Special Prayer Effort: Bulgaria & Visa
Claudia R. Wintoch
November 3, 2002



Dear friends,

First of all I'd like to pass on the good news that my car has been fixed and is running again. Praise God! Ten days without car were long enough.

Today I'd like to ask you for special prayer in two areas:

BULGARIA TRIP www.catchthewind.injesus.com

Our Dean, Dr Dave Ryser, and 5 other people/students are leaving for Bulgaria this Friday, and will be gone for 10 days. I've already told you about their first trip two months ago, which was a divine set-up, as God has been opening doors that only He can open (go to the webpage above to read about it). Now we are believing for another significant trip that will take even more ground in the nation of Bulgaria, as the Lord is starting to move powerfully in that nation. Besides having a chance to minister in at least 2 churches, and deepen relationships, the team will also have an important meeting with the mayor of one town, as well as business people.
My role will be the same as last time. I'm taking care of the two webpages, keeping contact with the team in Bulgaria by phone/e-mail and sending daily e-mail reports and prayer requests. However, I'm asking you not only to pray for the team in Bulgaria, but also for me. Last time we were on break, and it was before moving. This time I will need special grace from the Lord during those ten days. Since Dawn - who I live with - will be in Bulgaria, I will have to take care of her kids part of the day, while her husband is at work, i.e. early morning and afternoon, in addition to short nights, and there is a 3 1/2 day conference with Todd Bentley during those days also. Only God can enable me to accomplish everything necessary, without my school or office work suffering.


It's time to tackle this one last obstacle in my life, that keeps me from leaving the US, and even from being a legal resident in Kansas City. The government has been working a full year now on granting the school the authorization to issue student visas, but nothing is happening. Whenever we call, they say they're working on it. Besides wanting to be legal, I would like to go home for Christmas and - since I did last year through a miracle just days prior to leaving - I'm not gonna give up on it. However, much more important are the international ministry trips that are coming up next year.


I'm also in the process of working out my last semester in the school, including the topic of my thesis. The next week or so will be crucial in that.

WEBPAGE www.healing2thenations.net

Finally, I'm trying to work on my webpage again. I've put up two new pictures, and have started making all my academic papers available, so you can profit from them also

Please pray for me in these important areas - so that the glory of God would be revealed and the honor of His name restored in all the earth, including Bulgaria.

All HIS,


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