My New Life His Kingdom
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
October 26, 2002



"I tell you the truth," Jesus replied, "no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age (homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields--and with them, persecutions) and in the age to come, eternal life." (Mk 10:29-30)

Seventeen months ago I left Vienna for the sake of the gospel, to be prepared for the ministry He has called me to in His kingdom. I was finally in a place where people actually LIVED in revival (which in reality is simply true Christianity), but looking back now, I've truly received more than I could have asked or imagined, even though my expectations were high. The greatest treasures came in a form I didn't expect: people.

It's already been 6 weeks since my new life started: new home, new job, new school year. From one day to the other everything was different, and in a good way, including myself. The big breakthrough really started with the stealing of my computer; the Lord takes what the enemy means for destruction and uses it for our good. Over the past two months I've seen what the verse above describes in a way I didn't expect. The Lord has deepened relationships and made them the greatest treasures imaginable; something we in our individualistic Western world have lost: community. The concept of community is very much part of the Hebrew mind, as we can also see in the New Testament, and we must strive to regain that selfless love that considers others higher than ourselves, that serves others, if the love we have for each other is to convince the unbelievers.


I met Luanne right in the beginning, as she was a part of my German class for a while. We've always felt a kindred spirit and been friends, but in September the Lord took us (all) to a new level with Dr Ryser's ministry trip to Bulgaria. Luanne and I stayed here, but we were there in spirit as we held up the team in intercession. We spent wonderful times together, and our relationship hasn't been the same. I haven't just found a wonderful friend, with whom I share a lot, and together we exchange vision and encourage each other, but over the past few weeks she and Tom have also become something like parents. They have four teenage kids, and a great calling in their life they are just starting to walk into.


Dr Ryser was the very first contact person in Kansas City, who replied to my first e-mail, since he was the school's Dean. I've always admired him, wanted to be around him since he's so much like Jesus, wanted to sit in his class not only listen to his great scriptural insights, but to sit under his anointing. Unfortunately we only had him one semester this summer, but it changed my life. I love learning from him, watching him, and drawing from his anointing as he pours himself into his students.
While all of this is great, the Lord had something in mind that changed my life in a way I didn't expect: Dr Ryser is much more than a teacher to me, he is a father. I've never had a Dad, and I've always longed for a mentor. Now I've found both, and it has enriched my life in a way I couldn't have dreamed of. Not only do I start to understand what fatherly love is like, I've also found a deeper understanding of our heavenly Father's love.


Dr Ryser's trip to Bulgaria in September was the beginning of an exciting journey - not just for him and his wife Sandy, but for those around him and connected to him. You can read about that exciting trip full of divine appointments here: . God has great plans for Bulgaria - and Europe for that matter - and in two weeks, Dr Ryser will return to Bulgaria with another team, as a follow-up and preparation for even greater things to come. As last time, I will be here in Kansas City, keeping contact with them and sending out e-mails to keep people informed (you can sign up on the page mentioned above) so that they can be upheld in prayer effectively.
While some cannot go in November, a bigger trip is planned for May/June next year, and I'm hoping to be on that one. Over the past month I've been teaching the team Bulgarian - while learning it myself - which has been a lot of fun!


Dawn was in Bulgaria in September, and is going again in two weeks. She lost her heart to that country, and their whole family might be moving there as missionaries next year. It is with them that I moved in 6 weeks ago - Dawn, Duane, and their two kids Faithful (10) and Josiah (8). The first four weeks were pretty challenging, getting used to a new home, loud kids, working in the afternoons, etc., but I've settled in now. While boys seem to be an extra-challenge, the kids are conquering my heart... The challenge is balancing the little time I have, since I'm having a hard time getting all my school work done.


Six weeks ago I started working with Shelly Gray in the church office (School of Ministry and K-12 (age 6-18) school). I really enjoy office work, recently however I've been needed as a receptionist - so if you call, I might answer :-)
Every Monday afternoon I teach grades 4-7 (ages 10-13). The class is called AROUND THE WORLD. Every week I take them to a different continent or country, showing videos and doing fun activites. While it' s a challenge to keep 14 kids under control, it's getting better every week and is a lot of fun (besides losing my voice every week ;-)).


School is really different this year - Dr Ryser is gone, we have 2 new teachers, a new building, new first-year students. I told you last time what classes I'm attending. Six weeks into the trimester (of 14 weeks), I'm surprised that favorite class is not what I thought it would be. Obviously I expected Hebrew to be my favorite; but as someone having an M.A. in languages, I've got to stay quiet and go along, with the class standard being very low (Americans and languages!!). To my surprise, preaching class is my favorite one! So far we've had to give a testimony, and read a Bible passage, taking into account what we've learned. It's exciting, and I can see the potential of what the Lord could do through me..
After classes in the morning (9-12), I always go over to church where I work from 12-3 p.m. Then I get the kids from school and drive home. Their Mom comes home an hour later. So it's four o'clock before I get to do anything, and I only have two free evenings a week.


I took two classes at the Forerunner School of Prayer (Mike Bickle). Jill did two Saturdays before her conference four weeks ago. Stacey Campbell was the guest speaker, and we her students were the ministry team. As always, we had an awesome time with the Lord, and I enjoyed greatly being able to pour out from all the Lord has poured into me. I love Jill greatly. Her ministry has made an eternal impact on myself - which I actually share in a testimony in her October newsletter. It's very humbling and a great honor to see that testimony go around the world. You can read it online at
The other class I took at FSOP was on the prophetic, by Kim Terrell. It was an awesome class, but it was on the last day that I found out why I was there, as my life was impacted in a way I didn't expect.
It was two weeks ago that the class ended, and Kim's heart was to pray for every single one. Since he is a prophet, he can't help but prophesy over people. When he and his friend prayed for me, my life was impacted in a matter of 8 minutes as only words from the mouth of the Lord can do! Now I know that I've never really understood the power of encouragement that is in a prophetic word. Wow! I was built up, encouraged, strengthened, and will be able to hold on to His words when hard times come. If you're interested, I'll share more details personally.


Now the bad news: I'm not coming to Vienna in November. Pastor Steve Gray's ministry trip was postponed (indefinitely). At first it was a real shock and disappointment. However, I still don't have a visa and can therefore not leave the country if I wanna be able to get back in. I'm praying that the trip will be the more powerful when it finally takes place.
It is also unlikely that I'm coming to Vienna for Christmas - for the same reasons.


Over the past two weeks (with the weather getting colder) I've been having problems with my car, which is now parked at our house, refusing to start.
However, I've seen the Lord's financial blessings as never before over the last few weeks. After the extremely hard first year - even no food at times, apartment-in-Vienna problems, computer stolen - He is now opening the floodgates of heaven. And I tell you, I don't even care about money; it's all His money, so I wanna pour it into His kingdom, invest it where there is need. He has amazed me again and again recently, with His goodness, as He entrusts me to distribute what He puts in my hand the way he wants to.


Nov 8-18 Dr Ryser's team in Bulgaria. I'm responsible for the webpage and e-mail updates.

Nov 13-16 Conference in Kansas City with Todd Bentley, Pat Cocking, Bobby Conners. I'll be going there with Luanne, and am very excited about it.

Dec 12-15 Jill Austin's conference with guest speaker Bonnie Chavda. Chance to pour out as part of her ministry team.

I hope I've been able to update you a little bit about what's going on. The Lord is moving powerfully, and He's seeking a people to move through. He's getting ready for great things He desires to do - will you be one who's ready to pay the price to be a part, to be His vessel to carry His glory to the nations?

I wanna be that one.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. (Heb 12:1)

Abundant blessings,


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