Whom Shall I Send?
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
September 16, 2003



Whom shall I send? And who will go for Us? (Isa 6:8)

These words of the Lord have been echoing throughout the ages, and throughout the earth, as He is seeking those who would forsake all for His sake and His kingdom to be His reflection, His hands, feet and mouth to a hurting and perishing world. Because from every tongue, tribe and nation He will have a people at His throne who will love and worship Him, and He is eager to gather His people in all the nations of the world. But who will go? Who will say like Isaiah, here am I, send me?

When I first met Jesus ten years ago and committed my life to Him, I adopted C.T.Studd's motto as my own: If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him. I was praying two dangerous prayers at the time: Send me where they haven't heard, and, Send me where nobody else wants to go. And as He looked with His heart of love upon the West African country of Mali, He heard my prayer and gave me my assignment. I would be taking His kingdom to the people of Mali!

But, youthful zeal and excitement needed to embrace an 8-year period of preparation for the great calling of the Lord. Are you willing to pay the price? Are you willing to be broken? Are you willing to go through the fire? Are you willing to let the vision die so I can resurrect it again? Are you willing to give up EVERYTHING for ME? Are you gonna love Me more than your call? Would you just love Me, even if everything else was taken away, including your call?

You see, the higher the calling, the deeper the breaking, the more the dying, and the longer the preparation. We must be totally transformed into His likeness, reflecting His love and His glory, being His representative, His ambassador to this world. What an honor, and what a responsibility! We are called to be a light to the world, to be His instrument, to do what He did and even greater things. Are we really doing His will? Are we going into all the world? Are we preaching the good news? Are we making disciples? Are we healing the sick? Raising the dead, cleansing the lepers, casting out demons? (see Mt 10:8).

If we are falling short in any of these areas, let us search our hearts and cry out for more of Him, to be transformed more into His likeness, and to be found worthy of carrying His fullness and His anointing, the power of Almighty God, of Holy Spirit, who lives in us and flows through us to a dying world. I'm falling short, but I'm desperate to become a woman worthy of carrying the name of my Lord, who will not love her life unto death, who will totally submit to HIM and fear Him more than men. How can we be any less? How can we not give all to the one who's given all to us?

Today the Lord is raising up an army that is so in love with Him they do not care about anything else. When we behold His face, nothing else matters, and everything else fades away. They will know their Lord, and will go in His power and strength with much boldness and authority taking nations for Him. Are you one of them? Are you asking Him for nations? (see Ps 2)

I am. I have asked for Mali. And I have asked for Austria, which is where I am from. I was so hungry for God, was so desperate to see His power, was so desperate to do the works He did like He promised, yet found myself powerless and bringing little fruit. Yet the Lord looks at the heart and heard my cry, and He sent me to Bible College in Kansas City where I found what I had been looking for. I found the two things I had desired most of all and stormed heaven for.

I found an intimacy with my beautiful Lord that is beyond words; a place at His heart, hearing His heartbeat, feeling His breath, hearing His whisper, and feeling His embrace. Nothing compares to the presence of our Bridegroom King!
And the other thing flows out of that precious place of intimacy - signs and wonders, the works of Jesus, the sick healed, the captives set free and the kingdom of God come in power. We are all called to that place!

It was during my two years in Kansas City that Catch The Wind Ministries was born, and it has been a great joy and privilege to be a part of such a wonderful team, to write e-mail updates on our trips and take care of the website. And we've only just begun!

In June of this year, I myself had the awesome privilege to go on a missions trip to Africa with Todd Bentley. We saw thousands saved, and hundreds healed of every disease and sickness. And as many of you know, later that month a Catch The Wind trip to Vienna was planned which then had to be cancelled.

Yet, while the team was unable to come to Vienna, I myself had a couple of weeks in my home town and my home church, and the Lord can even work through ONE. It was absolutely tremendous how the Lord opened doors for ministry, and even in a catholic nation with less than one percent born-again believers, where revival is unheard of, and Christians have been laboring hard with little fruit, God came down in power to heal, encourage and transform. I had the joy of doing several meetings with between 3 and 20 people, and my only "agenda" was loving God. And while I was loving on God and pouring my heart out to Him, He responded and poured out His heart on us. The prophetic flowed to build up and encourage and confirm. Healing flowed - back pains, blood pressure, knees, and much more - as well as hearts being healed. And He came to break hearts for Himself, to draw His people close to Him, and He also increased His anointing and giftings on people. It was so awesome! I saw lives changed forever!

And now, after eight years of preparation, it is time for me to step into my destiny. Yet, it is really not my destiny, but the destiny of the nation of Mali this is all about. It has nothing to do with me, but all with His purposes and His plans to advance His kingdom in Mali. All I am is a little girl holding her big Daddy's hand and simply following along.

And I'm excited. I had been praying all this year about how to get into Mali, and for an open door. And then the "suddenly of God" happened and here I am, going into my Land of Promise. I was invited to teach German (my mother tongue) at a Malian school. It is a small, private school, no Christians and poor. What a wonderful opportunity! What an opportunity to shine His light, to meet students, parents and teachers! And I keep seeing in front of my eyes how that sick kid walks into my classroom... What a joy it will be to be Jesus to the people of Mali! To heal them, and then share the good news with them. And soon you have a group of believers that needs to be trained and taught and raised up as leaders to go do the same. Believers who will love the Lord passionately and who will gather to worship and honor Him.

And the other picture I keep seeing is this little abandoned kid on the street that no one cares about. But the love of Christ compels me to stop for the one, to pick up the little one Jesus cares about so much, and to give him the love and the family he needs. Half the population in Mali is under 15, and the number of street kids in the capital Bamako, where I'm gonna be, is increasing. Who will be Jesus to them?

On September 18 I'm flying to Bamako, Mali, in West Africa. This vision is big - and I've been praying for workers, for those who would lay down their lives and come to be a part. We are called to impact every aspect of life. I want to see churches full of passionate lovers of God, Bible schools, schools for children, orphanages, medical facilities, and business enterprises.

Right now it's me - a single, 30-year old woman, full of the Holy Spirit, who knows her God and follows Him. BUT, this is only the beginning! Let's catch the wind and watch Him do mighty things for the glory of His name!

I'm so very thankful to be a part of Catch The Wind Ministries, and to be able to be under their as well as my Vienna church's covering. We've been to Bulgaria, we've been to Austria, to Mali and more nations are opening up. This is the day, this is the year of the favor of the Lord!

Partner with us in fulfilling the great commission God has given us! Forward this e-mail to your friends, tell them about our website, pray for us, and maybe God even tells you to sow seeds into this soil.

I also invite you to go to my own website
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May you enter into the fullness of the presence of our glorious Lord!

All HIS,




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