Interview With Heidi Baker
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
April 16, 2003



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 By now you have heard me mention the name of Heidi Baker quite a bit. She is partnering together with Todd Bentley for the crusade in Malawi in June, where I'm gonna be as part of the ministry team. The interview with Heidi below which was just recently recorded is very powerful and, if you don't know her, will acquaint you with her and what the Lord is doing through her. May many more rise up with the same spirit and heart!

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 Interview With Heidi Baker

 "I'm just a little preacher in the dirt. I'm just a servant in the dirt. I just sit with the people in the dirt, with the poor. Nothing special.

 I believe revival has a face. The Lord has given me a life message. He said, "Heidi, revival has a face." And He gave me the story of the Good Samaritan. He said, "Revival has a face. You have to see the face. You have to see the face." So He just took me to a nation where I knew nothing. I knew none. I didn't know the language. I didn't know anything. He sat me with the poor. In fact, I've been sitting with the poor for over 20 years. I went with nothing. In three days, I ran out of food for myself. I had no place to lay my head. And God told me to never to ask for just believe Him and watch what He would do. And I was crying out for the Lord for what to do. He said to just sit with the poor, love the poor, take in the dying children. I said, Well, I don't even have a place to sleep. And the Lord touched this missionary who was going to the North and she gave me her apartment. She asked me to please stay there, and sleep here since I need someone to watch my house. Please just eat the food or the rats will get it. So I stayed in this place for six weeks. I was learning the language on the streets and sitting with the poor. God started to show me the children. He told me, "Love the children. Take in the children. See the face." So I took them in....hundreds of them.

 I got very tired because it was such a challenge. The Marxists were really mean to us. We would get beat up, they really were mean. A lot of persecution and a lot of hardship. But I said, "Jesus I love you. You told me to take in these kids." The poorest of the poor taken in. My husband and I had both studied 10 years. Everyone said with that kind of education we should be training pastors. But God said, "Just pick up dying children." It didn't make any sense. My husband's grandfather had taken in poor children in China. That started a massive revival in their province. There's a book called Visions Behind the Veil that describes the children's experiences with the Lord. Jesus took these children up. They went to heaven and saw heaven. They went to hell and saw hell. They led a huge revival in that province in China and 90% of them were martyred. So we said we'd see it again. It's all happening again. It's that generational blessing that's on the Baker family.

 When we went, we said we'll start with the least of these. So we just loved on the least of these. And then we went to Toronto. I was so exhausted. My husband had gotten so touched there, so I went. That's when I saw the body of Jesus broken. It was awful. It was ugly. It was disgusting. It was all ripped and broken. He handed some of His broken body to me, it was horrible. It became bread. Then there were thousands...tens of thousands of children in the vision. He said, "Give them something to eat." And then I looked into His eyes and I looked at Him. He's so beautiful, you see. He's so beautiful that all the fear melted away. At that point, I had 320 children and I was tired. They all lived with me and my husband. .They all call us Mama and Papa. They had to be fed every day. And educated every day. And clothed every day. All we got was severe persecution from the government. We had no water and no electricity. We had malaria and dysentery. We had dust. And yet, Jesus eyes wrecked me. Just looking into His eyes. Then He showed me a poor man's cup. It was wooden. It wasn't jewels and beautiful. And He held it to His right side and blood and water poured into it. He said, "Give it to all the children." And as I did, they all drank. Thousands and tens of thousands. He told me it was suffering and joy. He said I had to drink it too....suffering and joy.

 So I went back to Mozambique after that experience and all hell broke loose. But I never lost faith because I knew what God could do. All of our support got taken away because we went to Toronto. This big church that was our main support, took away our money. The Marxists took away our building. We were in terrible, terrible shape. All I could remember was the eyes of Jesus. That's the first time we had a miracle of multiplication. Then the Marxists took our building and the church we loved took away the money. (By the way, the pastor of the church is our dear friend....God has restored all things. It was because we blessed and did not curse. We refused to get angry. We just blessed and blessed and blessed. He's the most godly man we know.) What happened was that all the children started walking 27 kilometers barefoot. They came to our little office since the Marxists had taken away our building. So we were homeless with all these children. I get this great vision on the floor. What I want to say is that Monday is coming. People have these great experiences with God. What they need to understand is that ...Monday is coming. Monday is coming. There's going to be great devastation and destruction in America. Monday is coming. The Lord has been crying out for America. He's been giving fresh water and fresh bread for America. Monday is coming. Monday is coming. We need to understand that our eyes need to be fixed upon His glorious face because He's the only one that will get us through whatever destruction comes.

 We had every destruction imaginable. Our children were beaten, had rocks thrown at their heads. They walked 27 kilometers barefoot to our little office. We had one toilet. All these kids, no food. Our money was gone. Our support was gone. But I remembered the eyes of Jesus. I've seen His face. Exodus 33...."Unless You go before me, I cannot go." And there I was I was so exhausted. My husband put big Scripture verses all over the wall. He'd print them out for me. I was praying these prophet prayers...I was angry, Why would such a thing happen? Look at this, we are in a disaster. All these kids. There's no toilet. There's no bed. There's no food. What are we supposed to do? They called me Mama. They said, "Where you go, we will go. We want to follow Jesus." The Marxists said they could stay but they couldn't pray, they couldn't read the Bible. But they said they would follow Jesus. And they all left, all of them. A mass exodus. No one stayed. We had to escape in the night for our life. There was a contract out on my life for $20.00. My two blonde children and my husband and myself had to escape in the middle of the night. We had to leave our clothes. We left everything. We took the little children in our two trucks who couldn't walk. The big ones walked 27 kilometers. They were beaten for worshipping Jesus and they refused to stay. They were singing, "But God is great." And they are walking and worshipping and they are being beaten. But they don't care. They said, "We love Jesus more than anything. We will go where you go."

 It was the first time we had food multiplied. This woman brought chili and rice for our family of four. I opened the door and said, " We have a huge family." All these kids. I don't know how many children there were. Probably more then a hundred. The woman yelled, "no" when I opened up the door..."There is only food for four. I didn't make enough" She was not happy. I said, "There's always enough because He died." I was very tired. I didn't even think. It wasn't like I was full of faith. I was tired. I had all these kids who were tired. They had just walked 27 kilometers (what's that? 20 miles?), they were sick they were exhausted, they were dirty. So we prayed. We had a little bowl of cornmeal that we had, some chili and rice. If you stretched it, it could have fed 10 people, at most. I said, "Let's give them a lot, because they are hungry." We had these plastic bowls, I didn't know God could multiply plastic at the time, but we started filling them up, everybody ate, even the woman. She was crying by now because she had never seen a miracle. She told everyone that came to her house about what Jesus had done.

 That's what I'm saying for America. You have not seen many miracles of multiplication and the great miracles of healing like we see. But it's in the devastation and destruction that you see the great power and might of God. In horrific times, revival comes. The revival in China came in the midst of great persecution. The revival in Mozambique came in the midst of great floods. The greatest church growth is coming in the midst of famine. In the midst of famine, in the midst of flood, people are running to Jesus by the thousands. I believe America is going to see great persecution, a great falling away, but there will be a great revival as well. A great revival where tens of thousands of people will run to Jesus. So we saw and we continue to see this day, great miracles of multiplication. We have food multiply all the time. God told me, "Feed the nations". So we feed the nations physical and spiritual food. There's always enough because He died. So I just believe Him.

 From there, God's just expanded everything. My husband came to Pensacola and stood in line, waited all day, and just got so, so touched. We are so hungry for revival. We went back to Toronto. We were so desperate. The Lord showed me hundreds of churches. I laughed hysterically. It had taken us seventeen years to plant four churches. How could He do that since we were just picking up dying children. So I asked Him for a strategy while I was on my face in Toronto. He said to give the first fruits...this dorm that you finally built....give it to the pastors. "I can't do that.....I built it for the orphans.....what will people say???" Okay, so we gave it to be a Bible School. It was a small group of pastors, maybe 12 or 14. The fire of God fell on them. Just as I was stuck to the floor, with the electric shock bolts of God going through me, all the power, all the fire, all the dying to self, purification. It all happened to those guys, everything I got, they got. God showed me that two of them would raise the dead. They went out the next week, found dead people, and raised them from the dead in Jesus name. It brought incredible revival. It brought a whole village to the Lord. We've seen 16 people raised from the dead in Mozambique now, maybe more. We can't count anymore, we don't even know how many churches we have.. We know we have churches in 17 countries. The movement is one of the fire, the passion, and the love of Jesus burning in people. They just run out and plant churches like nothing you've ever seen. Muslims are coming by the thousands to the Lord Jesus. We were told they wouldn't come, they were unreachable. We just started a Bible College in a Muslim province early in January 2003. They are running to Jesus. In one little church of about 15, the Lord told me to call everybody up who had demons. The power of God fell in front of an angry, Muslim crowd. They were pinned to the ground and set free in front of this mocking, angry crowd. The crowd then knelt in the dirt and received Jesus as their Savior. We now have 10 churches in that province. Just like that because of the power of God.

 We have one little woman who is a pastor's wife who has raised 3 children from the dead in a Muslim province, out of the grave boxes. This happened in a period of 7-8 months. We now have 59 churches in that province. The blind are seeing, the deaf hearing, the cripple are walking, the dumb are speaking, the poor hear the good news. We have 1500 children living in our centers. This is the best part. I said, "God how are we going to take care of the thousands more?" He said, " I'm going to touch the hearts of men and those men are going to receive the heart of the Father, and they will take in the orphans. You model it. I want every pastor to take one to ten children." God has promised me 10,000 churches by October. We will have it. That is 100,000 children taken in. Do you see? So we took in eight boys as our own. With our two, it makes ten. God said, "If you'll model it, they will follow." So we just asked the pastors to believe God and take the children in.

 It's scary when God asks you to feed the nations, especially if He tells you not to ask others for anything. He has told us to provide communal farms for the pastors. So we start a farm for 10 churches and it feeds the orphans and the widows, and the pastors as well. We have chicken, goat, duck, rice farms....every kind of farm. But we do have a major famine in one of the provinces. Many are dying, pastors and some children. It shocks your system to go from preaching where there is a famine to here in the luxuriant western world. I see dying, I see suffering, I see pain. The Lord told me that the church would care, and you did here at this conference. I'm so grateful for the incredible offering. People in the river of revival do care for the poor and I saw it demonstrated with no hype, no fuss in this conference....a sacrificial offering for the poor, the hungry, the dying. I believe that out of this revival in Pensacola there will be hundreds and hundreds of missionaries sent out. They will be a new breed who will not grow weary of well doing, but a breed who knows how to live in the intimate place. They will have fruitfulness unto all flows out of the secret place.

 I'll never go back. I'll live in the secret place. My greatest desire is to live for Jesus and to die for Jesus, and to bring in hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands for His kingdom."

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