Opportunity For Godís Glory
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
November 15, 2002



Whoever sows generously will also reap generously. (2.Cor 9:6)

If we want an abundant harvest, we must be sowing generously. Yet, it takes more than that. If you sow your seeds on bad soil, or on rocks and thorns, you will have a tiny or no harvest at all. If you sow your seeds on fertile soil, and you water it, then you can expect an abundant harvest.

For years I have been sowing many seeds, but over the last one and a half years in Kansas City I have found soil that's extremely fertile, our faith being built up constantly by the many financial testimonies in our church. I stepped out in faith when the Lord told me to go to Kansas City and that He would provide for me (I had no money, and I'm not allowed to work in the US), and while it was extremely tough at times, the Lord's been bringing in some harvest. Over the past two months I've seen much fruit - after the theft of my computer brought a turn-around in my life - really in every area of my life. God is so awesome, and He's preparing me for the great things He has prepared for me to do.

Somehow however, the devil's not learning his lesson, and I'm rejoicing about an opportunity for the Lord's name to be glorified, as He is taking care of the following situation: My Mom informed me that the social security/insurance (mandatory) in Austria demands
1,600 USD from me. After having received my tax statement and done some recalculating, that's the amount I supposedly still owe them for the first 5 months of 2001 before I left.

I'm not surprised that the enemy is coming to challenge and distract - I've been sowing more than ever in the last few weeks, as money has come in, enjoying the ability and bless, until the seeds were all sown. But he cannot get me to dig up seeds, or regret having sown them. The Lord is my Shepherd and will surely take care of this situation - whether by sending the money or another way. Somehow it doesn't seem right to me to use Kingdom money that way. There's so much to do out there to advance His kingdom! Just the last few days the Lord has been speaking to me about joining a Todd Bentley (together with Heidi Baker) ministry team to Malawi next March, where hundreds of thousands will not only hear the gospel, but be fed every day.

There's so much to do, and I'm sick of the enemy hindering the advancement of His kingdom simply by binding God's people with lack of finances. It's time to rise up and take the nations for the glory of God!

Join me in prayer, intercession and/or by financial support, as the Lord leads, so that His name may be glorified!

All HIS,


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