From Africa To Austria
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
June 18, 2003




Jesus replied, "Go back and report to John what you hear and see: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor. Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me."

(Mt 11:4-6)

 We have not seen the dead raised - though praying for a 7-year-old boy a truck run over - yet we have fulfilled our Lord's command to do what He did, to go into all the world, to preach the kingdom of God and do the works of His kingdom, to heal the sick and bring freedom to captives. Thousands were saved, filled with the Spirit, set free, healed, and fed with material food.


 Instead of sending you the reports with few or no pictures, I've already put them on my website and would ask you to look at the pictures and read the awesome reports
there. I will send you the Fresh Fire Ministries report when it is released, which will give a great overview including numbers and statistics.


 As I've shared with you, I knew that this trip to Malawi & South Africa with Todd Bentley was a key in my own journey with God, in further equipping me for the works He has prepared for me. And I had a sense of divine connections being made with people, and that the Lord would open doors of ministry coming back, seeing His kingdom come in power more than ever before.

 And it is very humbling and awe-inspiring to actually see these things come to pass. I have only been back a few days, yet my schedule is filling up with invitations to share in services, do cell-group meetings and address whole groups of people. Besides that, I'm meeting with individuals, and all the time all I see is people who are so very hungry for God. And it is those the Lord meets as they cry out for more of Him.


 I love praying for the sick, and over the past few days I have seen more healings than ever. One person had a fissure in a knee ligament - the pain was nearly totally gone, and he could move it like he hadn't been able to before. Another person had lost most of her voice due to a slight cold and too much talking - her first words after the Lord had touched her were a lot clearer than before! Another person had had backpains for 10 years, and was in total shock when the pain was gone. Another person had some kind of slight chronic bronchities and pains in her lungs, which nearly totally disappeared. And I don't even know yet about the problems where you don't know right away whether it's healed. God heals in Europe!


 One of the messages closest to my heart that the Lord has given me is intimacy with Him. Everything flows out of our (lack of) intimacy. We need to find that place in Him, where He is our everything, nothing else matters, and time disappears as you're captivated by His love and beauty. If you haven't found that yet, let me encourage you again to listen to my sermon "Best Friends With God" which you can download from my website.

 Last night a few hungry people gathered again, and while there were physical healings, the Lord's invitation to come to that intimate place was open again, as He touched hearts deeply. When we left the apartment, our host was still lying on the floor, having gone deep with God - can't wait to hear what happened.


 I have three more weeks of pouring out in Vienna, which I greatly enjoy. This week's schedule:

   THU church picnic in a park in Vienna - pray that we will find sick people that will be healed and saved as a result

   FRI cell-group meeting - pray for an outpouring of the Spirit, for hungry hearts to be filled and lives changed forever

   SAT short sharing in Austrian service - pray for grace since it's gonna be in German

   SUN short sharing in Filipino service (English with Tagalog interpreter)

 I will let you know about the wonderful things the Lord is gonna do as a result of your prayers, and what other meetings are scheduled.


 At the same time, I have started working on my Master's thesis. On July 10, I'm returning to Kansas City and will devote most of my time to the completion of my studies. Graduation is August 21, and I will be staying in K.C. until Oct 7.

 I'm in awe of the goodness of the Lord, that He partners with weak, imperfect vessels to expand His kingdom on the earth, and bring honor and glory to His name. What an honor to be a part!

 May the nations bow down before His throne - not because they have to, but because they love to.

 For HIS glory alone,



Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)

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