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Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
May 5, 2003



Dear friends,

  Today I preached the last one of my 7 sermons in preaching class. It was more a time of sharing today, and somebody interpreted me into Spanish (so we get that experience too).

 Ready To Launch

  Jesus was thirty years old when He started His ministry - I am turning 30 next Wednesday (May 14), and the Lord has been speaking to me about the significance of that birthday, of this time in my life. It is no coincidence that my birthday is at the same time I'm completing my classes and launching into ministry. Jesus had been in training all His life. In the Jewish culture, you were a disciple until the age of 30 when you yourself became a rabbi. At that age, two rabbis would lay hands on the disciple and impart semikah (authority) to the disciple. It was like an ordination service. Jesus' baptism was that ordination service - the Father spoke, and the Spirit came down like a dove. I like looking at Jesus' baptism like a kiss from heaven.
  Over the past two years the Lord has been kissing me. My two greatest desires coming to Kansas City were (1) to find that place of intimacy with Him, His abiding tangible presence at all times, (2) to be empowered and equipped to do the works He did, to be prepared for God's call on my life, so that I would go to Mali in the power of the Spirit. Two years later, I can truly say that the Lord has fulfilled those desires.
  Yet, after Jesus' baptism, we would expect Him to start His ministry right away, right? No - Holy Spirit led Him (the Greek in Mark literally saves drove Him which is the same word as casting out demons) into the desert where He fasted for 40 days.
  I have nearly completed my forty days until my birthday, and it has been a tremendous time - a time of seeking the Lord, of pouring out, of divine appointments, of strategies and guidance concerning Mali, and of temptation with good things that could get me off track.
What did Jesus do after He victoriously resisted temptation?
  He started His powerful ministry - one He said we would do also. He commanded us to go preach the gospel to all nations, to make disciples, to heal the sick, to cast out demons, to raise the dead, to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor. Are we doing that?
  As I go from here, I'm going with His power to do all these things. I have tremendous opportunities ahead of me to be His extended hand, His vessel, to advance His kingdom.
  God wants to use each and every one of us powerfully. He is looking for those who are ready to lay down everything to follow the call, who are ready to pay the price since the value of His kingdom is so much greater. Do you desire to be that one? Are you willing? God responds to your heart's desire - He will make a way! I would have never ended up in Kansas City, obeying the Lord's call in faith, had I not been hungry for Him and willing to give up everything. And see what He has done! Glory to God!


 My Sermons Online To Listen To

 I'm really excited that you can now download my sermons as mp3 files from my website and listen to them. So far three of the seven are up, the others will follow shortly. My favorite one (because it's my heart-message) is BEST FRIENDS WITH GOD. I encourage you to listen to it. You find descriptions and a link to click on (only if you receive this in HTML format) below. These are also on the website if you want to do so at a later stage.

 Be blessed abundantly!


Sermon 7: Ready To Launch - May 5, 2003
This sermon is not downloadable yet!!
A few days before I'm done with all classes, I reflect back on the last two years of my life, on God's calling and the way He has been preparing me, and where He is taking me next. I compare that with the beginning of Jesus' ministry. This sermon is more of a sharing time.

Sermon 6: Thirsty For What? - April 21, 2003
This sermon is not downloadable yet!!
This is an exposition of Isaiah 55, where the Lord invites us to come to Him and eat and drink freely. We see God's invitation, God's promise, God's word, God's thoughts, God's mercy, God's reward and God's reason.

Sermon 5: Attaining Perfection - April 11, 2003
This sermon is not downloadable yet!!
Jesus commands us to forgive unconditionally, as He did for us. We are to love even our enemies, and we do not have the choice to love or not love them, or forgive or not forgive. By the end of this sermon you will understand how you will attain perfection that way.

Sermon 4: Best Friends With God - March 28, 2003
Jesus has called us to be His friends, and He wants to call us friends also. Listen to what He is saying, and what it means to be a friend of God.

Sermon 3: Feed My Sheep - March 10, 2003
I'm sharing God's heart for the hurting and the lost, and what He told us to do about it.

Sermon 2: No Matter What - February 3, 2003
Moses did what was right in the eyes of God, no matter the cost. While Aaron did not care about God, Moses cared about God's honor, as did Joshua. Listen to the events at Mount Sinai from a new angle.

Sermon 1: Empty, Full, or Living? - January 13, 2003
This sermon is not downloadable yet!!
I'm talking about Jesus invitation to all the thirsty to come and drink from Him, and then have rivers of living water flow out of us.


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