Arrival In Vienna
Claudia R. Wintoch
May 14, 2003



  Dear friends,

  It is Wednesday night 11 p.m. in Vienna (4 p.m. in Kansas City), and I'm sitting at my friend's Irmi's computer in her apartment where I'm staying while in Vienna.

 I had a good journey, yet not uneventful. The two layovers were very short and proved to be a challenge. Thanks to the plane arriving in Chicago early, I had a full hour to get to the connecting flight. I had to walk across the airport to a different terminal and found a huge crowd of people waiting to get on the plane. They had overbooked the plane, and every single seat was taken. They scanned my passport into the computer, like everybody else's, and collected the white card that's showing how long I've been in the States. Therefore, I'll only find out when returning in July whether I'm in trouble or not.
Because of the totally full plane, we took off one hour late, with the wind having shifted which cost more time. As a result, I had half an hour (!) in Frankfurt to catch my connecting flight to Vienna. Of course, my gate was at the very opposite end of the airport, and I had to nearly run for 20 min. to get there on time. The result was that my luggage didn't make it to Vienna, and I had to leave the airport without it. Tonight, I went to a restaurant with my family (in my travel clothes) to celebrate my birthday, and I had a good time with them, not having seen them for one and a half years.
Back home, my luggage had arrived, and after a good night's rest tonight, I'll start running my errands tomorrow.

 I tell you, it's quite "strange" to be back in Vienna, and the thought of culture shock didn't occur to me until this morning (and I'm not saying I'll have to deal with that). It's like being in a totally different world here; a world that once was very familiar and that I'm supposed to fit back into. Kansas City and everything else there seems so far away... even all my friends there, which is scary. I do miss them already, though. Thanks again to all who came either to the party Sunday morning and/or to the restaurant Monday night. It was the most awesome birthday I've ever had!

 Well, I'd better find my bed now. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get my laptop only to download all my e-mails and send off some I've even already written.

 People of Vienna, call me!!! I'd like to meet with as many as possible! (0676) 517 4008

 People of Kansas City, write me :-))
 Also, if you have msn messenger, you talk to me directly - my e-mail log in is

 Just wanted to send you a short note to let you know I arrived safely. Thanks so much for your prayers! May the Lord bless you abundantly!

 In HIM,

Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)

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