Don't Miss This: Malawi & Accident
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
April 9, 2003



Dear friends,

  Last time I shared with you my vision for Africa, specifically Mali, and how God told me to go to Africa with Todd Bentley, and visit Heidi Baker, and about the crusade in Malawi in June, where the two will be working together, just after I finish school. I told you that I needed $2300 within three weeks, and that I had sent the $200 ahead to Malawi (donation to Heidi Baker), sowing and believing for much fruit. I have also lived according to the principle that God provides when He calls.

  Last weekend, I was talking to the Lord about Malawi. Hardly two weeks were left until the payment deadline and nothing had come in since my sowing what I had. I was asking the Lord whether I really was to go, just to make sure, and He assured me I was to be on that missions trip, since it was crucial for the fulfillment of His call on my life. With that assurance I stood in faith, thanking God for providing the necessary means. I was curious how He would do the "impossible".

  On Sunday morning, our pastor preached on abundance. I went forward to receive prayer, and the person praying agreed with me for the $2300 to come in. She had so much faith herself. As I turned around and walked away, a lady came up to me and asked how my preparations were coming along. I told her what you just read in the previous paragraph, and then she started talking about meeting the need. So I finally asked her, how much they wanted to give, and she said "all". As she said that, I just broke down, totally overwhelmed. It took me a while to regain my composure. Wow! What an awesome God we serve! I walked away totally humbled and overwhelmed by the goodness of God.
Well, unknown to me, while I was being prayed for for this need, that lady was standing nearby, and as she looked over to me, she started praying for me that the Lord would provide (she didn't know we were praying about the same thing at the same time) as she knew about the missions trip. She even forgot to do her job as she interceded. The Holy Spirit had already spoken to her before about giving me the whole amount, and she had prayed that He would speak to her husband too to confirm it. After she had interceded for a while, she saw her husband standing nearby - also not doing what he usually has to do. She walked over and mentioned giving the amount to me, when he responded that he had been thinking about it for a while already.

  Ten days ago I preached on God being our friend, and us being His friend, and the week after that, He's revealed Himself to me as friend three times in special ways. Sorry I haven't sent out a written version of that sermon yet - it's coming.

  Well, the story is not over yet. So, having received the awesome news, I had to leave the church to go to a wedding. It had been raining all morning. The road from the church has curves and then it goes downhill quite a bit. As I took the last curve, I suddenly noticed my wheels slowly continuing to turn, though I needed to go straight. There was nothing I could do. I started spinning, crashed into the ditch and bank, continued spinning and finally stopped in the middle of the road. My glasses had flown off, as everything else in the car had flown around. Thankfully, people from church were all leaving, so some stopped to help. The front of the car was razed off, my side twisted and dented. The car wouldn't start any more.
  Friends, I tell you, the outcome could have been very bad on that steep hill. Yet, the Lord's hand of protection was on me and I left the scene only with bruises and sore muscles the next day. Thank you, Jesus! I guess the enemy is not happy I'm going to Malawi. Praise God!

  Yes, it means not having a car again (it had only been repaired for 2 weeks), which is a great inconvenience in America, yet will I praise Him for everything I do have!

  Isn't God awesome? He did the "impossible", making a way for me to go to Malawi, and protected me from the backlash of the enemy. Yet, not only have I been blessed, but the generous family sowing into me and that missions trip, will reap the same reward as those going from all we are going to do there. When I sowed the $200, I reaped more than 10 times in money, and lots more in heaven by the people fed, the lives saved, and the sick healed as a result of that donation. How the church needs a revelation of the principle of sowing and reaping!

  I hope I've been able to encourage you today by showing you God's wondrous ways in my life. We live in exciting times - let us be His vessels to advance the kingdom in this earth.

  May God's abundance pour over you!

  All HIS,



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