Introducing Glory Webservices
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
January 18, 2003


Dear friends, domain-owners & those-to-be,

I'm excited about the birth of
Glory Webservices. The thought first dropped into my mind two months ago, how awesome it would be to design webpages for Christian ministers and ministries. In a matter of days confirmations came that got my attention, so that I gave it more thought. I wasn't pursuing it at all, but one thing led to the next, and a few days ago it was finally time to get started.

purpose of Glory Webservices is to facilitate the expansion of God's glory all over the earth through the medium of the internet, and to provide a place for ministers and ministries to easily have a platform to present themselves and keep their friends updated. Since Glory Webservices is a ministry rather than a business, costs are being held at a minimum, and service is of utmost importance, with the goal of reflecting the image of Christ in every way, and bringing glory to His name.

Glory Webservices provides basic webhosting. For $10 a month you receive your own domain (no registration costs), including 10 e-mail addresses, and access to software with which you can easily create your own website.

Should you not want to design your page, or not have the time, I can do the
designing for you. While webdesign companies demand hundreds of dollars for designing websites, I would ask you to prayerfully seek God about how much you could and would like to give. Look at to see a site I designed.

Finally, I offer multi-lingual sites, i.e.
translation of your site into any language desired (I'll find a way for the exotic ones too).

In addition, I help with setting up an e-mail list within the
INJESUS.COM community - a great place for like-minded people to find and to find you. With an INJESUS group, you can easily keep your friends updated by e-mail about your ministry.

All payment is done using
PAYPAL, the number one way to pay person to person on the internet, and I will help you getting set up there if so desired. PAYPAL also enables you to receive donations through your own webpage.

I am hoping to get the webpage up and running shortly. Please e-mail me if you have any more questions. And please forward this mail to anyone who's thinking about getting a domain set up.

If you are interested in
Glory Webservices, or want to sign up for its e-mail newsletter, please send a blank e-mail to

May His glory cover you and your ministry!