Harp & Bowl, WRSM And Moving
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
September 10, 2002



Every year at this time, Mike Bickle is having his HARP & BOWL conference here in Kansas City. As a student of the FORERUNNER SCHOOL OF PRAYER, I'm always excited at the opportunity of being in the ministry team and pouring out of all the Lord has poured into me. The conference is starting tonight and running through Friday night.


Because of that, I won't be at the school for registration day, which will give me a few more days of praying for the tuition. School is starting again next Monday; now we are second year-students and we'll be having: Revival Preaching I, Pauline Epistles II, Hebrews & General Epistles, Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, Signs, Wonders & Miracles.


Next week I'll be moving in with my colleague and friend and her family. They have a daughter (10) and a son (8). Please pray for a smooth transition, and that I'll be able to settle in quickly. It's gonna be a very different situation, and challenging. The biggest problem I see right now is that my new room is gonna be tiny.


I put another ad out for French and German classes and have had some replies. Please pray that I'll be able to get some classes together and actually make a little money. It didn't really work very well last year. (For those who don't know: I'm not allowed to work in the States, so people can give whatever they want.)


The Dean of our school, Dr Dave Ryser, and 5 students left for Bulgaria on a ministry trip last Saturday. In spirit I'm with them, and I'm having the joy to have had a little part in the organization, and also keeping everyone updated on what is going on there. They're seeing the Lord making divine appointments and connections in amazing ways!
There will probably a bigger follow-up trip and I'm hoping to be able to go with them then.


Pastor Steve Gray is coming to Vienna Christian Center from November 8-10 - come if you can at all! I'm expecting great things! I'm looking forward to this trip, and the opportunity to interpret my pastor. Presently, I'm hoping to be in Vienna from Nov 5-12.


I've written an e-mail to the Austrian consulate here, asking for advice as to what to do, since I really don't know right now. Especially in light of my trip to Vienna, since I will want to get back into the States.
I've also entered my name in the Green Card Lottery; the drawing will be in April/May, and I'm praying that my name will be drawn the first time round.

Time to go to the conference...

Many blessings,


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