Situation Resolved Exciting Times Ahead
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
February 22, 2003


Dear friends,

Thank you for praying for the difficult situation I mentioned in my last two e-mails. Thanks to everybody wanting to do the Lord's will and acting with love, respect and discreteness, the situation was resolved well. It has been a number of very difficult and painful weeks, but I'm thankful for the outcome. Praise God!

World Revival School of Ministry (WRSM)

10 more weeks in school and I'm done with classes. The closer the end gets, the more I'm looking forward to it, ready to step out and do the works of the ministry. After 24 years in school (12 at university/college) I'm starting to get "fed up" with school :-)
After school is over in May, I still have to write my thesis and finish it by the end of August when we graduate. I'm writing about folk-islam and indigenous religions in West Africa, specifically Mali.

Friends of the Bridegroom - Mike Bickle (FOTB - including International House of Prayer (IHOP) and Forerunner School of Prayer (FSOP))

Thanks to FSOP, I've been Jill Austin's student the whole time I've been in Kansas City. Jill is currently not teaching due to her busy travel schedule, but we still get to be her ministry team at local conferences, like the one we had 2 weeks ago (with guest speakers Che Ahn, Kingsley Fletcher and Larry Randolph). I love Jill and ministering under her!
I've been praying and looking for ways to get involved with FOTB more, to pour out of the riches the Lord has deposited in us. Besides already being on the ministry team there, I might get involved with the Healing Rooms. But I'm most excited about this coming summer: I'm helping with the French internship; a two-month program for French-speakers where they'll spend most of their time at IHOP, worshipping and praying, as well as having ministry opportunities. Finally, I'm praying about getting involved with one of the housechurches FOTB has started.

Catch The Wind Ministries - Dr Dave Ryser

We are very excited about the doors to the nations the Lord is opening for us. We are simply following Him - and He always does more than we could even imagine. I can hardly wait to get done with school and join the team on the ministry trips. For the time being, I continue taking care of the website and e-mail newsletters. The third CTW trip to Bulgaria is coming up, which will keep me very busy again. We are also seeking the Lord to see where he would have us go next - Austria, Latvia, England.


I will be flying to Austria as soon as school is out in May. I'm really excited, as I will have been gone for one and a half years, and as I will get to celebrate my 30th birthday with my family (having missed my Mom's 50th and my Grandma's 80th). The flight is reserved, arriving
May 14 (my actual birthday); however, I'm not able to pay for it at this time.

Ministry Trip to Malawi with Todd Bentley & Heidi Baker

June 1-12 - Heidi Baker is a missionary to Mozambique and Malawi, overseeing thousands of churches that have been started over the past few years, with countless miracles of healing (including raising the dead) and food multiplication. Heidi is simply totally in love with the Lord (with a Ph.D. in Theology) and ministers accordingly. She's a great example!
Todd Bentley is a young Canadian evangelist who moves powerfully in healing and the prophetic, holding huge crusades all over the world. I've had the joy of being on the ministry team every time he's been in Kansas City, and pray for people right next to him.
In June, a hundred thousand people and more are expected to come to the crusade daily, and the Lord spoke to Todd to feed them ALL three times a day, since many in that country face starvation. That ministry trip will therefore be an opportunity to feed the poor, heal the sick and preach the Word as Todd sends us out in the market place, to orphanages and leper colonies.
Over a year ago the Lord spoke to me to do two things before returning to Mali - go on a trip to Africa with Todd, and visit Heidi in Africa. Now the two have come together, at the perfect time for me, and I'm very excited to step out and do God's will.
For that reason, I'm trusting the Lord to provide the $3000 necessary (half of it needed right now), and would like to ask you to consider partnering with me for the feeding of the hungry and healing of the sick in Malawi.

Upcoming Event

Next week Mike Bickle is holding his yearly SIGNS, WONDERS AND THE PROPHETIC MINISTRY conference, this year with
Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, Graham Cooke, Todd Bentley and Jack Deere. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to be on the ministry team at the conference, and I'm very excited that I will have a visitor from my church in Vienna who's coming for the conference.

Greatest Need

You will not be surprised to hear that my greatest need is still finances. I'm so thankful to those whose giving adds up to $55 a month - yet that is not enough by far. Without translations or a work permit in the US, as well as my new life of itinerant ministry only months away, I depend on the Lord and His people to enable me to do His works. Please consider supporting me on a monthly basis, or giving towards the upcoming trips. Thank you.
Also, check out Glory Webservices ( ) - if you need a domain, website or translation, please consider me as your provider. GWS could potentially provide some source of income.

Thank you all for your friendship and partnership, and your continual interest in my life, as the Lord continues to prepare me for the great things ahead. May He bless you beyond what you can contain in every area of your life!

In HIS service.


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