Changes: A Time Of Transition
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
January 5, 2003



Transition is in the air. I'm amazed at the number of people I meet who are in the midst of major changes in their lives and ministries. One year from now not only our personal lives but the whole world might look very different.


The week of finals went well and I was overjoyed when my first real vacation started (with no papers to write). I spent the first long weekend with two different families, and greatly enjoyed having prolonged fellowship with very precious friends. The day before Christmas (well, the 23rd ;-), I drove over 2 hours north, where Missouri borders on Nebraska and Iowa (I can now add two more States to the ones visited :-). This was my first Christmas away from home, and I spent it with a wonderful family including 6 kids, experiencing a real American Christmas. I even had a stocking with goodies to open on Dec 25! I spent 5 restful days with them, before following the pull to return to the city.
Back in Kansas City, Mike Bickle's Youth Conference was about to start. Again, I spent the nights away from home with friends who were also attending the conference. The last day of the year 2002, about 15,000 people gathered to fast and pray for 12 hours, called
THE CALL. It was quite an event.
After two weeks in different homes, it was really good to be home again on January 1, to start a new year - a year of many changes, even reflected in its first few days.


January 13 my previous to last trimester starts (my last being writing my thesis). My classes are Greek, Revival Preaching II, Pauline Epistles III, OT Theology and Five-fold Ministry. I'm especially looking forward to actually preaching this semester.
Contrary to last semester, I won't be working in the school office any more, or teach the kids in the school. That means having more time (which I need), but it also means that I will have to pay tuition. I'm presently finishing the translation of the online devotional I've been translating the last two years in order to be able to achieve that goal.


I'm so excited about the door the Lord has opened to me. I can now register your domain, host your site, be your administrator, and if you want also design your webpage. I'm hoping to get this up and running well in the next few weeks - so if you need a domain or website, consider me. You can look at a page I designed at


The trip to
Malawi that was planned for March has been postponed until June.
In March the
Catch The Wind team will be going to Bulgaria for their third time (see details on the CTW website), and I'll keep my post in Kansas City again, keeping contact and writing e-newsletters.
In the middle of May, after the trimester ends, I'm going to
Vienna - first time in one and a half years. If any spiritually hungry people are there, the Catch The Wind team might join me in Vienna, if not I will be joining them in Bulgaria at the end of May.
Hopefully Malawi is still going to work out somehow in June.


That's where I have been taking Jill Austin's class - but not so this coming semester. I've been looking for opportunities to pour out and am considering possibilities at IHOP in the coming weeks.

Keep checking my webpage as I'm slowly working on my new page whenever there are a few free minutes.

May the Lord bless you abundantly this coming year, as you follow hard after HIM.

All HIS,


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