A New Chapter Has Begun
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
September 16, 2002



The seventh time the servant reported, "A cloud as small as a man's hand is rising from the sea." So Elijah said, "Go and tell Ahab, 'Hitch up your chariot and go down before the rain stops you.'" (1.Kings 18:44)

A new chapter has been opened, and it will be filled with many exciting things of the kingdom of God. Right now it's still in the distance, on the horizon, but the excitement already fills the air as we get glimpses of what the Lord is up to.


Our Dean, Dr David Ryser, and his team arrived back from Bulgaria last night. I had the privilege of being a little piece of the Lord's work there. Thanks to the internet I was able to meet Bulgarians, make connections, learn some Bulgarian and do my part in preparing the way for the team. We also supported the team with prayer and fasting, and I had the joy of setting up an e-mail list and home-page, keeping everyone updated nearly daily on the exciting things God was and is doing in Bulgaria. It was beyond anything man can do - divine apppointments, divine setups, and divine connections that are only the tip of the iceberg, the beginning of what God is up to in Bulgaria and (Eastern) Europe.
Go to
www.catchthewind.injesus.com to read details.

Dr Ryser is not teaching at our School of Ministry any more as he is starting to launch into his international ministry. We've lost an awesome teacher, our best really, but it's exciting to watch the Lord open new doors, and it's very exciting to be a part of it. I know that my place is in Mali, but I also know that I'm having a part in CATCH THE WIND at least for a season. God is already opening the door to another Eastern European nation...
A few of us will start to meet regularly to learn Bulgarian together, as another trip there is in the near future, possibly in December, and this time I'm planning to be on the team myself.


Today was the first day of the new trimester - now we're the second-year students (about 12 full-time students are left), and a good number of new students have come in. We're having the following five classes:

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
Revival Preaching I
Hebrews & General Epistles
Pauline Epistles II (Corinthians & Thessalonians)
Signs, Wonders & Miracles

As you can imagine, I especially enjoy Hebrew, which is now my 12th language.
At the Forerunner School of Prayer I'm taking two classes, both on the prophetic, taught by Jill Austin and Kim Terrell (ordained under Rick Joyner). In two weeks Jill has her conference with guest speaker Stacey Campbell (from Kelowna, Canada, where I did the counseling school in 1996) where we have the joy of being her ministry team again.


God did it again - He absolutely amazed me as He resolved a situation perfectly. School started today, and not a single dollar came in for tuition! I was wondering why, but trusted the Lord to make a way. A few weeks ago (I think I didn't share that with you), the Lord totally altered my view, taking off all worries, as He spoke to me in a powerfully way, saying,
It's about them. It's all about them, not about you. At the same time I saw the people of Mali, and knew how His heart longs for them, and what great plans He has for them. I had to repent for selfishness, thinking it's about provisin for me. Then He said, Every part of you has to die, nothing must be left. Only then can you go, not loving your life unto death. (That's a reference to Rev 12:11.) Finally He said, with so much much love and kindness, I'm only answering your prayer; I'm preparing you.
With that all pressures fell off - my being here has nothing to do with myself, but with His purposes for Mali and other nations. And He needs a certain kind of vessel to accomplish them.

So, payday was approaching, but no money - I couldn't even buy food! Still, He sent me here, promised He'd provide, so my heavenly Father would also take care of the tuition ($1000).
Saturday night I was approached by Shelly, our school administrator (both for the School of Ministry and High School). I'm so amazed at how the Lord resolved this situation! And I'm so excited! It's perfect!
I'll be helping Shelly in the office, doing secreterial work, every day after school, 15 hours a week altogether. And I will also teach at the High School once a week, a class called
Around the World, which introduces a different country of the world every week (isn't that an awesome subject!?!?).
Tomorrow I'm starting this new chapter of my life.
Oh, nearly forgot to say - I will do this in return for my tuition! Now all I have to pay is for my books (I'm able to buy the most important ones).
Awesome God!


Yesterday I moved into my new home. I'm staying with Dawn & Duane and their two kids (8 and 10). I've got a nice little room, and am still in the process of unpacking. It's quite a change to live in family, but I'm excited about new challenges and opportunities to grow. Please pray for a smooth adjustment period for all of us.
Things I didn't have before and am excited about: a closet, a door, a piano and cat. As you know, I love cats! I had a cat before coming to the States, and rejoice about the cute little one they have. However, I've only been there a few hours and have reacted allergically quite strongly (you're more allergic to some cats than others - I was diagnosed with hayfever and cat allergy 15 years ago). Please pray for healing.


My name has been entered in the Green Card Lottery - praise God! I'm praying that my name will be drawn the very first time (it's in May of next year).
Meanwhile, there's no solution in sight to my present visa situation. I'm praying for wisdom, for direction, for knowing what to do, especially in light of my trip to Vienna in 7 weeks. I'm resting in the confidence that the Lord has already figured it all out and will make a way that will glorify Him.
I've contacted the Austrian Consulate here by e-mail, but haven't received any reply. I do wanna be wise about who I talk to and how much I share about my (il)legal status. I'm considering the possibility of returning to the States with a tourist visa, which might be the easiest solution, even though it would restrict the length of my stay here.
I'm open to any suggestions, especially if you've had any experience in that direction yourself.


I'll keep reminding you: come to the meetings with Steve & Kathy Gray in
Vienna Christian Center November 8-10 - but only if you're hungry for God and longing for more of Him. I'm gonna be interpreting my pastor, and I'd love to see you there. I'm expecting great things!

As you can see, there are many exciting things going on, the Lord is mightily at work, building His kingdom and preparing His workers. I'm entering this new chapter with excitement and great anticipation - of what He's gonna do, and of more fire to go through as He molds me into a vessel usable by Him.

May the Lord bless you abundantly!

All HIS,


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