Ministry In Vienna & Africa
Claudia R. Wintoch
May 31, 2003



  Dear friends,

 My first half in Vienna is drawing to a close as I'm flying to Africa tomorrow. The past 17 days have been filled with meeting family and friends, experiencing Vienna again, including the food I so much missed in the US, being back in my church Vienna Christian Center, and back at the department of African Studies I graduated from with a Masters two and a half years ago. All these I've tried to capture with my camera to give you a taste of it - simply go to my
website, and click on "Photos Austria" (the pictures take a little time to load).

 Ministry in Vienna

 In my last e-mail I shared in more detail what I've been doing in Vienna, mentioning the opportunities I've had to pour out of all the riches and all the Lord has done in me and poured into me over the past two years in Kansas City. Today, I'd like to share with you in a little more detail.

 Two weeks in a row I was invited to a friend's house where others were gathered who were hungry for the Lord, eager to hear what the Lord is doing in Kansas City and has done in me, and who longed to have an encounter with the living God that would not leave them the same. What a joy, what an honor, and what responsibility to be HIS vessel, His reflection, His mouthpiece and His hands to these precious people. And how much more HE longs to be with them, and touch them, then they did for Him.

 The two meetings were quite different, but both nights the Lord came powerfully to touch his hungry ones. The first week it was more prophetic, while the second week it was all about intimacy with Him. You could say, my heroes/mentors came through - the first week Jill Austin (who was my teacher for most of my time in K.C.), and the second Heidi Baker. Yet, it is awesome to see how every teacher I've ever had, and every man or woman of God who has ministered to me, has left a deposit, and what I have and the way I minister is the mixture and full spectrum of them all, some having had more influence on me than others. It has been very humbling, and very awe-inspiring to watch the Lord move through me, and Holy Spirit partner with me, getting to know the Claudia the Lord has been forming those last two years in the US.

 The first week, the Lord laid it on my heart to share from Genesis 24. The wonderful story of Abraham sending his servant to find a bride for his son Isaac, and how he finds Rebekah and brings her back. And what an awesome picture that is of the Father sending Holy Spirit to find a Bride for His Son Jesus, and prepare her and bring her to Jesus. I shared about Holy Spirit, how He is the one telling us how awesome Jesus is, how beautiful, leading us into the arms of Jesus, and longing to have that intimate fellowship with us. We had been worshipping the Lord with CDs, and did so again, before the Lord started releasing the prophetic and Holy Spirit spoke wonderful words of encouragement and destiny to inviduals, as they entered into His presence.

 The second week I came prepared to lead worship with the guitar, having chosen a good number of great worship songs of adoration and intimacy. Again, the Lord had laid on my heart what to share with His precious people. We started worshipping, and His sweet presence filled the room. At times I'd sing spontaneously and prophetically, as I had done so often by myself at IHOP (International House of Prayer in Kansas City - Mike Bickle's ministry). Then came the point where the words that were sung changed to spoken words. I continued playing softly as I started sharing what the Lord had put on my heart for them. I talked to them about not only calling Jesus your best friend, but Jesus calling you best friend. I talked about fellowship with Him, intimacy with Him, what it meant to be a friend, about the longing to spend time with Him, to rest at His chest like John did, and to listen to His heartbeat as well as every words He whispers. It was so powerful as the Lord led my every word! Yes, it was part of my sermon "Best Friends With God" (you can listen to on my website) and the Lord also expanded that part. After the sharing, we went back into worship, with God extending a prophetic invitation to go into the throneroom, to come to Him, and find that place of intimacy. After a few songs, I turned soft music on and went on my face myself. I immediately went in so deep, His presence being so thick and glorious! I had to stop, since my job wasn't done yet. The Lord told me who to pray for - those who longed to get to that place yet couldn't seem to get there, and those who wanted to be wrecked by His love, not caring about anything else but Him. So I made myself get back up on my feet, and everyone fit into either one or both categories. The Lord powerfully released His love and glory, removing obstacles and taking them into the Holy of Holies. It was so awesome!

 Isn't it awesome that all the Lord wants is willing vessels? Vessels He can refine, prepare, and then pour into and pour out of? And all they are is simple vessels... I'm so amazed, thankful and humbled that the living God, Creator of the Universe, would do these things through someone like me! Yet, this is all I want, this is what I live for, this is what I've longed for (and just the beginning), and I would not live without any more for anything!!!

Ministry in Africa

 When I get back from Africa, I'm hoping for more opportunities to pour out, and I'm expecting a visible increase of anointing and giftings.
 Tomorrow I'm flying to Johannesburg, South Africa, where I'll meet up with the rest of the Fresh Fire Ministries (FFM) team (close to 100), and then fly on to Malawi with them. For one week we will be feeding the poor, preaching the gospel, healing the sick, setting the captives free, and whatever else the Lord wants to do. Todd Bentley will be doing the evening meetings, and Heidi Baker will also be there one night. Next Sunday, we are flying back to Johannesburg where we will do the same, before ending our trip with a two-day safari in the national park there.

 This is what FFM wrote in its e-mail newsletter:

 This Sunday, we will leave with a team of 89 others to Malawi, Africa to feed thousands, and host a 5 day miracle crusade in this devastated country. We will go and minister in South Africa in a big tent. Many on our team are ordinary men and woman, young adults, housewives, businessmen, pastors and others who love Jesus. They will help us pray for the sick, work with Heidi and Rolland Baker and their team and feed the hungry. They will preach the gospel, cast out demons, and work in deliverance tent, visit orphans, hospitals and more.

 I'd encourage you to get on there mailing list by signing up on their website . They send out powerful testimonies as well as teachings.

 Also, I very much need and desire your prayers for the next two weeks, as the warfare has already been intense for the leadership, and will be very intense the whole two weeks. Pray for protection of health and possessions, for angels to be released as our guards and warriors, for boldness and single-mindedness, for much fruit through our ministry, and I know I will not come back the same. We will be seeing many saved, many healed, and many set free.

 If you'd like to be more specific in your prayers, and know immediately about challenges and problems, please sign up for the FFM Prayer Shield e-mail list by sending an e-mail to and putting in the subject line "Add me to Todd's Prayer shield".

 I don't know yet whether I will have any opportunity to send an e-mail from Malawi or South Africa, but will certainly do so if possible. Check also the MALAWI page on my website occasionally for pictures and reports.

 Thank you in advance for your prayers that will make a difference, and will bring much fruit for His kingdom.

 In awe of HIM,



Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)

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