Prayer Cover Malawi & Africa
Claudia R. Wintoch
June 8, 2003



  Dear friends,

 It's a week now that I've been in Africa, and I've finally got an opportunity to send you a short update so that you can pray more effectively. I'm writing you from the business center of the our hotel here in Johannesburg, South Africa, where we arrived a few hours ago.


 The last four days we have had a full schedule of ministry in Malawi. During the day we went to two hospitals where we delivered food and healed the sick, to a village where we had a service, saw many saved, delivered food and healed the sick, and to a refugee camp where we fed thousands of refugees from all over, which I enjoyed most because there were many Congolese I could minister to in French. We also had a service there, saw many saved, as well as healed.
 In the evenings, we held huge meetings in an open air stadium. During the four nights we saw literally many hundreds of people give their lives to Christ, many filled with the Spirit, numerous healings of all kinds - Aids, cancer, tumors, the crippled walked, the blind saw, the deaf heard, deliverances, many even got healed by listening to the meeting on the radio. It was awesome! At the end of each meeting we were praying for many in the crowds and saw God move powerfully.
 We have also had our share of opposition from the enemy. Besides what happened before getting here, we have had food trucks break down, the stage broke through in two places one night with some people getting a little hurt (we had about 100 people up on that stage), and the greatest tragedy was when one 7-year old boy got killed because a truck rolled over him.
 Yet, in spite of all the opposition, we've seen awesome miracles, healings, deliverances, and many, many salvations.

 It's been awesome for me personally to see the sick healed in front of my eyes, to lay your hands on them and the pain is gone. Sometimes it's been challenging because they speak no or little English. And while it's been awesome, I knew it would be challenging, but the challenges were different than expected. While I've had some frustrations, the Lord has been gracious. Please do keep praying.


 We arrived in Johannesburg today, and ended up not going to the meeting tonight because it was too late, so that only Todd Bentley and a few were there. We have two days of ministry here, Monday and Tuesday. We were told that this is one of the most dangerous places of the world here, and that there will be soldiers with machine guns where our meetings are held. We don't have many details yet as we go one day at a time. I don't know where the evening meetings are, only that we have an open air meeting in the marketplace tomorrow afternoon, and that we will be going to the most dangerous part of town where the prostitutes and drug addicts are.

 Please pray

 * for divine protection for us as we go out in the streets and have our huge evening meetings

 * for strength - I'm pretty worn out and exhausted since we go non-stop

 * for the Lord to refresh me as time with Him is cut so short

 * that the Lord would use me to the fullest potential

 After the next two days of ministry, we will be going on a safari Wednesday and Thursday before leaving Thursday night. I'm going to try to get my laptop online here, then I could also read your e-mails, and send you another report. Once I'm back in Vienna, you will get a detailed report, plus pictures I will put on my website.

 I can tell that your prayers have made a difference, and I do need them a few more days. I have had quite an urgency to get online TONIGHT to fuel you with information and fresh "stuff" to pray. The Lord is faithful, and His kingdom is advancing!!!

 For HIS Glory,



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