Jesus Loves & Heals In Vienna
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
June 23, 2003



If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you. This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples. As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love. (John 15:7-9)


 I love John 15 - it's such a rich chapter! Jesus loves us so much, and the more I remain in His love, the more I'm ruined by His love. The more I remain in Him, the more I spend time with time, time to simply BE with Him, enjoying His presence, simply BEing, resting at His chest, listening to His heartbeat, the more I care less ABOUT people, and the more I care FOR people. And the more I remain in Him, the more He loves through me, the more He heals through me. This is the ONLY condition Jesus gives for anything we ask to be done! Of course He heals, because He loves, and because He paid the price! With every healing, and every changed life, I'm more wrecked by His love. How could His love NOT heal. How could I ever NOT expect Him to touch and change lives. All I need is to remain in His love. And then He does it all for the Father's glory. Did you read the verse above? These things show that we are His disciples. If our relationship with God was judged by our fruit, what would the verdict be?


 With every day of seeing Him do so many awesome things as His love simply pours through me, I'm more ruined by His beauty and majesty. All I know is Jesus. All I care about is Jesus. All I wanna talk about is Jesus. The one I want to spend time with is Jesus.

 And He is opening more and more doors here in Vienna for me to share and pour out. This is what I'm here for. I did expect open doors and an increase coming back from Africa, but to see all of this actually happening is so awesome! I pray for the sick, and about 80% get healed! I pray for precious people of God to know Him more, to go deeper and be ruined by His love, and He meets them, longing for them so much more than they long for Him.


 This past weekend I shared in three different services. Vienna Christian Center has six services, targeting different ethnic and language groups. I started off in the Austrian service on Saturday - which was hardest since I'm not used to sharing in German, continued Sunday afternoon in the Filipino service and then the international service at night. I had about ten minutes in every service, and with every service I saw an increase. Personally, in terms of the manifest presence of God and the freedom to share.

 I had been gone for two years, and I told them how the Lord has now given me the desires of my heart. I had always been so hungry for God, longing for more of Him, and had been crying out for Him to move through me, in terms of healing the sick, and changing lives (Mt 10:8). And now I had found that intimate place in Him, the place where nothing else matters but Him, where His love envelops you and ruins you. He so much wants to have friends, not just servants (John 15:15). You need to spend time with a friend. And you don't always bring lists of requests. Jesus said that He will say to some who did all those wonderful things for Him that He didn't know them. They didn't take time to get to know Him, be together with Him.
When you've found that place with Him, that's where all the other things flow out of - the healings, the deliverances, the salvations, etc. It's so simple! It's all so much simpler than we've thought....

 That's what I've been sharing with people. And I pray that many heard the Lord's heart, the call to intimacy and fruitfulness.


 Last Friday I had the honor of pouring out in a cell-group. We were worshipping the Lord and answering His call to come into His presence. I just love going in! And lives were transformed, praise God! People broke in His presence, so hungry for Him. With one lady I prayed for the Lord told me she needed healing, which she confirmed, and the Lord healed her. With another lady the Lord showed me she was a singer, which she confirmed, and He beautifully touched her pouring out His anointing. On Sunday, one of the ladies at that meeting came up to me and shared how she's been blessed, and that when she came home, she found out that she had been healed! And I hadn't even prayed for healing for her! She had had high blood pressure for one month, having to take medication.

Jesus is so awesome! He just loves on His people. Tonight I met with somebody, talking for hours. And as this beautiful missionary shared about how she's had back and neckpains for seven months, and also in her hand which meant she had to find a different place within the mission, I asked whether I could pray for her. And the back and neckpains were nearly totally gone, while all pain in her hand was gone. Thank you, Jesus!
Last Saturday, I prayed for a lady with severe kneepains caused by the lack of cartilage due to over-usage. As we prayed, the pain left for the most part, only very little remaining.

 People of God, it is so simple! Love Jesus, and let Him love through you!


 I wanna pour myself out while in Vienna. He's doing what my "ministry name" has been prophetically declaring for years - He is bringing healing to the nations, as I've had the joy of ministering to Austrians, Americans, Filipinos, and many other people from different nations in our international church. And He's opening doors, as there are so many hungry for HIM. Every day I meet with individuals and/or share with groups, and He always comes, He is always there. I have over two weeks left here in Vienna before returning to Kansas City, and my calendar is filling up with opportunities for His glory. Yes, I don't have time to work on my thesis, but who cares. I've prayed and agonized for many years for this. And I will let Jesus do through me whatever He wants...

 May His love and glory fill this city and nation!


 While He has called me to keep coming back to Austria to pour out, He is continually preparing me for the great works He has prepared for me in Mali. He loves that nation, and He will bring revival! His love will flood the nation and change it forever.
I don't have any great plans or strategies any more, but I'm simply doing what He does. I don't know how it's all gonna work out or happen, but I know He will do it. I don't know where all the provision is gonna come from, but I know He always provides. It's all about HIM, all about HIS glory, all about HIS kingdom, all about loving HIS people.

 Keep coming back to my website, and check my calendar site for what's going on. I've also finally put up MY STORY.

 May His glorious love ruin you forever!




Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)

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