Last Precious Weeks In Kansas City
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
August 12, 2003



And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life. (Mt 19:29) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Three weeks have passed, less than two more weeks left in the city I have come to love dearly. The city the Lord called me sovereignly to two years ago; a city with a high calling in the Lord. The city where I found HIM like I've always dreamed; the city where He met me, transformed me, equipped and empowered me. And the city where He has given me friends and family beyond what I thought possible. But now it's time to say good-bye; or rather, "see you in the nations". Good-bye to this city that played such a significant role in my life in preparing me for God's destiny, and good-bye to precious friends. And the latter is extremely hard. Yet, the Lord has been comforting me with the above Scripture. When I left Austria, I gave up "houses" and "fields", an apartment I loved and a dream job, a monthly income and my students (and yes, friends), and He taught me to trust Him as my provider. Now I'm not giving up material possessions, but I'm leaving "brothers or sisters or father or mother or children". And that seems so much harder. I'm meeting with as many friends as I can, and nearly every day I'm saying good-bye. Yes, it's hard, yes, it's a sacrifice, but God rewards those who give up everything else for Him. He loves it when we seek first His kingdom, and He promises to provide the rest. The "hundred times" are not just for life after death, but it is for life now.

He said, "it's time". He called me ten years ago, and I said, "Send me! Send me where nobody else wants to go. Send me where they haven't heard." And eight years ago He answered my prayer and showed me Mali. And now it's time. It's time to step into my destiny. And it's really not my destiny, but His destiny for Mali. Because it has nothing to do with me, but all with His purposes for Mali. He was looking for someone to answer His question - "Who will go for Us?" (see Isa 6) - and when I said yes, He started His work of preparation, to equip me for the task. And now it's time.

Friends, believe me, I feel less qualified than ever before. I feel smaller than ever before, weaker than ever before, yet I know my Lord and King and Bridegroom more than ever before. I know the great plans He has for Mali, and the only reason I can fathom why He would send me is that I said yes. God can use anybody who will totally rely on Him, knowing who He is and who he is in Him. The vision is big, the task is big, and only God can bring it about. All I can do is follow His call and take one day at the time. Yes, the task is daunting. Yes, I'm weak. Yes, I have nothing to offer. Yes, I'm just a single woman. But the Almighty God lives in me, and rivers of living waters are flowing out of me, and I will take His hand and follow.


Over the past few weeks the warfare has been intensifying. The enemy knows that there won't be a better time to still keep me from fulfilling God's call than now. He has been attacking me on all levels, dumping his lies to keep me from going.

Friends, as I step into what is ahead, your prayer cover is going to be more important than ever. Actually, it's absolutely crucial to be covered by prayer as I'm stepping into the enemy's territory to claim Mali for the kingdom of God. For that reason, I'm throwing out a divine challenge to you - will you covenant to pray for me regularly? Pray about it, and let me know since I'll be regularly sending a prayer cover e-mail to you intercessors.


Those who looked at this e-mail's author above will have noticed the change in my name - Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch. Yes, I've completed my doctorate - and I didn't even have a chance to tell you about it.
Returning to Kansas City, it was unclear what degree I would get from World Revival School of Ministry since I had no time to write a thesis. The Lord opened the door for me to go to Faith Bible College which is also in the area and accredited with the same organization, and they told me I had enough credits for a doctorate. All I needed to do was take their minimum amount of classes by correspondence. So I got the six course books, and within one week of intensive study, I completed them today. So, I now have a Doctorate of Theology, and next week we're having the graduation ceremony at WRSM where I will be given a Masters of Divinity after all.
Awesome God! I didn't come to Kansas City for the degree, and I really don't care about it, but it sure is a good thing to have.


Another praise report is that during my last three weeks in Kansas City I'm mobile again. Praise God! Last week somebody lent me their spare car - which now allows me to move around freely and get a lot accomplished.


Iím also thankful that the Lord has sent a few more ministers and ministries who needed a website, and I have the joy and honor of hosting them and setting them up. If you need a website ($10 per month), donít hesitate to contact me.


Last week, I had the sad joy of being part of my last conference with Jill Austin, who was my teacher for most of my two years here. As always, it was an awesome conference, but one afternoon God did something very special that I cannot keep from you.

My friend was doing an afternoon workshop which was awesome. At the end she said sheíd pray for people. After the first guy, she called me forward because God had told her to pray for me. She told everyone I was going to Africa, and then she started praying. One of the things she prayed was for provision. Suddenly somebody came up and put money into my hands. Then another one came up and put money into my hands. Then another one. I started to break, bursting into tears. More people came up and put money at my feet, while I was crying hard that anyone would do anything like that, and that God would do something like that for me. I had been telling God that it was time for some money to come in. Then a teenage girl, all choked up, said that she had to give me that, and it was all she had. She wrote a check for $500 (with a map of Africa on it!). As soon as she had done that, people started giving her money, and she ended up having more than she gave me.

Awesome! It was such a sovereign move of God! Such a demonstration of how Godís economy works. Give and it will be given to you. It was like a kiss from God, a hug to assure me that He was there and He was gonna provide whatís necessary. I was given $950 Ė one tenth of the necessary amount. Awesome God!


I have been asking God to send the next amount so I can buy my ticket to Mali and ship my stuff over, and I have total confidence that He will. Itís simple Ė itís His work, and I can only do it if He sends the provision. Could it be that you are part of the answer? Do you wanna sow into His work to take the gospel to Mali? If you do, you can give online using Paypal by clicking on the button in the signature. If youíre in Europe, you can use the bank details in the signature. If youíre in the US, you can now give a tax-deductible donation. Just make the check out to ďCatch The Wind MinistriesĒ and make sure you donít write my name anywhere on the check (important!), but include a note that it is for me. Then send it to the US address in the signature.


Iím trying to be more efficient and have decided not to send paper newsletters out to those who receive the e-mails unless you desire so. If you get the paper newsletter, but donít need it since you get the e-mails, would you please let me know?


Time is going really fast, and there is so much more to get done here in Kansas City. Please pray for wisdom, for efficiency, for divine appointments, and for answers to open questions concerning the move.
On the 21st of August we are having the graduation ceremony, on the 23th I will probably be sent off, on the 24th Iím having a farewell party (all you K.C. people are invited) and on the 25th Iím leaving Kansas City to return to Austria. I will have about three weeks in Austria before flying to Mali. And I donít know yet where Iím gonna stay in Vienna.

One more month and I will be back in ďmyĒ country, to be a bright shining light in the darkness. Iím excited, as well as anxious, being encouraged by Godís words to Joshua as he was about to enter the Promised Land Ė ďbe strong and courageousÖĒ (see Jos 1).

Iím thankful for each and every one of you, and glad that you share in these exciting times with me. May you be inspired and blessed as you read, pray and give.

Mali for Jesus!

All my Kingís,

(Hawa Kampo)

Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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