The First 10 Days In Vienna
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
May 25, 2003



  Dear friends,

 I thought I'd get to write to you much earlier, but I've been pretty busy, going wherever HE wanted me to go, and meeting with whoever wanted to meet with me. It's been an awesome ten days of pouring out and seeing God move in small ways, and being a blessing as I had been praying, and also meeting with half my family, with only one yet huge disappointment. Let's start with that negative thing.


 On my first Sunday in Vienna last week, I was informed that the Catch The Wind weekend has been canceled. Please take note if you were planning on coming.


 On the night of my arrival, I celebrated my 30th birthday with my family, that is my Mom, step-father, both their moms and my brother's girl-friend. Unfortunately, my brother had to go on a 10-day business trip that day, so I haven't seen him yet. I had another chance of meeting my Mom, my step-father and my Grandma, and I also met with my Dad's parents, and will hopefully see my Dad when I get back from Africa.
 I've had a wonderful time with my family, for which I'm really thankful. Since I'm the only one who knows Jesus, it's hard for them to understand me or what I'm doing, but they accept it.


 Last weekend, they only had one big celebration instead of the six services they usually have, and it was wonderful to be there and meet all those "old friends" again. This weekend, I went to the Austrian service last night which was wonderful, and I'm going to the international service (the congregation I used to be a part of) tonight. It's so awesome to see how much the church has changed over the last two years, how it's grown, so that there are many faces I don't know, how busy they've become, and how they still pursue revival.


 I've met with quite a number of people one-on-one, with some in their homes, and others in coffeehouses or restaurants. I've been sharing a lot about the Lord, what he's done in me over the past two years, and I've seen so much hunger for the Lord in people, so much pain, and so many "stuck" in their callings, not able to move forward. My heart's been going out to them, and I've had chances to pray for some and watch the Lord come and touch the depths of hearts. Last Tuesday, a friend got three of her friends together, and I had an opportunity to worship with them, share from the Word, and then allow the Lord to minister to them, and it was so powerful to see the Lord touch and encourage them and do a deep work in their hearts.
 That's what I am in Vienna for. The Lord has done so much in me, and given me so much, in the last two years, and I just LONG to pour out! Next Tuesday we're meeting again, with a few more people, and I'm praying for the Lord to move in power again.
 I also have more on-one-one meetings again. I've really been enjoying so much being a blessing, and allowing the Lord to do through me whatever He wants.


 On my first day in Vienna, I right away went to the African Studies department, where I did my Masters (finishing one and a half years ago). I wanted to find out when the Bambara and Fulfulde classes are to come sit in there and refresh my languages. Those two are my two African languages, and they're both two of the major languages in Mali. So far, I've spent three afternoons there in those classes, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was glad to see how much I still remembered, and even happened to be there when the teacher showed a video he recorded in Mali just a few months ago. I got so homesick for Mali as I was watching, my heart aching as I'm longing to be there.
 I also had a great time renewing relationships. I talked a lot to all the language teachers (3 for Bambara, 2 for Fulfulde), old colleagues and other teachers. It so happened that the Dean of the department, who was also the supervisor for my thesis, celebrated his 60th birthday while I was there. I felt honored to also be invited, surrounded by doctoral students and other teachers. Since our department is so small, it's always been more family-like. I have very fond memories of my time there.
 Many of the people I met again there asked me about where I had been, and where I was going. I was amazed at their positive responses, especially since Christians are really despised there due to their history in Africa. Yet, they seemed to respond more positively than some Christians!!
The Lord also gave me a few more pieces of the puzzle for my own move and ministry in Mali. Praise God!


 One more week and I'm leaving for Malawi & South Africa. I'm so excited about this trip, expecting so much. I'm glad I received my visa for Malawi this week, and the only one shot I needed to refresh. This week, I'm meeting with several people and family again, as well as going to university, much like I did last week. My prayer is that I can be God's vessel, His hands, His voice, His heart to everyone I meet.
When I get back from Malawi, I will do much of the same. I'm hoping for more meetings with hungry people, allowing the Lord's kingdom to come in power.
Because I'm returning to Kansas City as a tourist, I can only stay in the US for 3 months. For this reason I can't leave Vienna before July 10, which is later than intended. Please go to the CALENDAR page on my website to see what's coming up. I also hope to have VIENNA pictures up there very soon.

 I very much appreciate your prayers, your support and partnership, and pray the Lord's presence is in and around you at all times. E-mail me and let me know how you're doing. The Lord's so good!

All HIS,



Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance.
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