My Heart For Africa Malawi June 1-12
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
March 25, 2003



Dear friends,

Only two more months before the crusade in Malawi, southern East Africa, starts. Please keep reading, even if you have read before what I wrote about that missions trip.

Nearly ten years ago, only months after my salvation, the Lord started calling me to Africa. Eight years ago, He showed me the primary country which is Mali (not to confuse with Malawi), in the heart of West Africa. I lost my heart to the people of Mali, as He broke it showing me His, and started preparing myself to answer God's call. It was at that time that I started my major in African studies (which I completed in 2000 with an M.A.), focusing on Mali, making my two African languages I learned two of the most important ones spoken in Mali.

In 1999, after four years of longing to go, I finally had a chance to go to Mali, staying there for 5 months doing linguistic research. Those two pictures were taken during that time. When my feet first touched the ground, I had such a sense of having come home, being where I belong. Those five months were absolutely tremendous! In spite of the challenges, I loved every minute of it! It was with a partly heavy heart, when I left. But as the plane took off, I said to the Lord, "Lord, I'm not coming back unless Your power comes with me." Ever since then, I've been longing to be back, as the Lord continues preparing that day.

So, when I had a choice after finishing my studies, the Lord sent me to Kansas City to equip me with what I need to go back and advance His Kingdom, to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons and preach the good news (Mt 10:8). This time of preparation here is slowly coming to an end, with 5 more weeks of classes and a thesis to write left.

Over a year ago, the Lord spoke to me, saying that I needed to do two things before returning to Mali: Go on a missions trip to Africa with Todd Bentley, a powerful evangelist to the nations (picture below), and visit Heidi Baker in Africa, who has been God's instrument of revival to Mozambique and Malawi (picture above). When I found out that they were partnering for that crusade in Malawi in June, right after I finish my studies, therefore fulfilling both, I was stunned. More confirmations followed, assuring me I had to go, including how the Lord provided the deposit.

The last two e-mails I sent you gave you a taste of what we are going to do in Malawi - heal the sick, preach the gospel, set the captives free, and feed 100,000 people a day - with millions in danger of starvation there right now. God loves the poor, the needy and the sick, His heart of compassion moving Him to action. If you haven't read those two e-mails (including pictures), you can read them on my website. I'm also hoping to have my Mali slideshow on my website soon.

Some are commissioned to go and do the works of the ministry, while others are commissioned to enable them by prayer and giving, and ultimately most of us are called to do both at different times in our lives. It is time for me to go now, and the Lord always provides when He calls, as He moves things around and speaks to His people's hearts. At the moment, I have $200 of the $2300 needed for me to go. Someone once said, "If what you have is not enough to meet your need, it is probably seed." In front of me lies the envelope with those $200 that I'm now sending ahead to Malawi, to Heidi Baker's ministry. The Lord promises us to reap generously when we sow generously, and that He provides when we first seek His Kingdom. This is not about me, or even me being prepared for Mali, but about His purposes for the people in Malawi. Ultimately it doesn't matter if I go personally myself or not - my money is there bringing much fruit and enabling others. At the same time I'm trusting the Lord who is sending me to Malawi and will stand firm on His word, believing that $2300 in three weeks is nothing for the God of the universe.

I hope I have been able to encourage and inspire you, and maybe Holy Spirit has even spoken to you to be a part of bringing the good news of the kingdom to Malawi. He always works through people.

May the awesome God of all creation bless you abundantly with all good things, as you draw close to Him.

All HIS,


Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)
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