Awesome Miracle His Riches in Glory
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
November 21, 2002



God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus. (Eph 2:6)
My God will meet all your needs according to his
glorious riches in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19)

We are seated with Christ in the third heaven. That's where we are. Therefore we can go there any time we like, but we haven't made use of that privilege the Father has granted us; to come before His throne, into His presence.

I've just had an awesome conference weekend with
Todd Bentley, Bobby Conner and Pat Cocking. Because of all the other things going on - school, office, Bulgaria, kids - I didn't have time to think about it and went to the conference without any expectations. Little did I know what the Lord had prepared for me!

It was such a rich weekend - in more than one way. Todd, who hosted the conference, and Bobby Conner did the evening sessions, while Pat Cocking taught her prophetic glory school for 3 days, during the day. I had never heard her, but immediately loved her and her teaching.

As you know, the glory of the Lord has become my main theme (besides the love of God) since coming to Kansas City, for the most part thanks to Jill Austin, my beloved teacher. Yet, this weekend I received a revelation that would make a major impact! In God's glory are riches (see above) - KJV says "according to His riches in glory". When you live in the glory of God (and I have been), then there is provision, there is riches, you have access to it! Once you know that - and you are accountable to your degree of understanding - you will have no more lack.

On Saturday, Pat had an "activation time", encouraging us to go to the heavenly places where we are seated. God showed me some things and spoke to me, and I wanna share one significant part with you: I was kneeling on the floor, when I saw myself in this absolutely beautiful golden garment. I marveled at it! Sometimes you wonder about the kind of thoughts you have in visions/dreams. I had just two days earlier been told about the $1600 I had to pay to the social insurance in Austria (see last e-mail), and had total peace and confidence in our Lord. So I thought, this garment is far too precious to sell; I could never sell it! Then I saw what was in the pockets - they were filled with gold coins; lots of shiny, beautiful coins. Again I marveled. Then He told me that as long as I kept giving it away, He would keep these pockets filled. Over the past few weeks I had been giving away more than ever in my life, sowing into very good soil, and just the night before - AFTER having found out about the 1600 - I gave my last money away, for the feeding of those who are starving, sowing specifically for the need I had.

After the conference, I would come into the glorious presence of the Lord and thank Him for the provision that is there, asking for the coins to materialize in the natural - and I had no doubt they would. I told my Mom in Vienna - who is not a believer and was VERY worried - that my God would provide.

On Tuesday - three days since Saturday when I had the vision - I was given the full amount. The generous giver told me that he/she had wanted to sow big seed and last Saturday (!) he/she was impressed to give it to me. Hallelujah! I know that the Lord will bless that person more abundantly! My Mom was in shock when I told her :-)


This is not the only thing God has done. The last four months have been so amazing. We are living in a time of acceleration. The Claudia of November is very different from the Claudia of July.
Do you remember me mentioning the prophetic word I received seven weeks ago? It greatly impacted my life, brought encouragement in a way only the living word of God can, changing my life from one moment to the other. The prophetic word is also creative - and I've just been stunned!
At the very end it spoke about children's ministry. I was 15 years old when I started teaching/tutoring, and have been ever since. But I never liked kids outside the teaching setting, especially younger ones. Over the years there were certain significant milestones, as the Lord would change my heart and speak to me. Yet, that recent prophetic word activated something in the Spirit-realm. I see children different now, my heart is different, I see them everywhere in the Bible, I think about them, etc.
At the same time, the Lord has given me a Dad you could only dream of, and now He is even bringing other men of God with the father's anointing on them into my life. Having that void place of the father filled in my life has had an impact on me that I did not anticipate at all. It's changing everything...
Only God can do anything like that! His love has always been my life message, especially after He 'completed' my healing at the Counseling School in Canada six years ago. But now, after having known my heavenly Father as my only Father all those years, I'm having the privilege of finding out what it is like to have a human father.
And all that is very significant in light of God's call on my life to Mali. He is preparing me minister to all those abandoned and hurting kids, so that I must know every aspect of the Father's love. I actually received a 'new' mandate at the conference.
My relationship with the two kids I live with -
Josiah (7) and Faithful (10) - has also been affected, as God is putting them more and more on my heart. As adopted kids they are both having their unique issues that are breaking my heart (and all the teaching from counseling school comes to mind...), and I can feel the Lord's pull to step up and take them with me into His presence.


Todd Bentley has been to Kansas City four times, and every time I had the privilege of being on the ministry team. Last weekend I was asked on the last day to join the team. Have you ever heard of a "fire-tunnel"? The ministry team lines up as a tunnel, two people always facing each other, while the people to be prayed for walk through, being prayed for by everybody. It's so powerful! We did that that night, and I prayed for nearly 3 hours, having so much fun in the presence of the Lord, as people were blessed beyond measure! For some time Todd himself was praying just a few feet away from me, and his Dad right next to me.


After the fourth conference with Todd, I now feel such a connection with his ministry. And I believe, that is because of Malawi. In March 2003, Todd is doing a huge crusade in Malawi, a very poor nation in East Africa (not to confuse with Mali - my country in West Africa). And the Lord spoke to him to feed 100,000 people every day during the crusade, since over 3 million are in danger of starving by April. Todd is going to partner with
Heidi Baker - a powerful woman of God based in Mozambique - and will be bringing a big team with him (he always takes teams with him).
For the past year I have been saying that there are two things I wanna do before going to Mali: go to Africa on a trip with Todd, and visit Heidi in Mozambique. When I first heard about this opportunity, my heart lept with excitement: the two had come together. Not long after that, I received two e-mails from people about going there, and I have not stopped thinking about it.

In short, I have started the application process. The trip is
March 1-12, 2003, and my friend Cliff, who is in school with me and who has just come back with Todd from Uganda, is going as well. If you wanna sow seeds to feed the hungry (and Heidi sees food multiplied on a regular basis), why don't you consider giving towards the $3000 that trip will cost. I wouldn't know any better soil than Todd and Heidi's ministry.


All that now still stands in the way is the visa. I'm making a renewed effort in overcoming that obstacle, and would like you to join me. I have the impression something is moving in the unseen, and it would help to have some more people push.


Which leads to another important point: those who minister can only minister to the extent they are covered by intercessors. I'm only starting to step out, but I do need to start building an intercessory support team. If you are interested in that, please contact me.


Everything is accelerating - including the ministry with
CATCH THE WIND, under Dr Dave Ryser, which was only born just over two months ago. The Lord is opening doors to reach nations... I've been having the joy of taking care of the webpage and e-mail updates, being the home-team while they're gone. Check out the webpage.

As you can see, life is pretty busy - but VERY fulfilling! There is nothing like doing the work of the Kingdom! While the team was in Bulgaria, I was living on an average of 4 hours of sleep per night, but I'm trying to get a little more sleep again now. We have four more weeks in school before the Christmas break, with lots of papers and tests. By the way, I will be in the US for Christmas, but would love to see anyone who'd invite me ;-)


Finally, I have completed my latest paper newsletter and will be sending it out soon. If you've never received a copy and would like to get one, write me your mailing address.

May our heavenly Father fill you with all His riches in glory!

All HIS,


Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)

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