Godís Overwhelming Love Ė Malawi
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
March 5, 2003


And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge--that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. (Eph 3:17-19)

Oh how awesome is God's abundant love! There is nothing like it! Love is not something mental or doctrinal, it captures our heart and whole being. In Hebrew thinking, knowing means experiencing it. You cannot know something without having experience it. Do you know God's love? Do you know it with your mind, or by experience? Can you say with David, "One thing I ask of the Lord ... to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord" (Ps 27:4). Oh how I love to gaze upon His beauty! How I love to come to my heavenly Daddy, lie at His feet, at the throne of the Most High God, and lose myself in His love, totally captured by His beauty and awesomeness. Everything else fades away - problems, challenges, stress, and certainly time. God longs for us to find that place in Him. He longs for us to simply be with Him - no words, no lists of requests, simply being together, as lovers are. That is true worship. It is out of this place that everything else flows, and should flow. It is absolutely essential that Paul's prayer above is answered in our lives, if we want to be able to stand in the evil days to come, and if we want to be ready for what is coming, and for THE coming of the King.


I've been overwhelmed by the Lord over the last 10 days. After months - especially the last two months - of dying, of doing what's right in spite of the consequences, of having to face this situation daily, and trying to survive, the Lord has brought me through in a totally unexpected way and at an unexpected time. After crying out for opportunities to pour out for months, He has answered my heart's cry and opened doors I could only have dreamed about.

Last week we had Mike Bickle's Signs, Wonders & the Prophetic Ministry conference in Kansas City, for four days. There were great speakers like Mike, Jack Deere, Paul Cain, Graham Cooke, Todd Bentley and Jill Austin. I was looking forward to the opportunity to pour out, as a part of the ministry team. And the Lord totally ambushed me. After all those weeks of dying, I could now see the fruit - for a kernel of wheat has to fall into the ground and die before bearing fruit (John 12:24). And that dying process is an ongoing thing in our lives, as we are changed into His image from glory to glory.

Over the course of the conference I prayed for about 150 people. There are so many desperate Christians out there! Christians who feel far from God, Christians who long for intimacy with Him, Christians who have pain - a broken heart or sick body. And maybe you are even one of them. As I became His channel for each wonderful, precious son or daughter of God, His love flowed through me, and I saw hearts healed, spirits healed, bodies healed, encouraged, and drawn into the inner chamber of the Lord, straight into His arms. I was totally humbled and overwhelmed as I watched the Lord touch all these lives. How awesome our God is! How much love He has to pour out! How He longs to prepare His Bride! And He chooses the lowly things, those who are not, those who have died to self, those who are willing vessels, to do the works He has prepared for them.

One of the workshops was on healing, and some of my friends were the speakers. Peter - the last of the speakers - has become very dear to me. He was born in a concentration camp in Poland, went through hell there, then through hell with the Russians, then through hell with the Americans, then with a step-Dad - his whole life a total horror story. And yet, the love of God is poured out in his heart and I have seldom seen a man of God with so much love to give. He is now the pastor for the Healing Rooms of FOTB (Friends of the Bridegroom - Mike Bickle). After he gave his powerful testimony, the brokenhearted responded and came forward, and my heart broke as I felt all their pain, allowing the Lord to pour His love into them as He took their pain out of them. What an awesome time of healing! During that conference, I've seen the Lord move through these hands, these arms and this mouth like never before in my life! This is what I was made for!


I had the joy of ministering in Todd's meetings for the fifth time, as he did two meetings before taking off for a crusade in Congo. Todd is a young, fiery preacher from Canada, who the Lord uses mightily in signs and wonders around the world. I greatly appreciate Todd - not only because of the fruit of his ministry, but because of the depth of wisdom and understanding he has, and his integrity, and his heart to raise up others to do what He does. Todd takes teams with him to the nations every time.
Over a year ago the Lord told me that I needed to do two things before going to Mali - join Todd on a trip to Africa, and visit Heidi Baker in Africa. When the trip to Malawi - where the two will partner together - first came up, the Lord confirmed unmistakenly that this was it. And what perfect timing! I will be done with my classes!

The picture shows Heidi Baker with one of the 600 children living with them, a blind girl who's opening a Christmas gift.

So, in June Todd will do a crusade in Malawi (southern East Africa), together with Heidi Baker. They're expecting about 100,000 people a day, and the Lord told Todd to feed them all three times a day, as millions of people are on the brink of starving in Malawi. Todd will take the biggest team ever with him on that trip. His team will feed the people, pray for the sick, go to orphanages, the marketplace, leper colonies, churches to preach and heal the sick. What an opportunity! I have a friend here who is with Todd in Congo right now - his second time with Todd (check his website
www.advancingthekingdom.net), and God has changed his life, brought increase in every area, and has opened doors for him to be His messenger.

Over this last weekend, it became very clear again that I HAD to be on that trip to Malawi; it is absolutely crucial. The only thing in the way is the cost of $3000. I have always lived believing that God provides when He calls, and I am really challenged by this big test of faith right now. I've been communicating with Fresh Fire Ministries, and had a chance to talk to Todd's Dad at the conference. He told me they had 650(!) applications of people wanting to be on the trip to Malawi. I was also told that I needed to get the $500 deposit in THIS week if I didn't want to lose my place on the team. Then God did a miracle to greatly encourage me. A wonderful couple I had just met, sitting next to me in a workshop, gave me 10% of the deposit, after I had shared about Malawi. Thank you, Jesus! Only $450 to go in the next few days!

Friends, those who sow will reap abundantly, plus receive the same reward as the one they enable to go do the works of the kingdom. This is a great opportunity - you can make a difference, and change people's lives!


Another divine appointment - for both parties - occurred when I received a phone call from Vienna a few days before the conference: the assistant pastor to the Filipino pastor in my church in Vienna was coming to the conference and looking for a place to stay. What a joy and honor to have Rod stay with us, be his guide, show him the International House of Prayer and World Revival Church (Smithton), and be able to give insight into what is going on in Kansas City. How awesome to watch God bless him abundantly, and be blessed greatly myself by his presence. After a long time of silence, I could question someone about what is going on in Vienna and my church, and the Lord greatly stirred my heart for them! How awesome it is gonna be to be with them in May!

CATCH THE WIND - Bulgaria March 5-19

Today another CTW team is going to Bulgaria, for the third time. And one last time I'm unable to go (visa), fulfilling my very important role here in Kansas City. I'd like to ask you to hold me up in prayer during those two weeks. I'll be calling the team in Bulgaria every (other) night, write e-mail updates, and sleep very little, in addition to everything else. PLUS, since Dawn & Duane (who I live with) are both going, I'm taking care of their two kids (8 and 10). Please pray for STRENGTH. I'm also preaching next Monday.

There's more God has done in the last 10 days, and I will share more next time as things unfold. God is so awesome! Stay close to Him, seek His face, and be ruined by His love. My prayer for you is Paul's prayer above.

Let's pour out His abundant love!

All HIS,


Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)
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