God's Faithfulness New Developments
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
September 2, 2002



If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you. (John 15:7)

We are all very familiar with this verse - we can ask whatever we wish. But how many of us are truly fulfilling the first part of the verse? This promise is
not unconditional! Most of us have treated the Bible as a pure contract instead of a love letter. We've treated Him like a business partner. And He will let you do it, if you are willing to be treated by Him that way yourself. However, there is so much more in a marriage contract than in a business contract. As one of my teachers said, "You'll do things for someone you love you wouldn't do for someone else."
Are you a lover of God or are you a business partner? Do you hang out with Him, or do you rattle of a list of requests?
What was the difference between Judas and the other disciples? Judas had a business relationship with Jesus, while the others loved him. Look in Mt 26:20-25 - at the last supper Jesus tells them one of them would betray Him. While the disciples ask, "
Lord, is it I?", Judas asks "Rabbi, is it I?".
Which word would
you chose?


I've now enjoyed having a car to use for over a month. One of the great blessings is being able to go to IHOP any time and however long I like. IHOP is a place where there is round-the-clock worship and intercession going on; and any time I can I go there to read, write papers or simply praise God.
Forerunner School of Prayer, where I've been taking Jill Austin's class, is part of that ministry. I'm so thankful that God has made it possible for me to take two classes there this term - I keep taking Jill's classes, which have so much changed my life, and I'm taking another prophetic class taught by a great man of God.


We have just finished our first year of the two-year program (even though I have 2 papers left to write). What a year! The second year already starts in two weeks, and things will be quite different. Our Dean, Dr Dave Ryser, the greatest teacher we had, is leaving the school to move on, leaving a big gap behind (also in my heart). However, we have great teachers, including a new one that will be a great blessing. And a good number of new students are coming for their first year.
Right now, I do not have any of the $1000 needed for tuition yet, but I'm trusting in my Lover who has never let me down.


THis is the first time I'm writing you from my new computer. What the enemy meant for evil, God turned around making it a blessing. Not only was my life changed spiritually and taken to a new level, I now have a sub-notebook (smaller laptop) that is better than the old one (for the knowledgable ones: 870MHz, 30GB, 384MB RAM, DVD/CD-RW, battery lasting up to 14(!) hours, WLAN,...).

The same is true for housing. Sue's sons have now been here for 2 weeks, so that we're now 6 people (pretty crowded). Elisabet, the other girl renting from Sue, has found a place and is moving out right now. And the Lord has also provided the perfect place for me - a better place even:
From the very beginning I had wanted to stay with a family. Now I'm moving in with the girl who has been sitting next to me in class all year, and her husband and two kids (about 10 and 12). Their house is located perfectly between church/school and IHOP, I'm gonna have a door to my room and a closet (which I don't have now), and they have a cat (yippeh!!) and a piano (Hallelujah!). And I'll be able to be a blessing to them, helping with the kids, and helping my fellow-student with school-work.
And the greatest thing: I will not have to pay any rent!!! Wow! That is such an answer to prayer! After finding out that I had to move, I actually started praying for a free place, since the online devotional I've been translating is nearly finished, and it's been the only way to be able to pay my rent.
God can do the impossible!


It is official now: I'm going to accompany my pastor Steve Gray on his ministry trip to my church in Vienna to be his interpreter. Mark your calendars:
November 8-10. If you can, come! If you can't, find a way! This is such an answer to prayer - ever since I came here I was praying for that to happen! Pastor Steve has traveled all around the world, getting invitations from everyone, being the spark that starts revivals, so that churches and people are never the same again. You can actually watch our weekly TV program online at www.fireandword.com and in a month or so an online revival channel for videos on demand will be launched, which will allow you to watch services online.
I have very high expectations for Vienna! By the way, the ticket for that trip has already been paid for. Awesome God! It's time for Vienna...


This is an issue as yet unresolved. I was told not to expect it to be resolved within the next two months (before going to Vienna), which means not being let back into the US with my expired student visa. I'm now considering my options and praying for the Lord to show me what to do. One possibility would be to come back with a tourist visa, which would be valid for 6 months.


Every year 55000 people are given green cards, being drawn at random from all those mailing in their letters. I found out too late to mail mine in last year, but now the letter is lying in front of me to be mailed off. The drawing is taking place in June 2003. While it won't help for my studies now, it would be very beneficial to be able to come and go freely, and work here, maybe having my base in Kansas City.
Only prayer can make this happen. Let me tell you the chances: Last year, 6 and a half million people tried their luck. Less than 1% of those actually got a Green Card. 64 people of those were from Austria.
Unfortunately it's gonna be even harder now - they have facilitated the process so that people can't do anything wrong any more (a third of the letters last year were disqualified), and more people are going to try.
Please believe with me for the Lord to direct the drawing!

Well, that's all the news for today. I'm returning to my papers which I have to finish this week. Next week, Mike Bickle has his "Harp & Bowl" conference, where I'll be busy as a part of the ministry team. And the week after, school and papers start all over again - and I'll hopefully be moving.

May you draw closer to Him every day, becoming a lover of God rather than a business parter, being ruined forever by His glorious presence and love, for the glory of His name and the purposes of His kingdom!



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