely hard to write with this French keyboard which is very different, but I'd like to give you a short report since I have the opportunity.

First of all, thanks to those who have prayed and are praying, and especially those from the prayer cover whose e-mails I just found that uplifted me.

The first miracle happened at the airport - I had 32.5 kilos, and only 23 were allowed. She said if I had a light carry-on - but I had a very heavy bag plus my printer. And still, I didn't have to pay anything!

So, I had to carry a lot - and again, thanks for praying, my hand was doing just fine. Everything went smoothly.

So, now I'm here and I really covet your prayers. I was picked up by the school director, my supervisor from the school where I will be teaching plus another teacher, and they have prepared an office in the elementary school for me to spend the night(s). We got my stuff there and then went to the internet café.

I'm looking forward to a good night's rest, because it's gonna be culturally challenging tomorrow. The school director said, now you're Malian, we'll treat you like that - take part in everything.

Please pray for my health - it's high season for moskitoes, plus that my body adjusts without problems to water and food. Since I'm eating, drinking and living with Malians right away.

I hope we'll also be able to get some errands done tomorrow.

So, here I am, finally home. These first few days (weeks) are probably gonna be the most challenging.

The moskitoes are already attacking me...

Well, time to go on...




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